In the beginning Earth was nothing. Merely a place of rock and water, a barren wasteland. Then, as time continued on a being emerged. This being wandered the earth for many years experimenting, and creating new things and smaller beings in His image. His creations grew and eventually He named them. Some creations He named Plants, others, Animals, and the small beings created in His image, he called Man. Soon the Earth began to thrive, no longer a place of desolation. Man and all the other creations loved and worshiped their creator, and all was well in the world. And so came the First and He was called Umi, bringer of Life and keeper of Nature.

As more time passed another being came to be. This being was similar to Umi but very different. This being was swept into existence riding the winds of the Earth. She stirred up trouble wherever She went causing strange events to happen. Water fell from the sky and even the ground moved without reason separating the Earth. The being changed everything She touched and nothing was the same anymore. She even changed some beings of Man in Her own image and brought color to the world. And so came the Second and She was called Varian, bringer of Change, Diversity, and Weather.

Eventually life adapted to all that had changed and in time the Earth thrived once again. But all good things must end. Umi had noticed His creations becoming weak and frail, but He could not solve the problem. Neither Umi nor Varian understood what was happening and all attempts at curing this ailment was met with no change. Nothing Umi created helped and even Varian could not change this strange occurrence. Then one day and being of Man laud down to rest and never woke up. And so came the Last and He was called Aeron, bringer of Death and Illness.