Gaia Battlefront

To those who don't know, Gaia Battlefront is a rising VRMMO series that had gained the attention of many players both new and old to the Genre alike. It had become quite an attention by many that it had pushed the limits what Full Dive VRMMO can achieve at present, last time a game that had achieved this was Age of Demons, but it's Game Company and its secrets all disappeared before anyone can decipher.

It had been said that one man was able to decipher the secrets of the system that Age of Demons runs in, one Saruhashi Toshio, but before anyone can learn the secrets that he had deciphered he somewhat vanished. But of course, he left behind Gaia Battlefront causing many to search for any secrets.

During its release, Gaia Battlefront was ported on the latest Virtual Reality Machines known as Anchors, it was widely famous for three things. One was the fact that Anchors have a wide variety of designs, or Skins, for many to purchase. The second was that since the release of the Somnus which, prior to the Anchor's release, was the main go-to for players who wish to enter a Full Dive VR which allowed them to see, smell, hear, taste and touch everything realistically. And finally, the Third is the fact that Anchors have a high powered operating system that is several times stronger than the Somnus allowing the users to enjoy even further.

As for the players, well what was originally around millions that purchased and started the Game at day release, but due to the sheer difficulty of the game and the death penalty via deleting the avatar that players have made. As such a good portion of players have abandoned the game leaving those who seek for a challenge, or just masochistic morons take your pick.

[June 16, 2023]

A young man in his late teens sat quietly in his desk inside the classroom, with messy chocolate brown hair that nearly covers his onyx eyes contains a few dark circles due to lack of sleep. This young man was Fuyumori Haruka and in all honesty, would have been seen as a handsome and popular student within the class however he lacked zero concern into his appearance. The class had just recently ended so he packed up his things and went home.

Along the way, he overheard various students talking amongst themselves, all with the same topic in mind. The launch of Gaia Battlefront, according to his brother, one Fuyumori Haruto, who was just as interested in the game as Haruka was and according to him it fills on the promise of a World of Infinite Possibilities and the fact the game is run in one unified server meaning everyone over the globe will be in one server. Which according to Haruka sounded way to promising for the users and that many players can wind up affecting the server performance, but regardless his brother decided to still get them a pair of Anchors with the game installed.

"Did you pre-order the game?" One of them said.

"Not yet," the other groaned. "That also means I have to line up."

"Oof good luck I passed by a Game Shop earlier and the line was quite long."

"Oh, wonderful so have you started yet?"

"Not yet apparently the game will start at a specific time."

"Let me know where you'll end so I'll just find you once I get the game."

Haruka continued to listen to them while he pretended to sort through his bag until someone spoke to him.

"You know it's obvious that you're eavesdropping right?"

"And why does that concern you?"

Haruka turned to find a young woman, despite being the same age as he was her petite and short, her height was around 5'0 while Haruka stood around 5'6, her light blond hair was noted to be off shoulder length which was done in a side ponytail and has soft brown eyes.

"Nothing much," She smirked as she sat in front of his desk with a smirk. "Though I would like to point out that what you're doing is awfully rude you know, Fuyumori Haruka."

"Again, why does that concern you?" He asked with a frown. "Amamiya Hanako."

Amamiya Hanako, she was more or less the most popular girl in his year, if not the entire school. She is the daughter of the Superintendent of the not only Tsukiyama High, the school both of them are enrolled in, but several other Schools and a few colleges. She was smart often making her way into the top ten, she was also a member of the Tennis and Cooking Club. And then there's the fact that her petite frame and beautiful looks made her as beautiful as a doll.

"For amusement really," She smirked at him. "I do believe there is nothing wrong with that?"

"No there isn't," Haruka responded, the tone clearly drips the message of touche.

Ever since they were first years the two of them had been classmates and for some strange reason she constantly often goes out of her way to talk to him. Though by talk, it meant as a snark to snark combat on every little thing though it was his fault for entertaining her and since then she would come and taunt or sneer at him while he would impulsively respond to it with a snide remark. And to make things even more annoying for him, it would seem that a good portion of the student population hates him, even more than the usual reason mind you, for "being rude" to their beloved Amamiya Hanako even though she was the one who starts all of it.

Behind her, Haruka noticed several members of her circle of friends watching him from afar. Though each one he knew them very well having made some neutral encounters with every one of them. Often though they would try and harass him in the same way Hanako would by making some snide and rude comments to him.

"Well then since we have nothing more to discuss then I should get going," Haruka answered as he began to grab his bag.

"What that's it?" She sneered at him as he began to make his way out of the room. Haruka quietly ignored and made his way out of the room, as he made his way out he can overhear the comments from the other students as he made his way out.

"Tsk that bastard Fuyumori sure has the gall to just ignore someone as beautiful as Amamiya-chan."

"He should just kill himself already," another said. "People like him are a waste of resources."

"Hey, shit for brains!" One of them called out to him with a sneer as he passed by. "Go kill yourself!"

'You know they're right.' The voice inside his head spoke, it was both an old friend and an old enemy that plagued him.

'You're nothing but a waste of space,' the voice continued as he looked out of the window. 'Why don't you do the world the favor by taking the Leap through that window?'

"...No," Haruka muttered as he rubbed his temples as he ignores the voice. "…not today…"

[Transcendence: The Far Side]

The newest game, Gaia Battlefront. An odd name to be honest, but it had managed to live up to the expectations that the famed Age of Demons had left behind, no to say that it lived up to it would be undermining its innovations. It had not only lived up to its expectations but were able to create a new standard that many VRMMO game companies had spent millions to achieve.

Or so they say…

Since the advent of gaming there had been various sorts of trends, Haruka remembers reading articles that one game in Early Access started a trend for Battle Royale Style Games that many Game Companies started emulating with, which was silly, to be honest.

Making his way into the apartment that was handed to him by his brother and his Grandfather, Fuyumori Hiroyuki, two of whom are the only members of his family that still likes him and the only ones who didn't disown him as the rest did. Upon arriving he spotted his brother within the apartment, setting up what seemed to be a sort of Gaming Pod.

"Ruto-niisan?" He asked as he entered the apartment, his brother Fuyumori Haruto was a 25-year-old male. Currently, he is working as the Vice President and next in line to the leadership of the Korikaze Banking Corporation, a company owned by their Grandfather. Though mind you, he wasn't Vice President due to the fact his family owns the Company, he was in where he is right now due to his own talents and skill.

Currently Koriokami Corporation currently holds a high influence on Banking and Real Estate Companies, and while Fuyumori Hiroyuki holds control of the entire company, Fuyumori Haruto is currently next in line in terms of leadership to the Korikaze Banking Corporation while his father Fuyumori Hachiro currently owns the Koritochi Real Estate Corp. needless to say the Koriokami Corporation is a family Business.

In terms of appearance he was essentially an older, handsome and cleaner looking version of Haruka, except that his hair was dark brown almost black in a way and neatly slicked back though at home he lets them down to the point it covers his similarly onyx eyes.

"Oh hey Ruka," He smiled as he turned around, he was still in his office attire, a white office shirt with his sleeves rolled up and a pair of black slacks and pants.

"What's this?" Haruka moved closer to the Pod that he was setting.

"This little brother your Anchor," He stood up a showed him the Pod after finishing the process. It was a sleek Black Pod on the side engraved the words 'Noir Zero'. "The Noir Zero to be precise."

"Whoa, are you serious?" Haruka asked in surprise realizing what it meant. The [Noir Zero] is perhaps one of the Rarest Anchors in existence, this alongside its sister Unit, The [Wiess Infinity], is well known for having ten times the processing and synchronization power than the current Anchor Models. Needless to say, the Noir Zero and the Wiess Infinity are the apexes of Anchor Technology.

Haruka couldn't hold back the smile on his face as he approached it and ran his hand to the side of the machine.

"It's beautiful," He said as he ran his hand through the sleek sides of the machine as if he was caressing a person.

"You want me to leave you and the Noir Zero alone for a bit," Haruto joked causing Haruka to pull away and the amazed smile on his face was quickly replaced with a frown.

"So you mean this is for me?" Haruka asked finally turning to Haruto.

"Yes dummy," He pointed out with an amused laugh. "This is a gift from me and Gramps. I have one myself too called the [Eye of the Storm]."

"He agreed to this?"

"Yeah," Haruto shrugged. "I'm kinda surprised myself, never thought I'd meet someone that old who plays DayFort."

"He plays DayFort?" Haruka asked in utter surprise. "The game that allows you to collect resources and build in a Battle Royal Map?!"

"Yeah, I'm as surprised as well you know," Haruto laughed. "And he's the salty type if you're terrible in the game he's bound to start trash talking at you."

"Oof I feel bad to all the kids who'll join him in a team." Haruka chuckled in amusement as Haruto grabbed for his Coat and checked his watch.

"Well I should get going, I only told my boss I'll be back by tonight." He said as he unrolled his sleeves and put the coat on. He then smiled as he fixed his hair. "You should meet her, she's pretty nice."

He then calmly gave him a somewhat small sleek black cone to Haruka.

"What's this?" Haruka asked as he eyed the object.

"That is Noir," Haruto explained as he fixed his hair a bit. "It comes with the Noir Zero, Noir is apparently a Virtual Assistant which should be helpful for you here. Noir will activate as soon as you connect it into the internet."

And with that he left, the first thing that Haruka did was to connect the said cone into the internet, but as he went to change he didn't fail to notice the message on the cone's screen.

[System Startup: 100% Complete]

[Personality Matrix: 100% Complete]

[Noir_AI_ : Starting.]

Atop the Cone, a small holographic projection appeared taking the form of a Dark Skinned young woman who appeared around the ages of 15-17 with pinkish white hair and maroon eyes and wore a sleek black dress with grey accents.

After finally changing into something comfortable, Haruka turned around and found the said woman sitting atop the said cone patiently with a smile.

"Hello," She smiled as she hopped down and bowed in front of him. "My name is Noir, I'll be your AI assistant. As such, I'll be in your care, Master."

"Huh cool," Haruka said as he looked closely at the hologram of the woman. "So is Gaia Battlefront installed in the Noir Zero now?"

"That's right," She smiled with a nod. "Though you'll have to wait for a while to get started since the game has yet to officially launch."

"Alright sure," Haruka said as he checked the time.

[8:30 PM]

After eating lunch and having a quick run through of all of Noir's features he was informed that the game is ready to begin.

"Noir get the Zero ready," Haruka said as he took his shirt off so that it won't feel hot when inside the Anchor as he entered Virtual Reality.

"Yes, sir!" She said cheerfully as the doors began to close with a hiss while Haruka put on the headband on, which then showed the following messages.

[Sight: Ready!]

[Hearing: Ready!]

[Smell: Ready!]

[Touch: Ready!]

[Taste: Ready!]

Haruka took a deep breath and uttered the two words needed to get the Machine Running.

"Neuro Sync."

Upon saying so he ended up falling into a deep dark abyss as his consciousness slowly faded but as soon as he regained his consciousness he found himself standing in a room with white tiles and vast sky.

It was the Lobby of Gaia Battlefront, the first things that he filled up were the basic information mainly the name and gender.

[Name: Revan Winterwood]

[Gender: Male]

The first name was inspired by a famous character in a Sci Fi franchise known for his character development starting first as a hero but eventually turned into a villain that eventually returned to the good and eventually becoming a legend to the series as a whole. Winterwood, on the other hand, was the English translation of his Surname Fuyu(Winter), Mori(Forrest but he chose to use Wood instead).

After that, he was given a list of Races to choose from. There are four main races but they are split into several rub races and based on what he understood, [The Tians] are the Humans a hardy and easy to adapt race which is split into two groups [the Aquilans and the Austerians].

[The Aquilans] being known for their pale to fair skin, black to dark brown hair and blue to grey eyes, they have a strong preference to the cold as such have a natural resistance to the cold starting at 25% but increases as they level up, it would seem that the Aquilans are the Northmen, preferring to be in the north. [The Austerians] are known for their tan to dark skin, light brown to blond hair, and brown to green eyes, they are on the other hand have a preference to the warmer climates having a heat resistance at 25% that increases over time. In other words, the Austerians are the opposite of the Aquilans.

[The Luars] are the dwarves of the game, though unlike the usual depiction the Luars here resembles more like children. They seem to have been split into two groups as well [the Fyluar and the Hyluar].

[The Fyluars] are more childlike in appearance, having moved out of their mountain homes and lived on the surface, they have a skill bonus of 20% on any art related skill such as Painting, Sketching, and Sculpting. Basically, if you're the artistic type the Fylars are your way to go. [The Hyluars] on the other hand are closer to the stereotypical dwarves, while resembling as children in their early teens the Hyluars have a preference to forging weapons and armor as well as mining. As such, they provide a 15% on Weapon and Armor Forging and Maintenance.

[The Elken] are the Elves of the game, like the previous one they are split into two groups, [The Myrken and The Lyrken].

[The Myrken] are dark skinned with dark red to reddish brown eyes, and their hair range from silver to black. They are well known for being strict fanatics of the Dusk and such worship the Game's Deity or Deities of the Dusk. They seem to prefer to use magic in all things as well as such they have a 10% Resistance on Magic and a 20% Resistance on all Dusk Magic. [The Lyrken] are the paler skinned Elkens having grey to blue eyes, and blond to light hair they on the other hand worship the game's Deity or Deities of the Dawn, they are well known to be skilled fighters having a Physical Resistance of 10% and a 20% Resistance on all Dawn Magic.

[The Beastmen] on the other hand are more of the Demi-humans or animal eared people of the Game, in general they are just humans with animal features (much to the disappointment of all the furries of the world) as but each one has a unique trait, they are naturally split into four groups unlike the usual two from the other races. [The Wolfskin, The Foxtail, The Catclaws, and The Dragoncrowns].

[The Wolfskins] are a nomadic race that is known for their Dog Ears and Tails in their bodies, like Aquilans they too have a preference to the cold and so naturally they have a 15% Cold Resistance and a 15% on Tracking and Instinct due to their nomadic lifestyle. [The Foxtails] are an isolationist race known for their Fox Ears and Tails, preferring to live in monasteries to study the arcane arts as such they are gifted with a 20% on Magic Resistance and 10% on Elemancy. [The Catclaws] a skilled but pragmatic race known for their shrewd politics and business management and their Cat Ears and Tails, they have a 15% on Speech and Sneak. [The Dragoncrowns] aside from their scales on their forearms and legs, the horns on their heads and the dragon tails, they are known to be the only race that does not succumb to the Feral effect a sickness similar to Alzheimer's disease which causes other Beastmen Races to turn into raving beasts, they are gifted with a 10% on Weapon and Armor Forging and Maintenance.

Haruka chose Aquilians, he made a challenge that on every RPG game he would choose a different Race each Character he goes in as. Last time he played an RPG he started off as a Dwarf, so this time he chose a Human Race.

And so looking at a mirror stood a young man in his teens with chocolate brown hair and onyx eyes. He was simply staring at himself, or at least a version that was rendered by the Game, and slowly the game changed his appearance.

The young man grew older from a 17-year-old male which stood around 5'6 into a 21-year-old pale skinned man who stood around 5'12, his chocolate brown hair slowly turned black and naturally slicked itself back and his eyes slowly turned from Onyx to steely blue.

Eventually, he found himself lying down on a snow-filled field, it was morning. He didn't feel the cold, but he wore a light grey coat underneath a set of simple clothes. Around him he can see a growing mass of players or Marked Ones as the Game registers them as the terms Player and NPCs are banned with [Players being called Marked Ones] while the [NPCs are called Inhabitants].

"Right," Revan said as he pulled out the Hunter's Knife and looked around and spotted several other Marked Ones leave the town and began to explore. "Where do we start?"

[Transcendence: The Far Side]

Author's Note:

So I was finally able to finish the revisioning of the first Chapter, did you guys like it? I added a few more interesting details into it to explore and foreshadow future events.

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