Slowly piecing myself back together

As the time goes by

Yet I'm still getting so frustrated

By remembering things you said to me.

Some days I'm fine

Some days I want to punch something

Too many memories

Keep flooding me.

Your voice keeps taunting me

With things that damaged me

That I let you keep doing

For so many years.

I'm so officially done with you forever

There is nothing that can be done

To something that couldn't be fixed

Since damage was too great.

It's only been a few months

I know I need to give myself some time

Spending it focusing on myself

And the true friends I actually have.

I know one day

You will be just a distance memory

That won't have hardly any affect on me

But that day is so far away.

For now

I just have to keep on moving forward

Not letting your voice and memories

Tormenting me about things I care about.

We were always on different sides

That we weren't meant

to stay by each other's side

Since we weren't growing together anymore

With you not wanting to change

And I wanted to keep going on.

Yet I have this feeling inside

We will cross paths again

Since I know sometimes

That just because you let go of someone

Doesn't mean you will never cross paths again

But I have no idea when that would be

Nor do I want to see you again anyways.