The professor was working long hours again and has been for the last few months. He had this idea you see, concerning the integrity of the school in which he worked. Even though he was just a history teacher for college students, his real hobby was investigating the paranormal, something he did in his free time. This time, he felt like he had a story to tell. He didn't take care of himself much today. He was still in his classroom, at his desk, typing away on his keyboard. His medium brown hair was tousled a bit, messy from where he ran his hands through it too much. He sat back from the computer screen and took off his glasses, the whites of his brown eyes reddening and tired from looking at the bright screen. He took a few breaths and thought about this, knowing that if he revealed his true thoughts to others, they might call him crazy. At the moment that his eyes were closed, he heard a small tap on his classroom door. Putting his glasses back on, he stood up from his desk and walked to the door. Opening it, he found no one there and it was now that he figured would be the best time to leave. He closed the door and walked back to his desk, saving and closing his documents and turning off his laptop. He looked at the now cold cup of tea he had on his desk and drank the rest of it anyways. He put on his coat, put his laptop in his briefcase and left the classroom, locking the door on the way out. As he stepped outside and into the parking lot, he began the walk to his car when suddenly he was grabbed from behind. Whoever it was had already stabbed something sharp, most likely a knife, into his back, puncturing his right lung. The professor of course had dropped his bag and fell to the ground, dying within a few moments. Professor Johnathan Baker, aged 36, died there in front of the main college building, without ever seeing his killer.