I'm Sorry

Easter arrived just the same
The rain poured hard, flushin' away
One lone stranger arrives to the grave
A silver coin, he chose to pay

His expression mournful
His words a mouthful,
Never quite impressing
He remains a mogul

The man told tales of how he's been
Stories of love, pain and cowardice, el fin.
He sobbed, kneeling down
Begging release from pain, yet the grave frowns

Twas his punishment you see
To roam the Earth unclean
He argued and argued,
He only fulfilled the part he was given
It was for his friend, for his good
He didn't see how it would bear fruit

Over his lifetime on Earth, he would come again
Wishing for the sweet release of Death
The grave sat unmoved, the body having finished, friend
The pain was self inflicted, out of breath
He didn't have to remain in misery
If only he could accept and move on, be free

Judas was not amused
He left the grave unable to muse
A cool voice let out a sigh
Poor friend… you never had to suffer
All I ever wanted was a simple
"I'm sorry."