Mary and Belle

The party was in full swing. Drinks were flowing, music was blaring, vomit was streaming and Mary was wondering what she had done in a previous life that had damned her to this particular brand of Hell.

She hated this. She really really hated this, and when some boy crashed into her, screamed out "ROAD BLOCK!" and cackled deafeningly loud into her ear, she hated it even more. Why the hell had she even come here in the first place? Was it really worth it just to prove to Anna that she wasn't boring? She remembered their conversation from earlier, in Anna's bedroom as she was getting ready for the party;

"Come on, Mary, it's gonna be fun!" she exclaimed, standing in her bra and jeans as she tried to decide on what shirt to wear "And you of all people should come, anyway"

"Why me of all people?" Mary had asked, looking up from the black tank top she was inspecting as the girl in question pulled a bright pink strapless over her head.

"Because-" came her muffled reply until her frizzy black hair bounced from the top of the shirt "-you've never been to one before, and you're always revising-"

"Because revising's important! We've got our exams soon, Annie, and I want get into Oxford this year!" Mary exclaimed, but Anna just continued on like she hadn't even heard her;

"-so you should go out and have some fun before you go! Maz, you're like the only eighteen year old I know whose never been to a party before-"

"Because they're a waste of time"

"-you've never even had a drink before-"

"I have, and it was disgusting" it was beer.

"-hell, you've never even had sex!"

"That's a choice!" Mary threw her hands up in the air, exasperated by this entire conversation "Anyway, so what?! It's not like I care about any of that stuff!"

Anna pulled off her latest shirt-a black and red glitter cut-off that showed off her shoulders-and gave Mary a look of great, great pity "Now. But one day you're gonna look back on your life and you're going to regret being so boring when you were a teenager"

"Hey! I am not boring!" Mary bristled "I'm just practical. Passing my exams and getting into Oxford will be of much more benefit to me in the future than going to some party where I'll either get spilled on, fallen on, or thrown up on by one of your drunk mates!"

Anna looked at her then, and pouted "You're boring"

Mary scowled "I'm not boring!"

"You are. You're boring"

"I'm not boring!"


"Dammit, Annie!" Mary slapped the mattress so hard, she caused several scattered tops to fly up "Stop trying to manipulate me into going to this stupid party of yours because it won't work! Read my lips, O.k? I. Am. Not. Going!"

And half an hour later she had ended up here, at the stupid party in a sparkly top that was too low cut and jeans that were way too tight and wishing she was dead. God, Anna was a manipulative witch. Speaking of, where was Anna? Mary turned to a girl she had seen laughing with her before, and was now pouring cat litter into an expensive-looking vase "Excuse me, have you seen Anna?"

When the girl-Maddy, was that her name?-looked up Mary saw pupils that were blown wide with intoxication and make-up that had been smeared enough to make her look like a poster girl for the Drink Responsibly adverts. She grinned at Mary widely.

"Wh-who?" she said. Then burped. Mary tried not to roll her eyes and leaned in closer to be heard over the music;

"ANNA! HAVE. YOU. SEEN. HER?!" she shouted, and Maddy reeled back as though she'd been hit.

"Jesus, girl, turn down the volume!" she cried, pressing a hand to her ear dramatically. With the hand that wasn't holding the cat-litter box (God, whoever's party this was, their parents were going to be pissed!) she pointed towards the stairs "I saw-I saw her go up there with some boys an' girls. They're-they're in Chloe's room"

Chloe? Did she mean Chloe Wessen? That who was throwing this party? Mary spared a prayer for her for when her ultra-religious parents saw the state of their house in the morning and then headed up the stairs, a little afraid of what she would find. Her mind told her that it would be crazy to find Anna in the middle of a massive orgy, but she was wary.

The first floor of the house seemed to have avoided the destructive forces of teenagers that had decimated the lower level, though Mary did spy one or two bright blue stains on the beige carpet that suggested recent drunken activity. Mary followed the stains and they soon led her to the last room on the left, where the door was slightly ajar. From the inside, Mary could hear giggling and squeals.

Oh God, please don't be an orgy! She silently begged, and while the smart part of her brain told her that that was just plain ridiculous, she still steeled herself as she pushed the door open, and found-

Eight teenagers sat in a circle. All fully clothed. Mary sagged against the door in relief, Oh thank God!

But her relief was short lived when she realised that Anna was not here, and the first pricks of worry began to make an appearance. If Anna wasn't here then…where was she? Was she alright?!

"Holy shit, is that Mary Johnson?"

"No way, mate, did she get lost? Oi Maz, did you get lost?!"

Inwardly, Mary groaned, momentarily pulled away from her worry by the inane circle of drunk teenagers "No" she said. More like sighed it, really "I'm looking for Anna, have any of you seen her?"

A boy on the far left-an attractive young man she knew to be doing BTEC Sport at her Sixth Form, though she couldn't remember his name she was pretty sure that Anna had once snogged him-chuckled drunkedly "Yeah, we've seen her" he said slyly "Yeah, yeah, she'll be back in like…" dropping his head he lifted his arm to look down at his phone, though it took him almost a full minute before he could focus properly to read the face "Twenty-four seconds, huh-huh-huh!" he giggled again and let the phone drop from his hand as the entire circle joined in. Mary frowned.

"What are you talking about?"

"We locked 'er up!" crowed a girl immediately on Mary's right, and Mary realised with a jolt of surprise that it was Chloe herself, pissed out of her brain and holding an empty bottle of vodka "Locked 'er up and…" she drew her arm back as far as it would go and then launched it over her head, so hard that she nearly toppled right over onto the boy sitting next to her "Threw away the key!"

At this the entire circle of people began to bray with laughter, but Mary was the only one not laughing. Now she began to feel real panic, every horror film that Anna had ever forced her to watch coming round to bite her in the arse. Locked her up? Threw away the key? Oh God, had these drunk idiots done something stupid to Anna and just abandoned her?!

"Alright, listen-" she started to say, shouting to be heard over the intoxicated laughter of her classmates "I need you all to tell me, right now, where is-"


And suddenly Anna was right there in the room. The door to Chloe's large walk-in wardrobe had been thrown open and Anna herself was walking from within it, a massive, drunken smile on her face and her arms raised victoriously. Seconds later Alex Christianson, who was in one of Mary's A-Level Maths classes, came stumbling out behind her, his thin face bright red and his thick glasses clutched in one hand. He managed to take two full steps before he face-planted the floor. The boy Mary had spoken to earlier saw this, and brayed once again with his donkey laughter.

Meanwhile, Anna had finally spotted Mary, who was caught between the urge to strangle her friend to death for worrying her or hug the hell out of her for being O.k. Anna's eyes widened, and she cried out like she had seen Jesus himself walking down the street;

"Mary! It's you!"

"Yes. Yes it is" Mary replied, and then grunted when Anna tackled her with a hug. Mary wrinkled her nose, she smelt like booze and…aftershave? Why was she-wait, don't go there, Mary, you know perfectly well why she smells like aftershave!

Meanwhile, Anna was rocking her back and forth so hard Mary thought she might break "So happy you're here, Maz, I love you and your squishy face so so much!"

"Oh!" Mary grimanced as Anna wedged her face between her hands and smooshed her "O.k. O.k, Anna!" she managed to push her off but Anna did not look offended. Indeed, she didn't even seem to notice, something which Mary put down to the alcohol in her system. Honestly, why the hell were these gatherings considered fun? Mary sighed.

"Listen, An, I'm gonna go, so-"

But at her admission Anna let out a heartbroken cry "No! No, you can't go yet, Maz, we're just starting to have fun! We-we're playing Spin the Bottle!"

Oh God. "Please don't call me 'Maz'" she muttered, but like with the face squishing Anna seemed not to hear her, and soon she was tugging Mary into the circle.

"You should-you should play with us!" she declared "Yeah, you should you should! Have some fun! This is fun!"

"Not my idea of fun!" Mary said as she pulled her hand away. For a moment Anna's face scrunched up like she was having trouble processing Mary's rejection, but then a huge, crafty smile broke out over her face and she waggled a finger in front of Mary's nose.

"Thaaaaat's just because you're not drunk enough yet!" she sang, and Mary suddenly felt a sense of impending doom. Her instincts were proven right when Anna turned to Chloe "Clo! Gimmie the bottle, babe!"

Mary's eyes widened in horror as Chloe passed it over "Oh no! No, no, no way!" no way was she drinking that! She may never have drank it before but she knew what vodka did to the system. One sip of that and she just knew that she'd be waking up with a massive headache tomorrow!

But Anna, even when she was drunk, persisted relentlessly "Come on, just a sip won't kill you, and this stuffs really good, it doesn't even taste like vodka. Come on, Maz, live a little!"

"No" Mary shook her head "No way" No way.

But the partygoers within the circle seemed to take personal offence at her refusal, some of them actually booing her whilst others called out;

"Don't bother, Annie, Mary Johnson would never, she's too posh!"

"Wouldn't want it to fuck up her test scores!"

"Come on, Mary, don't be boring, it's a party!"

"Yeah, come on, Mary!"

"Come on, Mary!"

"Mar-RY, Mar-Ry, Mar-Ry!"

"Oh, for Gods sake!" Mary grabbed the bottle as the entire group took up the chant and, before she could give herself a chance to think of how stupid this was, lifted it to her lips and took a short swig. Anything to get these idiots to shut-up!

Oh GOD, it's vile! Mary coughed into her hand, her throat burning. So much for it being nice! Anna must be truly hammered.

Speaking of Anna, the girl was beaming like someone had just granted her her deepest wish, and she cheered "Yaaaay! Now you've got to play Spin the Bottle with us!"

"W-what?!" Mary cried between coughs, and suddenly she was being dragged into the circle against her will "N-no-!"

"Yes!" Anna argued "It's about time you acted like-like a normal teenager, Mary, and that starts tonight!"

"Oooh…" Mary groaned as she was forced into the place on Anna's left in the circle, everyone cheering once her rear hit the ground (Although that could've just been because they hadn't lost their bottle of vodka, which Anna was now pulling out of her hand)

"O.k!" Anna cried ecstatically, and she screwed the cap back onto the bottle and placed it in the middle of the circle "Let's see whose gonna be the next lucky bastard to have Seven Minutes in Heaven?" she grinned.

I'm regretting this already, Mary thought. Why hadn't she just gone home without Anna? Why?! God, she better not get picked!

Fortunately it seemed the odds were in her favour as round after round went by and the bottle constantly failed to land on her, meanwhile Anna was picked twice more, one with a boy and one with Chloe (the BTEC Sports boy had to be physically dragged away from the wardrobe doors for that one) and as time went on it seemed that everyone was finally getting bored of the game. Mary breathed out an unheard sigh of relief as Chloe finally announced that this was going to be the last round, and as she took hold of the bottle for the final time, Mary smiled.

Unfortunately, it all went downhill with a single knock at the door.

"Hello?" a smooth, feminine voice called out from behind it "Anyone in there?"

Chloe's hand froze on the bottle and everyone looked up as a new person pushed open the door and walked inside.

"I heard there was a game going on in here" the new girl said "Mind if I play?"

For a long, long stretch of seconds, no-one could respond. Eyes had blown wide and jaws had dropped the second the girl had walked into the room, because this was no ordinary girl. This, was Belle Scarlette.

To not know who Belle Scarlette was, you'd have to be either living in a cave or dead. Her reputation at both school and Sixth form had been notorious ever since she'd exchanged from the other secondary school in another town. The rumor around that was that she'd had to leave because she'd seduced the entire female faculty, and it only took a second of looking at her to get you to believe it. Her full lips, long dark hair, and melted chocolate eyes were enough to ensnare the heart of every warm blooded straight boy and gay girl anywhere, and if you could distract yourself from her face long enough, you would see her insanely gorgeous figure, one that would make even the most famous supermodel weep with envy.

For a while, everyone just gaped at her, unable to believe that she was actually here, at this party. Even Mary wasn't immune to it, surprised as everyone else that she'd shown up here. She would've thought that a girl like Belle Scarlette would've been too busy…organising a mass orgy or something!

What on Earth would draw someone like her into a party as tame as this one? She wondered.

Meanwhile, Belle was still hanging on the side of the door, her legs bowing in her skintight black leggings. She raised one coppery eyebrow, and her lips parted "Hello? Anyone hear me?"

At the sound of her voice the spell on the group finally seemed to break and suddenly Chloe was babbling as she frantically waved Belle over "Y-Y-Y-Yeah! Yeah! Come on in, Belle! We were-we were just getting started!"

Mary cringed inside as everyone hastily agreed and Belle sat down next to Chloe, somehow crossing her legs in those too-tight leggings of hers. Great, Mary thought, now that she's joined in this stupid game is never going to end. Dammit, we've all got school tomorrow, you idiots!

Not that they would care, though, least of all Belle. She and Mary didn't exactly run in the same circles but she'd seen her around the campus, flirting, laughing, tossing her hair back and seeing how much skin she could get away with revealing at school, and she didn't really strike Mary as the type to care about school. Or exams. Or anything besides the next poor fool she could trick into her bed.

As Belle got herself comfortable, she happened to look up and catch Mary watching her. The dark haired girl looked back at her and smiled. Then, very deliberately, sent her a very saucy wink.

Mary jerked her eyes away, her cheeks burning at Belle's audacity. Huffing irately, she started trying to come up with a plausible excuse that would get both her and Anna out of this party as Chloe spun the bottle again. This time, surprise surprise, it landed on Belle, and Mary swore that she saw every single boy in that room either puff out their chests or start to sweat perfousely at the prospect of sharing a wardrobe with the legendary Belle Scarlette.

Idiots, Mary thought as the bottle spun again. Honestly, she didn't get why they were so impressed by her. Yes, she was pretty, so what? There were plenty of pretty girls in the world! Though admittedly, not all of them had a little black book large enough to deconstruct a rainforest. Personally, she found it to be quite irritating.

Suddenly the boy on her right started cheering and Mary jumped out of her thoughts as everyone followed suit. What the hell was happening? Had someone been picked? Mary looked around, trying to spot the beet-red face of whatever poor soul was damned into the wardrobe with Belle Scarlette but saw none. Confused, she looked again, because someone had to have been picked! Surely…

Oh no.




Mary started to look down, every instinct screaming at her to stop and run away as fast as she could be her head refused to obey her command, and soon she was looking down, down at the carpet and to the bottle that Chloe had placed there not ten seconds ago, and down to the bottle-neck that would choose Belle's conquest for the dreaded wardrobe.

The damn thing was pointing at her.

Mary gasped and felt her face flood a bright red. NO!


"Oh my God!" Anna laughed, one hand covering her face. Well, Mary was glad that her so-called best friend was finding this so damn funny! No, no, how could this be happening to her?! She had to get out of here, now!

But before she could-because of course, why not?! Nothing else tonight had gone her way!-Mary's vision was blocked by a pair of long, black-velvet legs.

Her heart sank. She looked up, and there was Belle, long black hair swinging gently from her shoulders as she leaned over Mary, her lips drawn into a pretty, mischevious smile. Then she held out her hand.

"Shall we?" she said, her voice smooth with innuendo.

Mary started to say a vehement God No! but before she could Anna was placing her hand in Belles and forcing her too her feet, everyone cheering all the while.

"Yeeeeah!" Anna cheered, waving her hands like she was at a football game "Mazzy finally gonna get some!"

"Go on, Mazzy!"

"Wooo! Virgin Mary deflowered at last!"

Mary blushed a beet red, her mouth opening and closing as she scrambled to find an excuse to run like hell. With her eyes darting about every which way like they were it was inevitable that they would land on Belle.

Belle was smiling at her, and Mary was surprised to see that this wasn't her usual seductive smirk. This smile was somehow softer, less cat that caught the canary and more cat that took pity on the canary and let it go. Mary found herself looking into Belle's eyes, and within their warm depths she saw that the girl had no dialated pupils of the intoxicated, but more than that there was no ill will. Suddenly, she was very sure that Belle would let her out of this if she asked, positively certain.

Mary felt a sudden rush of heat flood to her cheeks and gripped Belle's hand in her own. Oh God, what was she doing?!

Belle started to lead her towards the wardrobe, but before either girl could move Mary's free hand was suddenly being grabbed.

"Wait" it was Anna, and when Mary looked down she saw that some of her friends drunkeness had been chased away by a surprising concern "Maz, are you sure? You don't have to do this, babe"

Mary's grattitude almost brought her to her knees and she smiled down at Anna in relief, but she found herself not taking her friends offer. She could still hear Anna calling her boring in her room that afternoon, and the cat-calls from Anna's friends still rang strongly in her ears. That, plus the alcohol she had drunk (obviously) made her pull her hand out of Anna's and step away.

"I'm fine. Got to be a teenager at some point, right?" she said, and allowed Belle to lead her to the wardrobe. She opened the door, allowing Mary to enter the dark space first, and once she did the dark haired girl turned around, and there was the wicked grin missing from earlier.

"Don't worry, honey, I'll bring you're girl back in one piece…probably!" she tittered, and everyone in the circle cheered as Belle entered the wardrobe too, closing the door behind her and cutting off their noise, but Marys heart was hammering so hard in her chest that she couldn't have heard it anyway.

God, what was she doing in here?! She was a good girl, she revised hard and she got good test scores and she never, ever, went to parties like this so what the hell was she doing, at a party, stuck in a wardrobe with the biggest slag in school?!

Oh, she shouldn't be here, she should not be here, she should just open the door, get out of the room and run home as fast as she cou-

Suddenly, two small and slender hands were cupping her cheeks, gently turning her face. Before Mary could even begin to wonder what was going on, she felt the tenderness of gentle lips on her own.

Later, Mary would blame the sip of vokda on how she reacted. She would say that the alchohol had impeded her instinct to pull away, that it had slowed her reaction time. However in that moment Mary felt something warm bloom deep inside her belly, her thoughts turning to fog as she leaned into the kiss and allowed her eyes to close. It wasn't until she felt one hand leave her cheek to cup the back of her neck that the reality of what was happening kicked in and she broke away with a gasp.

"W-w-w-w-w-wha-!" Mary backed herself into the corner of the wardrobe, almost falling over Chloe's high heels as she covered her mouth with a shaking hand "Wh-what the hell are you doing?!"

"I would've thought that was obvious" Belle's blase voice replied, and though Mary couldn't see her in the darkness, she sensed her shrug "This is Seven Minutes in Heaven, right?"

"B-But!" Mary stammered, her thoughts a mess from the shock of Belle's kiss "But-but you shouldn't-I mean, we shouldn't-I don't do this!"

"Oh really?" again, she more felt than saw Belle's eyebrow raise "Then what're you doing here, Virgin Mary?"

Anger at the nickname made Mary drop her hand and straighten her back. About a year ago some boy she had refused the advances of had taken personal offence and given her that nickname, which had caught on amongst the meaner part of the student body. Mary hated it, but tried not to show it as she thought it would make her look immature. However, like before, she was blaming her reactions on the vodka;

"Don't you dare call me that, I hate that!" she snapped, marching forward until she was in Belle's personal space "And the only reason I am here tonight is because my friend forced me to be, not because I want to-to-get my rocks off with some girl I just met!"

"Hm, so you admit that you're into girls?" said Belle. Mary blinked.

"W-what?!" had Belle even heard a word she'd just said?!

She heard Belle sigh then, the sound slightly exasperated "Listen, hon, have you ever even kissed a girl before?"

Too surprised by her apathetic response to her anger (read as; Temper Tantrum) Mary couldn't help but be honest "No!"

"Really?" Mary heard a smile in the other girls voice "Interesting. Tell me, have you ever done anything crazy in your whole life before?"

Mary felt something trail down her cheek, and with a start she realised that it was Belle's fingers. The memory of them being there before was still very fresh in her mind, and she felt herself blush as she said a slightly less defiant "No…"

She heard Belle make an interested sound, felt her body move close enough to Mary's that the confused girl could feel her body heat "Well, since we're stuck in here for another…six-odd minutes, what do you say we kill two birds with one stone?"

"I…" Mary tried to come out with a response, a protest, but for some reason the words were sticking in her throat "I…"

Suddenly Belle's other hand was on her other cheek, her smooth palm cupping her skin as her other hand followed suit, and Mary shivered as she felt Belle's body brush against her own. She felt Belle coming closer to her, close enough to feel her breath on her chin.

"After all…" Belle whispered in the miniscule gap between their lips "It's only seven minutes"

The slight hitch in Mary's breath was the only sound she could make before Belle's fingers slid into her hair, lips inches from her own. She didn't close it, hovering there, and with a jolt Mary realised that she was leaving the decision up to her. B-but she was hardly in the position to be making decisions right now! Her whole body felt on fire, her hands were shaking and her brain-ok, clearly that sip of vodka was doing something to her brain because she could not for the life of her think of what to do next and her thoughts were going at a million miles an hour and-

"Mary?" Belle's soft voice brought her thoughts to a screeching halt. She felt her hand withdraw from her hair and her body move back, and Mary instantly missed it.

Oh…what the hell! Mary grabbed Belle by the shoulders and pulled her in until she felt the other girls lips collide with her own.

Oh my God.

That was the last thought Mary had before Belle's kiss completely took over her mind and obliterated her thoughts. To say that Belle was a good kisser would be like saying Aphrodite was just a little cute or that Romeo had a little crush on Juliet. Belle's lips were soft, softer than anything Mary had ever felt before in her life, and they kissed Mary's with exquisite gentleness and expertise. Mary felt Belle's lips move against hers, first kissing her bottom lip, then her top before kissing her fully on the mouth as she wound her fingers into Marys blonde hair and pulled her flush against her body. The forceful move made a spike of heat rush through Marys body, and despite herself she whimpered against Belle's lips and kissed her entusiastically.

Something that Belle seemed to like immensely.

Suddenly one of the hands that was gripping the back of Mary's head fell down to press into the small of her back, pushing her body deeper into Belle's and folding it in like it belonged there. Mary gasped at the feel of Belle's vuloptuous curves and warm skin against her own and on instinct she wrapped her arms around her neck, feeling soft strands of dark hair slip through her fingers and tilting her head so that she could deepen the kiss. By now she was releasing soft sighs into the wardrobe, and she honestly didn't care. By God, this felt amazing, it was so exciting she felt like a hundered bolts of electricity were shooting through her body, and as she ran a hand through Belle's long hair, she had the distant thought that nothing could compare to this.

Until Belle slid her tongue into her mouth.

This time, Mary couldn't help herself; she moaned the second Belle's tongue slid along her own, moving inside her mouth and gently coaxing Mary's tongue to play, and Mary followed the other girls movements as best she could, very much aware that this was her first kiss, but if the way both of Belle's arms tightened around her waist and pulled her in closer (she had no idea when the other arm got down there and didn't give a damn) then she wasn't doing a bad job.

Then Belle broke away, but just as Mary made a sound of protest she was attacking her neck, nipping and sucking at all the tibits of soft skin she could find. Mary gasped aloud at the delicious sentation and wrapped her hands around Belle's head, silently begging her not to stop.

And Belle didn't. If anything, it seemed to encourage her because not two seconds after she started kissing Mary's neck, Mary felt her hands begin to slide under her shirt.

Now this, this was normally where Mary would've pulled the rip-chord and put a stop to all this, but either she was too lust-drunk or too regular drunk she just didn't care. Her skin sizzled where Belle's warm hands slid up her back and she arched into the touch, sighing raptuously into the wardrobe's ceiling.

"Mmm…" Belle sighed into her neck, and Mary felt her smile "so nice and responsive…I like that…"

"Ah!" Mary cried out as Belle's hands slid around to her stomach and began to caress the skin of her belly, and suddenly Mary's lungs seemed far too small as Belle slowly inched her hands up her body, going as slowly as she could as she lowered her head and started placing kisses on Mary's exposed collerbone. All the while her hands inched upwards and Mary felt like her skin was on fire as Belle's fingertips touched the underwire of her bra.

Then Belle's hands slid under the bra, and Mary completely lost her mind.

"Oh my God!" she cried out as Belle gently stroked her bare breasts, and Mary threw her head back and gasped so loudly she thought the entire party could've heard it, but that didn't stop her back from bowing into Belle's hands, pressing her breasts harder into the other girls palms as she stroked her skin and plucked at her nipples.

"Oh Belle!" Mary cried out as her hips jerked. Oh God, but she was burning everywhere, everywhere, she wanted Belle to touch her everywhere, she never wanted this to stop, she wanted to explode she…she…


Mary opened her mouth in a silent scream when Belle wedged a jean-clad thigh between her legs, parting them and rubbing her knee into the most private part of Mary there could be, the place where she was aching for Belle to be. Mary squeezed her eyes shut, hardly able to bear it, she felt like she was going to combust at any second!

Oh God...oh God!

"Touch me…" Mary heard Belle growl, and suddenly her breasts were abandoned in favour of the hands that were clutching Belle's shoulders for dear life. Mary whined at the loss but Belle ignored her, and moments later Mary felt her hands be placed underneath Belle's shirt and onto two very warm, very firm breasts.

"Oh…" Mary nearly collapsed there and then when she heard Belle sigh as her palms grazed her hardened nipples. Experimentally she squeezed, and felt a spark of triumph in the way Belle's breathing stuttered. Growing even more daring, she moved her hand and stroked one nipple with her fingers, an action that made Belle gasp aloud.

"You…little tease!" was the last thing Mary heard before her mouth was taken in a furious kiss and she was swept up in a whirlwind of desire and sensation. Belle's breasts felt fantastic in her hands and she squeezed and stroked them periodically as Belle kissed the life out of her. The other womans hands crept down her torso as they kissed, down to her jeans and Mary's breathing hitched as her fingers paused there and Belle pulled away to breathe into her ear; "Okay?"

Mary didn't even think about it. She wrapped her arms around Belle's back and whimpered into her shoulder "Please…don't stop!"

She felt Belle's lips curve at her ear, and Mary trembled as her dexterous fingers undid the button on her jeans, and then the fly, and then Belle's hand was sliding into her panties and Mary nearly screamed as her fingers touched her.

"Belle!" she broke away to cry, and she felt Belle smirk against her cheek as she rubbed her fingers aganst Mary's soaked, throbbing core. From that moment on Mary was unable to do anything but let out a constant streams of moans and cries, her hands gripping the other girls back, squeezing her warm skin with every wave of pleasure that overtook her as Belle stroked her. She rocked into it, leaning her head back and moaning, feeling the pleasure rise and rise within her as Belle cooed her praise into her ear.

"Yeah, you like that baby?...oh, you're such a good girl, such a good, good girl…God, I want to taste you, just wanna drop on my knees and slide my tongue inside you until you're screaming, would you like that? I bet you'd like that…"

It was all too much, she couldn't hold on any longer. Mary closed her eyes and unleashed her greatest cry yet as her body exploded a wave of euphoria throughout her system starting from her centre. Distantly she felt something gush out of her, and her cries tapered off into gasping whimpers as she came back down to herself. Suddenly, she felt extemely drowsy.

"Aah!" she was started when she heard Belle cry out, too, and a moment later there was the sound of a zipper being pulled up and Mary knew it wasn't hers. It took her lust-blown mind a minute to figure it out, but once it did she swore she felt her libido give a little twitch.

She was fingering herself while she was touching me…

And wasn't that just…well, sexy?

Mary was still breathing hard when she heard Belle zip herself up. Her brain was still a heap of post-orgasmic mush when she felt Belle lightly pet her cheek and whisper into her ear;

"Not bad, Virgin Mary"

Then she brushed her lips against the same cheek, and all Mary could do was whimper as the wardrobe suddenly flooded with light and Belle's long, black-clad legs walked out into the bedroom. Mary could do nothing but sit there with her face flushed and her jeans still unbuttoned as the many faces of the party game-including Anna's-came round to stare at her in comical disbelief.
And what did Mary do? Well, what else was there that she could do?
Mary Johnson-widely known as the Virgin Mary-leaned back into the wardrobe, looked up at Anna and stuck out her jaw;

"Oh, shut-up!"