Author's notes: Hello, everyone! This epilogue is dedicated to the characters, King Chris and Duke Roger. The elf king and the elf duke are my favorite characters so far because if it were not for Chris and Roger, I would not have continued writing this story. There will be another sequel. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! Thoughts are in italics.

Brief Summary: King Chris started going to the court to deal with some issues that still remained unsolved in the elf kingdom.


After having an inspirational conversation with Duke Roger, King Chris started going to the court more often. After the death of Lord Devindil, Prince Sarzos became the new demon king. The alliance of the elf kingdom and demon kingdom had been formed. The two kingdoms now cooperated on maintaining world peace. However, some problems remained to be solved. One major problem was that many demon nobles were still out there forming an organization to rebel against King Sarzos. Another problem was that the death of Queen Elizabeth caused King Chris to fall into a depression. Today, Princess Koron met King Chris in the court to discuss important matters.

"Princess Koron, what have you been up to recently?" King Chris asked.

"Your majesty, I have ordered demon alchemists to work with elven alchemists in developing a way to turn demons into elves. They are currently working at inventing some type of medicine that can change demons into elves over time," Princess Koron replied.

"It sounds like a great idea. I hope they develop the medicine as soon as possible," King Chris said. "What else have you been doing lately?"

"Your majesty, please look around the elf kingdom with me for a minute," Princess Koron said before leading King Chris to the balcony. "You'll see that our two kingdoms have started working together in peace. I have made speeches in public in our two kingdoms about how with great power comes great responsibility. Lord Devindil abused his power as the former demon king. He suppressed demon civilians and invaded many countries. Queen Pandora was no different from Lord Devindil. I have constantly asked myself what would be the right policy to assist my brother to govern the demon kingdom. Your majesty, my brother, and I believe it is best to separate the demon nobles from our demon people. So, we have tried our best to banish the demon noble rebels. Now, our two kingdoms work together to maintain world peace. Ending the war is the only way for our two kingdoms to have any hope for the future. I view our alliance as an important anchor that is showing the light for our kingdoms in the future. If our alliance can help build trust between our people, then there is hope for continuing world peace."

"I understand you perfectly. It seemed like you and King Sarzos have put in a lot of effort in changing the demon kingdom for the better. Thank you and great job on ruling your kingdom," King Chris said.

"Your majesty, there is another thing that I wanted to talk to you about. First, I am sorry to hear about Queen Elizabeth's passing away. Second, I heard that you have fallen into a depression due to Queen Elizabeth's death. I felt concerned about your mental health, so I looked all over the demon kingdom for doctors to treat your mental health issues. I also found therapists in case you need to go to therapy," Princess Koron said.

"Thank you, Princess Koron. I am happy to try becoming a patient for the demon doctors if they are willing to help. However, I have been to therapies, but the therapists weren't providing much help. The only thing they did was talked to me and told me various ways to relax. So, I stopped going to therapy and arranged my honeymoon events instead. I invited all of my friends to accompany me on my honeymoon trip, which would be held on a cruise ship," King Chris said. Queen Anna looked like she wanted to say something too.

"Your majesty, I have looked all over the human world for doctors to treat your mental symptoms too. I found doctors specialized in Chinese medicine. They can give you Chinese medicine treatment. They also recommend you increase exercise because it helps treats your depression," Queen Anna said. "I also searched the internet for folklore healing or alternative therapy, and here's what I found: I got a news article about a woman who developed depression, but was healed by having sex with her husband every day. I have the news article printed right here, in case you want to see it." Queen Anna took out a piece of paper and handed it to King Chris. The blond elf king read the news article before raising an elegant eyebrow at his human wife.

"Interesting," King Chris said, blushing. "What else have you found?"

"Well, I found something on the internet called 'sex therapy,' and I started looking for more information about it. I've organized whatever information I found in a book. I have the book here with me if you want to see it," Queen Anna replied. She handed her husband a book. King Chris read the title and scanned through the contents before blushing a heavy shade of red. The book's title was Queen Anna's Sex Therapy: The Woman's Guide to Pleasuring A Man. The book's content included detailed directions on various ways to have better sex, as well as many pictures about the human body and sex positions. There was also a section of the book that focused on kama sutra, which was an ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfillment in life. That particular section about kama sutra had numerous exotic artworks. The scenes included courtship, amorous couples in scenes of intimacy, or sexual positions.

"Anna, sex therapy is not a scientific way to treat depression," King Chris said. "Sex therapy is supposed to be a strategy for the improvement of sexual function and treatment of sexual dysfunction."

"I know, but we're running out of options. There aren't a lot of ways to treat depression," Queen Anna said.

"Thanks, Anna. I appreciate it, but to be honest with you, I'm kind of turned off by your book and would rather have sex with a man," King Chris commented. Anna looked shocked. The blond elf king's blue eyes strayed to look at Duke Roger. Chris recalled the last time he had hot, steamy, rough sex with Roger. Chris has not had rough sex with men for a long time, and he was starting to miss his sexy time with Roger. Chris missed dominating the elf duke in bed and making the redhead submit to his sexual prowess. Roger was one of the most attractive elf guys in the kingdom. It was one of the best sex that Chris has ever had. The red-haired duke noticed the elf king staring at him. Roger blushed embarrassedly and coughed. His green eyes avoided the elf king's eye contact in embarrassment. Chris said before that he also liked men, but Roger did not swing that way. Roger did not know why he allowed Chris to have sex with him and dominated him in bed last time. Roger was best friends with Chris and was not good at rejecting Chris.

"Your majesty, if you don't like my book, then I'll give it to someone else," Queen Anna said. "I heard that Roger has been lovesick due to his separation from Yoon. Maybe this book can help Roger cheer up by assisting him in having better sex with Princess Sariel." Roger was surprised.

"Your majesty, I appreciate it, but it's not necessary," Roger said. The elf duke blushed again in embarrassment.

"Just keep it, Roger. Otherwise, I've written this book for nothing," Queen Anna said.

"Fine, I'll keep the book for now and give it to anyone who needs it," Roger said. King Sarzos looked jealous. The demon king did not like the idea of Duke Roger spending sexy time with his new wife, Queen Sariel.

"Roger, you've been lovesick? You didn't tell me! Otherwise, I would have comforted you personally!" King Chris said. Roger was surprised again. The elf duke took a step back.

"Your majesty, that's not necessary," Roger said.

"Our war with the demon noble rebels isn't over yet. We can't have you getting sick in the middle of the battle, can we?" King Chris said. "I think you need to resolve things with Yoon. Otherwise, you can't focus on the battle, can you? I will invite Yoon over to hang out with us during my honeymoon trip on the cruise ship so that the two of you can figure things out."

"Your majesty, I don't understand what you mean by resolving things with Yoon?" Roger asked. "There isn't anything going on between Yoon and me right now."

"Well, you and Yoon have to decide whether or not you want to continue your relationship. You can't go on being friends forever because you can't have an extramarital affair. You have to either make Yoon your mistress or let go of your relationship with Yoon. You have to make a choice. That's my advice for you," King Chris advised.

"Your majesty, I'm not sure if there's even a point for inviting Yoon. My relationship with Yoon isn't going anywhere," Roger said.

"But the fact that you're lovesick means you still have feelings for Yoon. So, you should resolve things with her. You don't want to break up with her still wondering if she likes you or not. It's best to talk to her face to face. There will be a ball on the cruise ship. You can ask her to a dance," Chris said. Roger sighed in resignation.

"The truth is that I haven't been lovesick. I've been heartbroken. Yoon and I can never go back to the way things were before. We are just friends right now. Yoon has a new boyfriend now, and no one can replace him in her heart. Yoon sees me as an ex-boyfriend. Yoon and I are never getting back together," Roger said.

"I'm sorry to hear about that, but I still think that you and Yoon should at least resolve things in person. What did Yoon do that makes you think you're never getting back together with her?" Chris asked.

"Well, I read news articles about Yoon. She told the public that her parents forced her to admit having a romantic relationship with her boyfriend. She also asked everyone to give blessings to her and her boyfriend," Roger said unhappily. "That pretty much put an end to Yoon and my relationship. To tell you the truth, besides having a broken heart, my feelings for Yoon have been fading. Even though I haven't forgotten about Yoon, I haven't felt anything for her for a while."

"You're falling out of love. That's what's happening to you right now," Chris said. "Roger, what if I tell you that we've crossed the line of friendship and I'm falling for you? If you were to choose between Yoon and me, which would you choose?" Everyone was surprised. No one expected Chris to openly confess to Roger, even if they knew about Chris and Roger's little love affair. Roger was speechless for a moment. Queen Sariel was unhappy, but she did not say anything because she did not dare to stand between King Chris and his love interest.

"Your majesty, Yoon and I are incompatible right now, so I don't see a future with Yoon, but I don't see us as anything more than friends either," Roger replied. Even the elf duke knew that he was lying to himself about him and King Chris being just friends. He could still recall his one night stand with Chris vividly, but his dignity as a man would not allow him to fall in love with Chris. The elf king was unhappy. The blond elf looked at Roger and could see that the redhead was in denial. Queen Anna looked like she wanted to say something.

"Roger, I can see clearly that you and Chris have crossed the friendship line, I dare not stand in the way of your relationship. I only ask that you look after Chris because he has developed depression and he needs his best friend to support him," Queen Anna said. Roger thought about Anna's words and began to feel sorry for Chris and concerned about the elf king's mental health. However, his dignity as a male elf still could not accept the idea of him and Chris together. At this point, Chris could not stand it anymore. He had never been rejected before, thus, he hated rejections. He walked toward the elf duke, who was surprised and started backed away.

"Roger, I am serious about what I said. I am falling in love with you. Stop treating me like a little brother. I want you to see me as a man," King Chris said. He grabbed Roger's hands to prevent the elf duke from turning away and kissed the red-haired elf. Everyone was surprised. No one expected King Chris to come out of the closet in public. Roger's mind was blown away by the action. Chris's kiss was hot, steamy, and passionate.

"Your majesty, if there aren't any other important matters to discuss, please dismiss the court. Thank you," Queen Sariel said.

"Your majesty, we don't care about your little unrequited love affair with Duke Roger, but we wish that you and your lover could please take your business somewhere else, in a private room or something," King Sarzos said, as politely as he could, without straight out telling the elf king to get a room. Roger thought about breaking away from the kiss, but something felt familiar and something felt right about Chris' kiss. Roger looked at Chris' face and body, then realized that the elf king was more beautiful than any other woman he had came across in his life. Suddenly, Roger's playboy habits kicked in, and he started kissing the elf king back. Roger started to recall his one night stand with Chris a while ago. The elf duke realized that he had been in denial and he actually missed having sex with Chris. Roger wondered if the heaven wanted to punish him for being a playboy, so fate set him up to end up with his best guy friend.

Maybe it was karma, Roger thought to himself. Chris finally broke away from the kiss, allowing Roger a a chance to breathe.

"Roger, I honestly don't care what other people may think of us. Will you please let me be a substitute for Yoon? Will you please let me be your lover?" Chris asked.

"Yes, your majesty," Roger replied.


Author's notes: Hello, everyone! This epilogue is dedicated to the characters, King Chris and Duke Roger. The elf king and the elf duke are my favorite characters so far because if it were not for Chris and Roger, I would not have continued writing this story. There will be another sequel. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! Thoughts are in italics.

Brief Summary: King Chris started going to the court to deal with some issues that still remained unsolved in the elf kingdom.