Every time I close my eyes

I end up in another world

That always has something off

As people I know don't seem right.

Sometimes I can barely see

What's happening in front of me

Since vision starts to blur

As I try to piece together what's going on.

It's pretty scary sometimes

To open your eyes

In a world unknown

Filled with people you know and don't know.

Tell me what am I supposed to do

To get myself to awake

From all the darkness filling me

As my heart starts to pound.

It's easy to get drag down deep

Into the other world

If it's tapping into your feelings

Especially your fears and fantasies.

Everyday is a new story

To get lost into

When my eyes don't look anymore

And the darkness appears.

I can control myself most times

Yet it doesn't do any good either

As I get suck away

Into what the other world wants.