Been so long since I last seen you

Yet sometimes when I close my eyes

Drifting myself off into darkness

I can see you standing right in front of me.

It frustrates me to no end

That you still linger on in me

Not sure if it was because I had a crush on you

Or my pride was damaged by you.

Everytime I see you

I can't tell what I'm feeling

I know it's nothing crush wise anymore

Yet the other world pulls us into that direction.

So confused

Cant say I don't miss having a rival

Yet I don't think it was good for me

Since I kept putting myself down.

Don't think I was improving myself

Back then

Since it was for the wrong reasons

Of just seeing you lose to me.

Your other self

Gets to me each time

Either wanting to be near me

Or just wanting to get rid of me.

Luckily you are slowly going away

From my mind

And from the other worlds

I created as I close my eyes.

But I still wonder

Why are you still here

Taunting me too in my head

As I finally start to focus on myself more.