It felt like I could hear the prayers of thousands along with their devolution to me. I just felt overwhelmed at times but I knew. The burden of your followers and faithful was the burden of all saints. I could also feel the souls of my warriors departing then I saw. Other slain warriors before lifting them towards the heavens. Sappho herself said while she still would use eeld magic. When she departs from this world she would visit my heavenly plane from time to time. I could help but laugh. This creature I was going to slay literally was fighting a higher power. I finally came up with the name of my plane. It was a name my father made up when I was only the age of six.

I found myself thrashing in my sleep holding tightly to my stuffed bee. Again I screamed myself awake, my parents bursting in my room. I told them monsters had been chasing me again. For a while, I had the same nightmare I could tell my parents looked tired. My mother fetched me warm xaetere and told me it was going to be alright. While she left my father told me a story. I smiled as unlike my mother's stories hadn't been my father's specialty. He told once there had been an order of holy warriors both men and women. They killed fearsome monsters and terrors protecting both saints and Beyla's followers. Soon they grew old and in one last act of faith fought a thousand horrors. Overwhelmed they still slew the last evils. They soon went up towards Yionyss (Y-ion-yss) a plane for them and all the holiest and bravest of warriors.

He said a prayer that sounded more made-up than true. Siegfried, my father told me everyone who said this prayer would be protected from even the strongest of nightmares. I soon said the prayer and wanted to believe in it then drank the xaetere my mother gave me. It seemed to work as I hardly ever had nightmares after that.

I could feel a force fleeting and realized who it was I had to retire for the day. I coughed up blood Freyja sad I had only a day or less. I just coughed and asked if the holy zoryellers of the general were coming. As if being mentioned two sisters began to give me the Blessed Sacrament suddenly Caeowulf appeared beside my bed. I coughed again telling my old friend I wasn't dead yet. I had one last request before passing on. An orc and witch whose eyes as dark as coals carried me towards the Heorot District. I said thanks and the sisters thanked me for wanting to join. Though they had been saddened that it was only at the end of my time. All the bravest and devout warriors and kings laid here. I arrived at the door of the mausoleum with wording that read "For their service and sacrifice they now lay with the saints and archangels". The witch and orc said they would wait outside. I nodded and walked down the steps the guards realizing I was a proud warrior. Just opened the oak doors and let me inside.

It seemed to span centuries as the first had polished wood coffins. Then it moved to stone then finally marble. I saw the first which said Sir Sebastian of Koulder. Who had died honorably protecting an abbot from a marauder arrow. Another was a woman a scribe told me was the first female warrior. I saw on the name was Joanenette of Jelzome. While she never lifted a blade against her enemies. She was almost divinely gifted in speeches. While serving in the neutral eldership territories she was betrayed. The town of Stonemeadow in exchange for a small treaty. Turned her in the marauders then burned her at the stake. Yet according to many accounts even from the eldership. Joanenette showed no fear as the flames engulfed her. While no bones remained the townspeople gathered her ashes and personally delivered her to Jelzome.

I learned that even today in the rest area. Reprisals against stonemeadow visitors still happen today. The one that I seemed to respect was a warrior known as Hyacinth the Giant. The scribe said he was born in the village of Deergulch. His parents and grandparents before him worked in the quarry nearby. Though the family had been staunch followers of Beyla. He became the village champion and warrior. Hyacinth prayed to the saints in secret. On the day he passed the newly built priory had a pillar fall and to make matters worse. A fire had started thinking of others he tried to lift the pillar. According to scripture, the archangels entered his body. Though tired he rushed in and evacuated all the clergy members. The foundations gave in and devoured him. After a rescue excavation from both faiths. His body was well preserved and show little marks or bruising. Prioress Abba said that the saints took their son before he could feel a thing.

While many of the generations still blame the saints for his death. They at least respected taking his soul to some type of plane. Then I saw it a grand coffin of both marble and gold. Interestingly enough several bees also had been etched into the marble. The scribe made a holy sign in thanks. He said what I already knew was Sigfried the father of Caeowulf. Earning the nickname the pious many thought he was really an archangel. He found himself laughing as since his son became a saint. Many bordered on heresy with their theological theories. I kneeled before this certainly legendary figure in these people's customs. I asked about the bees I then learned he loved his wife so much. That if they couldn't meet in the afterlife he could at least visit his coffin. I realized my time was running out a while I couldn't die in battle. I would still die a warrior by fighting the practice dummies.

I found myself telling the scribe "Caeowulf bless you". To which the scribe said may he watch over all his warrior sons and daughters. I finally arrived at the camp I ordered all to watch. Soon all eyes fell upon me I began punching and kicking the dummy. I could feel my heartbeat faster and faster. Then it tightened and before I could feel the pain. My general and friend lifted up my spirit. I then walked with him along a shining path that looked had green trees and flowers. I saw a rainbow in the distance now I recognized it. The rainbow meadow a more serene peaceful stop towards the heavens. We stopped at a pond that scholars and theologists still had not fully deciphered. Caeowulf said it would show my best moment with him. I realized I was going to his heaven and I wept. However, I would see the best moment we shared.

I seemed unimpressed as I looked at Dale then his father. Well, he was still muscular for age. He did not look like the man that slew hundreds of marauders. Still, I and his father exchanged small talk about battles and deeds. I told Caeowulf one final test was needed for me to join him. We headed towards a secluded fishery called Neot's Fishmonger. We both got in our fighting stance for a general he made one mistake. Punching my gut he just shrugged it off and soon aimed for my arms. Despite being aged his parries withstood my blows. We took a break both of us eeld warriors. We continued this time the general was trying kicks which seemed stronger. I tried to parry protecting my sides and kidneys. Then his did a bluff and swept under my legs. I grunted as I fell on the dirt. He had his son's cocky smirk and offered to help me up. Both of us laughed as I told him one his first victory against an orc. Caeowulf responded by saying you fought one of the best fighters in Guven. Dale is certainly just like his father.

The memory over Caeowulf told me to follow the trail. I walked towards the edge and soon a bright light nearly blinded me. I was greeted by a man of great stature. He said he wanted to thank me personally for serving and protecting his son. Siegfried told the other spirits to open the gate. Leave it to the general to house a heavenly hortis. I saw the souls of other former cultists, soldiers, and one witch. Volva was her name and while I felt bad for saying, witch. As she converted to Caeowulf and renounced her magic blood. She carried a divine sword and shield as a way of having something spiritual. All of the followers here seemed to be training. Marching from one end to another. Firing arrows and throwing javelins. Or wrestled or exchanged blows with fists. I asked for one request from Sigfried a duel between champions. Don't hold back I laughed to which Sigfried said he never did.

Wilma was resting soundly being a merchant for the cult. Proved to be tiresome along with the fact she was with child. I'm glad the vision of my two sons in a civil war. Was not to pass but our daughter. Would likely follow in her grandfathers footsteps. Leading the cult and her saint into unknown lands. Ridding them of marauders and converting the lost. I headed outside to walk along the icy battlements of the hortis. Some bowed but as they had been more loyal to my father. Most went about their night patrolling and some converting others. My brother had heard the word of his soon to be sister-in-law. I told him to keep secret as I wasn't ready to propose to Wilma. So he was sending a gift of gems and honeycombs. I saw my father just looking out towards the ocean. He didn't even acknowledge me until I cleared my throat. I was then informed Votan had passed away a few hours ago. While I was a tough mercenary and leading of the orcs. I fell to my knees then punched the ground. Caeowulf told me I had to be as strong for one day. My mother, brother, and myself would bury his physical body. I retired from my fathers presence as I would now write a speech. For all orcs both eeld and young saying, he was the bravest orc ever to live. Before I left I could have sworn I heard my father say he's in a better place.

The sacred capital was teeming with activity. I commanded the new recruits in my guard how to wear heavier armor. They spent the next few weeks marching, fighting, and maintaining it. Along with a more guvenish training regime which had them building a hortis. Then deconstructing it and rebuilding it in another place. I had been waiting for my new order to arrive. Caeowulf's faith had dispatched it free of charge. As they said this statue would be of major significance to me personally. I just sighed it seemed like every day they tried to convert more and more fair folk. Bewilderwood and it's surrounding villages and settlement. Could be counted as a guvenish colony as saints and religious texts had been carved from the wood. Finally, several porters carried a covered item that looked like a statue. They then removed the cloth and I gasped it was my husband. He was holding a fair folk woman whose face was veiled. The engravings said, "May this saint watch over his lover and her soldiers for all time". I paid the porters and when they left I said a prayer. Though unlike other fair folks I'm only praying to Caeowulf. While it felt like pleading I prayed that he could watch over soldiers. All over the realms and unknown. My mind must be playing tricks on me as I could have sworn. That the two statues kissed damn it Alicia. You have to stop being so emotional sometimes I told myself.

Well, here's was an over 2k one which will be the norm for now. Would you stay in The Rainbow Meadows to see all your fond memories?