Darkness covers all, even when light is present.

She walks away from the never-ending darkness,

hoping he does not follow the footsteps he knows too well,

even when her heart argues

of how desperately the darkness would chase after her,

But her heart belongs to the light.

All the memories keep haunting her,

Making her want to run back,

but she can't go back to the demon,

Who kept playing with her heart and soul,

The darkness that was once her light

is succumbed forever.

She tries to keep going on,

but she seems to be slowly dying inside

from what passed by.

Darkness is no where to be found

playing off as the demon he is,

waiting again to toy with what was once his,

While she tries to hold on the light,

That wants to treat her right,

And wants what is best for her,

But runs in away in fright

trying so hard not to cause her pain.

She doesn't know what to say,

Everything reminds her of the darkness,

that in the past

was all she ever wanted,

Who wasn't so bleak,

Wasn't protruding utter despair to her.

She sits all alone in her room

staying away from the darkness,

Even when her eyes become waterfalls,

all over the specks that darkness hit in her heart

from the attachment that still holding on strong.

Loss echo through her heart

wondering where she belongs,

While the blood red eyes stare at her,

Whenever she drifts to the world of dreams,

While she keeps saying she knew this was going to happen,

But never knew how to fully escape,

If everywhere she takes a step to

makes her get the urges

to either fight her way

through her addiction

Or give in to only thing she became so accustom to,

The Darknessā€¦