Part 1 : Mythical Invasion

On a planet in the near future in a galaxy far away. Was an orb quite similar to earth, the only difference was that it was slightly larger and under developed. It's seas and river were molten lava and the skies were covered with obsidian smoke that constantly flowed out from the celestial body. Just then a tall creature with the body of a brown bear, clawed hands, and the head of a dire wolf jumped from the lava sea and landed on an ashen ground it shook it's fur dry of slag, a giant scaly rat bubbled to the surface of the magma. It grabbed the pest by its tail and dragged the carcass up a trail that was marked with bones. The creature walked up a hill and stopped at the base of a tall burnt tree that was surrounded by piles and piles of bone. It sat down and sliced down the rat's midsection splitting the carcass open and started to gorge itself on the rats insides, the smoke above started to churn and twist violently, there was a clap of thunder and tiny droplets of translucent multicolor liquid fell from the sky staining the ashen shore in color. The colored liquid on the ground started to bubble and converge at one spot a few feet away from the hill. All the liquid formed a giant chimera that had a red head, black body, and a green tail it looked around and smirked. "Hmm, this seems like a ideal planet to rule.," said the Chimera in a feminine voice. The creature stared at the monstrosity with interest, it stood up and slowly walked down the hill. The chimera stared at the creature as it slowly approached her when it stopped the chimera looked down at beast, "Oh! Hello down there, my name is Sia. You must be my new servant, fetch me a meal will you I have traveled many light years and I am literally famished, chop chop." The being looked up at her and slowly tilted it's head from side to side. With a shrug of it's massive shoulders it turned around and walked back towards the hill. Sia became visibly peeved at the blatant disrespect "Why you insolent little speck!" she yelled, puffed out her chest, and unleashed a large jet of fire out her maw covering the creature in orange flame. When the flames died down the creature jumped up and snatched Sia's left eye out. She let out a blood curdling scream as the creature landed safely on the ground with the eye on its claws, the sky opened up and a beam of light came down on the mythical beast. "Y…you bastard just you wait. I'm not the only monster you have to worry about your end is nigh."

There was an echo on her last word as she disappeared, the beast looked at the eyeball and it's stomach grumbled it took a bite and blood splashed on his face. It's eyes widen in satisfaction as it devoured the enormous orb in one gulp the creature fell to it's knees and let out a powerful roar that caused the lava to move as the ground shook. A few seconds later the creature passed out sprawled at the base of the hill. A few moments later creature's eyes opened and it pushed itself off the ground scratching it's belly. A flock of large four winged birds dived bombed out of the smoke clouds, their necks stretched out towards the lava. The fowls scooped the basalt into their giant beaks and drank it down. The creature stared at the flock and it's stomach growled in hunger, it squatted low to the ground, leaped up and with lighting fast reflexes he snatched one of the birds out of the sky which caused the others to scatter back towards the clouds. The captured fowl chirped weakly as the creature had it's foot firmly on its neck moving it's foot slightly the creature snapped the bird's neck. It grabbed the fowl by it's wing and dragged it up the hill, sat down under the tree and devoured it whole. After it's meal the creature layed on it's back snoring loudly with a content smile on it's maw. All of a sudden a large portion of the smoke clouds drifted down and floated above the sea of lava, the vapor then started to twist and turn until it materialized into a large black colored three yellow eyed griffin. "So this is the planet Sia chose…I see the potential." he said in a low tone, it performed a few aerial loops when it landed it wings folded in it's back. Just then a huge group of lava rats scurried quickly out of the molten sea and swarmed the griffin, the rodents scurried over the beast biting it all over, it's wings snapped open unleashing a powerful gust of wind. The griffin then took to the air knocking the pest away in every direction.

A few of the rats landed on top of the hill a few minutes later the creature sat up with blood all over it's face it let out a huge audible yawn as it scratched it stood up scratching its torso. He spotted the creature as it walked down the hill covering its mouth stifling another yawn, "That must be the creature who injured Sia." The Griffin puffed out it's chest and let out a loud sound that was a mixture of a caw and a roar as it dived bombed towards the ground. The creature look up with it's head tilted to the side as the Griffin landed on the ground gracefully and stretched out it's large wings making it's large body an even bigger. "I am Samson cousin to Sia and I am here to get revenge…" the creature turned away and preceded to walk back towards the hill, Samson stared at the creature with a look of disbelief. 'Sia was right this thing is a disrespectful little cretin.' Samson got low to the ground his back end in the air and he suddenly pounced.

He knocked the creature to the ground and started to peck it multiple times in it's back. Samson jumped back from the being and licked Grey liquid from its beak. Samson smirked, "You taste delicious." The body of the creature suddenly, vanished in ash particles shocking him momentarily. The creature appeared in the air and landed on Samson's back straddling him he dug his claws into Samson's back, blood oozed out Samson let out a yelp of pain he spread his wings open and like a flash he took off into the air bucking wildly. The creature dug it's claws deeper into Samson's flesh and the creature pulled up which caused Samson to ascend higher and higher.

The two beasts ended up inside the smoke cloud Samson thrashed around to and fro to knock the creature off his back. The creature removed one of it's 8claws and stabbed it through Samson's head, the claws flexed and the creature ripped off Samson's head. The creature threw it's head back and let out a roar of victory as the corpse started to drop, the creature kicked off Samson's body and landed on top of the hill and the body fell into the molten lava where it melted on contact. The creature unhinged it's jaw and bit into the top of Samson's skull with a quick yank it peeled the skin and muscles from the bone and with a powerful inhale it slurped the meat down it's gullet he walked over towards the downed tree and placed the skull by the roots. The organism let out a giant yawn as it rapidly blinked it's eyes, the creature finally allowed it's eyes to shut fully and layed down on top of the hill snoring loudly.

PART 2: The Only King

Sia stood in a dark room staring at a blank white screen slack jawed as she tried and failed to comprehend what she just witnessed. Suddenly from out of the darkness a giant broad sword went through her neck and her body instantly turned to stone and crumbled to pieces. A large clawed hand reached out and unleashed trillion upon trillion streaks of multicolored lightning at the screen. The blast created a swirling vortex and from the darkness stepped forth a giant bipedal dragon. The hydra had black scales that were flecked with gold all over his body a black leather sheath was on his hip and two giant black leathery wings extended from his back.

The dragon tossed Sia's head up and swatted it through the vortex, he threw his head's back and let out a roar he quickly flew through the portal. The creature layed on the hill on it's side staring out at the lava sea, the clouds split open and a bright beam of light shined onto the ground and Sia's stone head shattered on the ground coating the ground with rubble. Just then the clouds started to twist violently. The smoke then dispersed and a giant humongous vortex opened up in the sky and a giant clawed hand of the dragon shot out of the portal. The creature looked up and saw a figure looking down on him. The dragon flew down and stood face to face with the being, the dragon took a whiff of the air and scoffed, "You are the creature who caused the death of my kin.," said the dragon.

The creature looked at the dragon head on and tilted it's head from right to left, the dragon turned around and walked toward the shore of the ashen beach. The dragon pulled out his blade and touched the tip of the sword to the lava, the slag then transformed into stone, the portal in the sky dissipated and the stars above glittered reflected of the stone, the dragon walked out and stood in the middle of the stone and yelled out "Oi! Lets get this over with." The creature walked onto the giant stone slab and stood a few feet away from the winged beast, the vortex closed revealing trillions of twinkling stars. The dragon stuck his sword into the stone and he got into a fighting stance. "Now before we start the show I would like to introduce myself, name's Janson and you are?," he asked the beast stared at him in confusion which caused him to chuckle. "That's rich Sia thought you were being rude… but you just don't understand me do you? Who cares I'm here for vengeance and that is what I'll get.," said Janson he quickly sprinted towards the creature and raised his right hand aiming to eviscerate it.

The creature jumped back and dodged Janson's wild swipe and it countered with a swipe of its own. Janson blocked the strike and unfurled his wings, he grabbed the creature by it's shoulders and flew off into space. Janson stared at the creature and a Cheshire grin appeared on his face, "I can't believe that something so weak killed Samson, so laughable!" Janson let out a roar of pain because the creature ran it's claws through his torso and out of his back. Janson let go of it's shoulders, opened up his mouth and unleashed point blank jet of lightning knocking the creature's claws from his torso and sending its body spiraling toward the planet. The creature cleaned the blood from it's claws with it's tongue while flames covered its entire body. It's body went through the hilt crashed through the stone slab into the slag underneath. Janson touched his torso and winced as the wounds sealed back up he looked at the palm of his hand and smirked, 'The little shit got in a hit, well at least the impact will kill it.' Just then a long tendril of lava wrapped tightly around his ankle and he was violently snatched back towards the planet.

A giant crater was created as Janson was slammed onto the ground seconds later Janson flew out of the hole his entire form covered in ash. He stretched out his wings and loudly roared in anger his visage set in rage, " Why won't you die show yourself!" Suddenly the creature appeared in front of him with a dire wolf head and a skinny but muscled body that was completely covered in thick black scales its clawed hand was now long fingers. Janson pointed at the creature as his rage was replaced with shock, " H…how are you flying?" asked Janson the creature pointed a claw at him he pointed to him self the creature nodded it's head and vanished it appeared in front of him and struck him with a flying knee under his jaw Janson's body flew back over the lava he unfurled his wings stopping himself from certain death. He stared at the creature with a sneer, his entire body started to glow as small bolts of lightning surrounded his form.

Janson's body slowly stared to enlarge from his shoulders two different colored heads one red and one silver slithered from his shoulders, the heads licked their maws with long snake like tounges. The two heads stretched out and clasped their jaws onto the creatures shoulders and unleashed a giant surge of electricity that dropped it to its knees. Janson walked toward the creature the middle head had a wicked smile on its visage, the creature then grabbed both heads by their necks and with a tug he ripped the appendages from Janson's shoulders. Janson let out a roar of pain as his blood oozed from his shoulder wounds, the creature knocked the lifeless heads from it's shoulders, the nails on it's hands transformed into claws which resembled needles.

Janson got up and stared at the creature his eyes burned with rage he extended his wings and like a rocket he flew toward the creature. When Janson was a few inches from colliding with the creature it flipped over his body and landed on its back. The creature stabbed its needle claw into his back and was bucked off for its trouble, Janson turned around and saw as the creature landed safely on its feet he tried to take a step forward and realized that he couldn't move. Janson looked down and saw that his feet were encased in stone and the stone slowly creeped up his legs, Janson struggled and struggled to move which only caused the rock to creep up his body quicker. Janson looked up at the creature and asked, "What the hell are you?" the creature lifted up its arms and thousands of lava tendrils shot out of the sea and landed on the ground between the two the lava dispersed and Janson started to chuckle as the rock encased his entire body freezing him in place with a smile on face then he because burned into the ground was a simple message 'I AM KING.' Janson then crumbled to pieces and the creature let out a powerful roar of victory and dominance for all to hear.