The Fan: Fan Friction


"And that's a wrap!"

Jonas James was feeling pretty pleased with himself as the whole crew clapped around him. He'd just wrapped his new TV show, The Jonas James Show, and for once it was a credible show for both kids and adults. It felt good to be back on TV again. So much so that Jonas had closed down his YouTube channel.

Jonas grabbed a towel and a bottle of water from the side of the stage. His girlfriend, Rachel Parker, came up behind him and snaked her arms around his waist, kissing him softly.

"Hey superstar," she said. She tucked her long, platinum blonde hair behind her ear, and smiled. When Jonas was happy, Rachel was happy too.

"Hey, babe," Jonas said, kissing her back. "Better call Amber."

"Yep. You do that."

Amber Williams was Jonas' biggest fan. She lived in America, and after helping him become famous again a year earlier, he had promised to keep in touch.

Jonas punched Amber's number into his iPhone keypad. She picked up on the third ring.

"Hey, Jonas," she gushed. "How's filming going?"

"Brilliant. We've just wrapped, actually." Jonas couldn't stop smiling.

"I can't wait to see the show."

"I'll bet you can't." Jonas took a gulp from his bottle of water. "How's things with you?"

"I've just wrapped, too. School, that is."

"Awesome. Any idea what you want to do next?"

Amber hadn't thought that far ahead, if she was honest. She hadn't applied to any colleges or anything, much to her parents' disappointment. Her mind was still filled with Jonas. Even the time spent with him hadn't dampened her obsession.


It was only then that Amber realized she hadn't answered Jonas' question. "I don't know," she said. If she were honest with herself, she was most interested in working in show business. But only if it meant being close to Jonas. Her obsession clouded her judgment, controlled every aspect of her life. She also missed Jonas immensely. She hadn't seen him since her adventure in the UK about a year and a half ago. She wished she was with him now.

"So, what's next for you?" asked Amber. She liked talking to Jonas because it gave her an excuse to talk about Jonas.

"Next for me is a whistle stop tour to promote the new show," said Jonas.

"Where are you going?" Amber asked hopefully. She was desperate to see Jonas again.

"I don't know yet," Jonas said, "but if it's anywhere near you you'll be the first to know."

Amber smiled. It was as if Jonas had read her mind.

"I guess you need a well deserved break from filming now."

"That would be nice. I'll talk to you later. Bye!"

Amber hung up.

Jonas' new show was a chat show, with sketches and game segments. It would be broadcast all over the world, and that meant promoting it all over the world. Jonas was immensely excited at the prospect of going on a world tour. As was Rachel. Spencer and Meghan, Jonas' best friends, would also be coming along. It had been a year since they got together and things were going well. So well in fact that Meghan had moved into Spencer's apartment. They enjoyed living together, even if they did get on each other's nerves from time to time!

Jonas was enjoying a much needed day off. He was spending it with Rachel, of course. They were going shopping and having lunch at their favorite restaurant.

"So," said Rachel, "do you think this show will be a success?"

"I hope so," replied Jonas. "I've put a lot of hard work into it."

"Well, from what I saw, it looks pretty good."

"Thanks." Jonas took a sip of his coffee.

Suddenly Jonas' phone began to ring. It was his manager, Frank.

"Jonas speaking," he said into the phone.

"Hi, Jonas," Frank said. "Just wanted to run by you the details for the promotional tour."

Jonas listened intently as Frank reeled off the list of stops on his tour. One particularly stuck out in his mind: Braun, USA. It was where Amber was from. Jonas was sure Frank had done that on purpose. He knew all about Amber and her crazy obsession with Jonas.

"Thanks for that," said Jonas. He hung up.

"What's up?" asked Rachel.

"Amber's going to be happy," said Jonas.

"Are we going to her hometown on the tour?"

"You got it."

"We'd better get home and get packing."

So they paid the bill and left.

Amber was immensely excited when she found out that Jonas was coming to her home town on his tour. She had asked her parents if she could go and meet him when he came to Braun.

"After all the grief he caused you the last time?" Angela asked her daughter.

Amber knew her parents didn't approve of Jonas. Not completely anyway. They didn't know about the phone calls she'd been having with him. She knew they only wanted the best for their daughter, but how could she prove to them that Jonas James was the best thing for her?

"You don't understand," Amber protested.

"What don't we understand?" asked Angela.

Amber thought for a moment. She doubted her parents would ever understand how she felt about Jonas. She doubted anyone would. How she longed to meet another Jonas fan, who understood the way she felt. The closest thing she had was Rachel. But it would be great to meet someone else from the same fandom as she was in.

"Angela," Amber's father, Robert, said suddenly, breaking Amber's train of thought. "Remember what I said to you last time about teenagers looking for adventure?"

"Yes," Angela sighed.

"I think we can trust her enough to spend one night on her own to see this guy."

"Yes!" Amber exclaimed.

"Fine," Angela sighed again. "You can go."

Amber went up to her room feeling happy and grateful.