The Fan: Fan Friction


A day later, an exhausted looking Amber walked through the front door of her parents' house.

Angela ran straight up to her and hugged her. "My baby's home!" she cried.

"Yes, I'm home," said Amber.

"How was it? Were people nice? Did you keep yourself safe?"

"It was great, Mom," said Amber.

"I'll leave you to head upstairs and unpack."

That's exactly what Amber did.

Amber called Daisy as soon as she was done unpacking.

"Did you get home OK?" she asked.

"Yep," said Daisy.

"I can't wait to see the show," said Amber.

"We don't have long to wait," said Daisy."The premier's tomorrow!"

"I know, it's so exciting," gushed Amber.

"I'm so happy to have another Jonas fan in my life."

"Me, too," said Amber. "Speaking of which, I'd better go and call Jonas."

"You do that. Bye!"

"See ya later, Daisy!" She hung up.

Amber went back to her contacts screen on her phone and pressed on Jonas' number.

"Hey, Amber," he said as he picked up.

"What are you up to?" asked Amber.

"Having a well-deserved break,"said Jonas.

"You definitely deserve it," said Amber.

"Thank you for sorting out that Alex situation, by the way."

"You're welcome. Any fan would've done the same."

"Oh, by the way, I have a little surprise for you at the end of the show tomorrow."

"A surprise for me?"


"Cool. Looking forward to it."

"I hope you love the show."

"I'm sure I will."

"See you later, Amber."

"Bye!" She hung up.

Amber had convinced her parents to watch Jonas' new show with her. She didn't have a TV in her room, so this was the only way she was able to watch it.

Amber's parents still didn't quite understand her excitement as she sat down to watch the show.

"It's starting!" said Amber happily as the opening credits rolled.

The whole family seemed to enjoy the show. They laughed and clapped, and Amber almost shed a tear in one or two parts.

As the end credits rolled, Amber felt she couldn't wait for the following week's episode. But it was almost time for her surprise. At the end of the credits, the text read: Dedicated to my biggest fan, Amber.

Amber smiled to herself. This was the best show in the world.