Used to have so many voices

From various people I knew

Tormenting me on how I am

Couldn't be myself back then.

Everyone gets so many words

Thrown at them for being themselves

Yet I know it drains them constantly

Trying to be someone they are not.

Just look at me now

Hardly have any voices

Trying to drag me to darkness

Where I don't belong anyways,

So many people get put down

Yet all I want is for people to be real

But so many hide away

Trying to keep up the facade.

All I want to say

No matter how many voices

Are taunting you guys awake

Making you dream of darkness

About how truly you are

Don't let them win

Since the right people

Will be there for you being


It's never easy

With how people are brainwashed

To taunt and torment others different

But I know you will be much happier

Knowing you are yourself

Despite the words thrown

From people who would rather be programmed

To hate you for being real.