"So let me get this straight...for this mission..we're protecting a book"

"Shut up and listen to the Diva the whole way through troop"

Diva 1705 waited until it seemed safe to continue without further interruption.

"Please refrain from comment until the end of the mission briefing..."

The Councilor's voice then cut in...filling the whole room without having any apparent point/points of emanation.

"And anyone who can't manage that will have their ability to vocalize restricted...now the book, "Male Me" which should be published in 2033 but become wildly popular near the middle of 2036 will be among the top works of literature as far as it's cultural influence is concerned...that's why I'll be the one to brief you on it since human cultural movements aren't something Heavenly beings can wrap their heads around...you could say it's impact on the thinking of the time is on par with or even greater than..say..something like "The Musings of Mal'Aat"...oh wait, that's going way too far back...think of something like Plato's, "The Republic"..or George Orwell's, "1984"...or a work only Winter would know of, "The Fred Hypothesis" by Shelly Bean, whom also wrote the hilarious "Nice Hat, A-Hole"..." -Winter grinned and suppressed a laugh recalling bits of the brilliant satirical work- "...ok, now imagine those works if they influenced billions of minds across the globe within a mere handful of years...Winter knows the results...it's why women and men got along so well with each other and understood each other at core deep levels during his time as a mortal human..so no..it's not just 'some' book out of millions of 'some' books available for people to read...and that extraordinary book is flickering out of existence thanks to the Decision Error of it's author, Diesel Feinman..pen name: Molly Diesel..back when she was 18 and just out of high school...well that's all I'm gonna contribute..I'll hand it back to your Division Head"

"Thank you for your valuable input Councilor...now as previously stated, the Cause/Effect Disruption of the book, "Male Me" not being written will apparently lead to ultra-radical groups under the larger umbrella of Fourth Wave Feminism to exploit the rift between males and females to stage a general uprising...the results of which you will see before you..." -several snippets of a possible future appeared on the mission scrolls in each of the Force member's 'minds eyes'. They started horrible and got even worse, with Government, religious, and Business officials and other highly influential males and only males world-wide being assassinated by Fem Hegemony Movement (FHM) members...FHM being the core radical group under Fourth Wave Feminism whose members could (oddly enough) be any gender, and who's distinguishing trait was the member wearing a black and red armband or bandanna with the symbol of Venus (most commonly know as the symbol for the female gender) and a hammer and sickle inside of a hexagon. Then the riots and other scenes of the senseless violence and chaos of what could rightfully be called a civil war of the genders rolled past. Diva 1705 then continued speaking after the horror show ended with a final scene of a mass grave filled with what seemed to be mostly females of all ages- "...now as I was about to state just before Mr. Greene's ill timed question, the Decision Error that caused the C/ED is the author Ms. Feinman..." -a picture of her taken shortly before her high school graduation came up, showing her to be (at that time) a slender and pretty young woman with long back hair and an Amy Winehouse-looking face- "...choosing to get married to this man..." -a picture of the then 19 year old Alvin Alpern was shown. He was taller than average and looked like some kind of mountain man, with full dark brown facial hair that was down to the top of his sternum and scruffy, with the hair on top contrastingly short and neatly parted down the side and combed over. He was taller than average (the picture had him standing beside a full-sized truck with a couple of other people close by for comparison), had a 'beefy' body, and was even wearing a flannel shirt and had his drab grey work pants held up with suspenders- "...therefore, your actual mission will be to stop these two from getting married"

The individualized 'visions' of the four men then faded out, and what they all saw together was the odd sight of the Diva looking directly at Dru; which would seem to imply that he was being stared-down the whole time when only their inner 'seeing' was active.

After a moment, Barney made a request.

"We would like to have the pics and general information about the people closest to her before we go down"

"That's unfortunately too vague of a thing to process...could you please elaborate?"

"Well, her immediate family would of course be close to her under normal circumstances...and then her friends"

"I see...well to narrow the list of people down and to best factor in any abnormal circumstance in Ms. Feinman's life at the time I'll have the parameters of the search be such that only people that have held a conversation with her for over a minute within two weeks time will qualify as someone whom should be considered as close to her...do you find that acceptable?"

All the Force members thought about those criteria, and it was Drew who finally answered.

"That sounds good for a start...we can weed out when she deals with salespeople and her insurance agent and the like, and get to people who are really influential to her from there"

"Well since we are in agreement on that, then you may go prepare..."

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'd like to know a little more about this book that can start a war of the genders by not even being written"

"Uh, I'm with other Drew on that...it might not effect the mission, but I'm just curious"

"I can have the whole text put into your Q-pads"

"Nah..we ain't got time for that...just give us a synopsis" -Winter added.

"A synopsis...'Male Me' is about Ms. Feinman and her male clone of herself and their life together"

The Force was befuddled by the short and concise statement.

"That...that's it?...that brings the genders together where many decades of laws, activism, and agitation couldn't?"

"Apparently so Mr. Greene"

"Ok..just one more question"

"Yes Mr. Greene"

"What will the Feinman woman's life be like if she does get married?"

The Councilor's voice broke in to answer.

"She'll have a pretty uneventful and boring but generally happy upper-middle class life...with two kids, a job making and selling clay figurines, and trips to various amusement parks during the summers...and if you feel weird about ruining that for her, then consider that she'll be trading in a life of insanely hard work and little material reward as a molecular biologist...but she'll be the best molecular biologist in several generations...not to mention her book that will literally save all females from a horrible fate that is even now shifting the potential future into darker times than the one you saw in the mission scroll...anymore questions?"

Of course the Councilor didn't really want anymore questions being asked; intending that his statement would curb any dissent from boiling to the surface from within the Force members.

"We good" -replied Barney...to which the briefing ended with the Diva saying:

"Ok...then go get prepared to start the mission in three hours...and I'll gather the information you requested in the meantime"