Do you know that urban legend about alligators in the sewers? Every urban legend comes from truth, I'll tell you that. Only here, where I live it's not legend. It really is the truth. There are monsters in the sewers and they are scary as fuck!

How do I know about this, you ask? I'll tell you. It all started about five years ago when children started going missing. Remember? Right after I moved up here. I was the detective that was tasked with trying to find them. We were coming up empty-handed. The only clues we had is they all disappeared around the same area; where the sewers emptied out into the river. There were three of those big metal tubes that you could walk right into down by the riverbanks. For some reason, that's where the youngsters liked to hang out. A lot of interesting stuff popped up after a rainstorm, washed down there by the force of the water through the tunnels. The fact that the town sits uphill helps a lot too. The river led to a nice quiet lake about 25 miles further downhill and eventually into the sea about 60 more miles after that. I always found it strange there was a lake in between the city and the sea, but there it is. Maybe that's where the monsters came from. Who really knows how they got into the sewers? All I know is that's where they are now and they ain't leaving any time soon. Not when they have access to delicious little humans.

It doesn't even matter that we've fenced off the area and made it illegal to enter. We catch anybody, we arrest them. Scares the crap out of the kiddies and usually stops them from going back. Usually. You know how those brats are. It gives them a thrill to try and get in and we don't have the manpower to watch it all the time. Like trying to sneak into a haunted house or the school after dark. They know better but need a thrill. Kids get restless in small towns. Still, after all, their friends went missing? Missing my ass! Those children were killed, plain and simple. Eaten whole. Not even bones were left. What kind of monsters eat people whole, dammit?! Scary mothafuckers, that's what kind.

We scoured the sewers for days looking and not much was found. A few scraps of cloth, you could tell it had been shredded by something big. Which of course, we also found no trace of. Monsters know how to hide. I imagine that's how they've survived for so long.

We sent the bits of cloth for DNA analysis. It confirmed the cloth came from 1 of the 15 missing, but anything else wasn't recoverable. Fancy techs said it was too degraded, but I know. If it was too degraded, they wouldn't have been able to identify Bobby Smucker's DNA on it.

After that whole line of inquiry went to shit, I got frustrated and called you to see if you'd lend me my niece and nephew for a few weeks to visit. They had good heads on their shoulders and I knew could help me solve the case. They knew how to protect themselves and were incredibly smart. Course I didn't tell you about any of this otherwise you'd never have let them come. If it weren't for them though. Then no one would know about what lies beneath our city streets and children would still go missing.

Thanks to Jameson and Paisley, the whole town knows about the monsters. However, we don't say anything. We keep quiet. Gotta make sure the tourists still come. They do love the spooky history of the place. So, occasionally we have a missing tourist because someone wasn't paying attention to their kiddos. It's unfortunate, but it happens. We don't know enough about the monsters to kill them. Yet. I'm still working on it, but it's going to take some major brains and ingenious thinking to outsmart these creatures. That and more time. More time that I haven't got. This last mission is when I got up close and personal with them. They took a bite out of me which is why I'm writing this all down. Someone needs to know. Someone needs to keep researching and finding out how to defeat these sons o' bitches and make our city safe again. It can't be me. It can't be Jameson and Paisley. They are terrified and will probably need therapy the rest of their god damn lives after what we saw down there and that Dave, I regret.

I'm just glad they weren't hurt. That's how I got a chunk of me missing. It was going for Paisley and I jumped in front of her to save her. They dragged me out of the sewers bleeding and cursing the whole way. You should see my thigh, Dave! It's only been 6 hours and it has turned green with tendrils of black radiating from it. It oozes a thick yellow foul-smelling substance. I feel strange and I'm worried. Dave, I know you work for the government in some super-secret lab. I know it even if you won't admit it. I broke into your office one time and saw some files. So, I want you to call on your guys to come figure out what the hell these monsters are and stop them. I'm also giving you permission to take my body and do whatever creepy things you need to do if it helps you figure things out. I know we haven't always gotten along, but I want you to know I love you. I'm glad you decided to have that family cuz we all know I was a lost cause. All my research is in the safe in my office at the house. Combination is Paul's birthday. I still miss him every day. I sure hope it helps you. Good luck. Your brother.