The angel who lost it's wings.

Chapter 1, the mystery girl

I woke up running through the woods. I had no idea, why I was running, where I was, or who I was running from. All I knew was that I would die if I stopped running. I heard barks coming from behind her. I was being chased. I started running faster until the barking faded away. I slowed to a stop and sat on the ground. All I could remember was one name. Cole. I thought back, trying to remember who Cole was. I had a sharp pain in my head and was launched in to a flashback.

"Cole!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I was being dragged through some type of facility or warehouse.

"Sadie! Where are you?"

"I'm over here!" I tried to shout, but my vocals were going out.

"Listen to me! It's going to be okay, I cant help you now, but I want you to find me! Don't forget about me Sadie. I want you to find me when this is all over! I love you!" With that I was shoved in to a chamber of some sort. They closed the door, and all I could feel was extreme, immense pain through my entire body.

I woke back up back in the present. Cole, I needed to find him. But how? I racked my memory again to try and remember where I was before I woke up. I heard a feint dog bark in the distance. I needed to keep moving. I got up and started running, running as fast as I can. I saw a town in the distance, I needed to get there and find sanctuary. I checked my pockets to see if I had something, anything that would help me in the future. All I had was a wad of money and a familiar looking bronze necklae with a locket on it. I opened the locket. It had a picture in it, but the more I looked at the picture, the more it shofted. It had a picture of Cole in it, how I knew that was Cole I had no idea, but the picture kept shifting and distorting. I closed and opened the locket again, and the picture was gone, replaced by a message. Find me. I saw the message for a split second, then it was gone replaced by a picture of Cole. He looked amazing, I really needed to find him. I continued running towards the small town in the distance. It felt like it was getting even farther away, but alas, I eventually made it to the town. It was a busy little town, full of cars going down the street, people in bars laughing and joking with each other. But I needed to find a hotel. I scrambled around the small town and found only a old dusty motel. This will have to do for tonigt.

I went inside the office, and there was no one there, just a bell. So I hit it, Ching! No one came, so I hit it again, Ching!… Ching!... Ching! Ching! "I hear the bell!"I heard somebody yell from the back. She came up front and was smoking a cigarite, "Hey hun, what you want?"

"I need a room, just for tonight. It doesnt matter what size, I need the cheapest on you got."

"Mh-hmm, Sure baby one second." She started claking on her keyboard. "Name?"


"You got a name Hun?"

"Oh, right, I'm gonna need to make this anonymous please."

"Okay," She typed that in to her computer, "26 bucks even." I counted out 26 and gave it to her. "Room 207."

"Thanks." I went upstairs to room 207, turned the key in the lock, and opened the door. To my surprise, it was a fairly nice room. It was two rooms, a living area and a bedroom, with a little kitchenette tucked in to the corner. I went over to the bedroom, and collapsed on the mattress. I hadn't realized how tired I was until I laid down. In the morning, I would catch the next train out of here. Now is when I fall asleep and have the weirdest dream of my life.