The Angel Who Lost It's Wings, Chapter 3

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"You really shouldn't have done that, feather brain." I stand there for a few seconds, before he said "Drop. Your. Gun." I slowly bend down to put the gun down, when at the last second I flip the gun, and shoot the guy behind me. I then shoot the guy that I had been holding hostage, then I run, run as fast as I can away from the place. I push some guards out of the way, and run in to what appears to be a museum. I run past a stone statue with a plaque that reads "Statue of God." and strangely enough, my first thought was 'that's not what he looks like.' I thought about this for a second, then I heard dogs barking outside. "We have to find her!" I ran, looking for another exit out of the building. I ran to the back, and found a door labeled "Fire Exit, Emergencies only." I slammed the door open, and ran out. When I opened the door, a loud alarm went off inside the building. I then ran out of town. I was on my own once again.

Before long, the small town was just a small pin-point of light on the horizon. I looked around and there was nothing but dessert for miles. I sat down and thought for a few minutes. Who was I? I knew my name was Sadie, I knew there were people after me and to not trust them, and I knew I had scars on my back spanning the length of my shoulder blades, but other than that I had nothing. Then, I heard it. Boom, a tooth rattling explosion coming from the town I just left. I knew I had to get farther from there. I continued running, I was hungry, thirsty, and tired, but I kept running. Before long, I saw light on the horizon, It looked like another city. Maybe I could find out more about who I was here.