I watch the man make his way toward me through the crowded room. His piercing blue eyes contrast beautifully with his thick ebony hair. We have a little eye sex as he gets closer to the bar. Wow is he attractive. He has very intense eyes when he looks around, but they soften when he gazes at me. He mouths hi. A glossy curl flops into his eyes and he swipes it back into his pompadour most seductively. He brushes against me when he arrives but doesn't say anything. Just perches on the bar stool, all six foot three of him.

I feel flushed with desire. Or as flushed as I can be having not eaten for a while. "Hello! My name's Lucy. What's yours?" I ask leaning into him to hear his answer, placing my hand on his arm. He feels warm enough, although the bar is quite crowded. I'm not sure if it's him or the masses. I make a split decision. He most certainly is the mark for this evening.

"Lucy?! What kind of name is that for a vampire?" He laughs at me, a deep rumbling laugh that makes him sound so alluring. Geese! How can a laugh be sexy? And did he seriously call me a vampire?

"A vampire? Me? You really think I could be a vampire?" I giggle and bat my large blue eyes at him.

"No. You definitely don't act like one. I've been watching you since the moment you walked in. You really don't look like one either. But I know you're a vampire. I can tell my own kind." He says pompously.

I deflate. Damn! I was so sure about him. "Alright. Fine." I say with a toss of my blonde hair. "You're right I am. It's Lucinda. That a better vamp name for you?" I ask stepping back and crossing my arms.

He chews his lower lip thinking then gives me a wide smile, flashing his fangs and getting comfortable on the stool. "Yes. Lucinda is sultry. Lucy reminds me of a high school cheerleader and I had that phase ages ago."

"Why am I not surprised?" I answer rolling my eyes but sit on the stool next to him. "I haven't seen you around here before. You new?"

"New to the area. I was made 300 years ago." He says it as if I should be impressed. "You?"

"This has been my hunting ground for well over..." I pause for dramatic effect. "A lady never reveals her age now does she?" I tease him. I don't know vamps other than my clansman and it's kind of refreshing talking to someone new.

"That means you must belong to Asimov then?" I nod. "Even though his brother hates him, I hear he's a good guy." He scoffs.

"His brother, Stephano? Yeah. I heard he's not a good guy." I say firmly.

"It depends what your definition of good is then, Luce." He says defensively. It confirms he belongs to Stephano's clan.

"So, we're on a nickname basis now, eh?" I ask him.

"Sure, why not." He shrugs and tries to get the bartender's attention, waving and showing off his bulging muscles.

Damn him for being so dreamy! "I still don't know your name so we kinda can't do that."

He puts his hand down sheepishly. "Sorry. I was having such fun with our witty banter I completely forgot. Name's Jameson. Like the whiskey." He reaches out his hand for a shake.

I drop my jaw in annoyance. "That's not a vamp-like name either!" I punch him on the arm.

"I know but it's at least hot." He shrugs and licks his luscious lips, going back to trying to get the bartender's attention. If he weren't a vampire, I'd already have kissed him. I shake my head. Food, Lucy. You need food! He finally gets the bartender's attention. "Want anything?"

"Shirley Temple please," I say. Jameson looks at me strangely but gets one.

He hands it to me and does his 2 shots of whiskey before starting on his Jameson and coke. "Why the non-alcoholic? Are you not drinking tonight?"

"I don't drink anymore." I pull my keys from my purse to show him my sobriety chip. "No alcohol or drugs of any kind for me. Not anymore. I got into some deep trouble when I was first turned. Asimov found me. Helped clean me up and here I am 350 years later living my best undead life." I clamp my hand over my mouth.

He doesn't know what to say to that so I continue blabbing away. "I don't even drink caffeine. I try to find victims that do the same. I like a clear head and blood free of impurities. They taste better and I can go longer between feedings. I was actually trying to remember the last time I ate before you walked in. I mean, before I saw you. It's been a few weeks."

"You're weird," Jameson says deadpan.

"I may be weird, but whose clan has more vampires? Mine or yours? The answer to that is proof." I say haughtily.

"OK. You got me there. Kind of why I'm here. Stephano wanted me to spy on his brother. Find out why he has so many more followers than him. This explains a lot." His brow furrows, so sexy.

"Are you going to tell Stephano?" I ask.

"I haven't decided yet. This can't be the only reason. You would have starved! There aren't enough people in this world that don't imbibe something!" He shakes his head in disbelief.

I think for a bit. "There is something else, and I'll tell you, for a price." I smile seductively, my own fangs flashing.

"What's that?" He asks curiously.

"You have to sleep with me. I've never been with another vampire before. There's something about you Jameson, I'm drawn to you." I say coyly.

He sips his drink and ponders, throwing glances my way. "You got yourself a deal, Luce."