Astrid in Love

By Free the Dancing Llamas

Chapter 7: The Marks

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Astrid woke up with the driest mouth and a splitting headache. It felt like there was a tiny marching band in her head smashing symbols and banging drums.

Oh Goddess she had drunk way too much.

Why did all her nights out with the Coven end in extreme drunkenness? It'd been a particularly sombre night, both her sisters, Ana and Lena, had come out - neither of them were usually prone to clubbing but apparently both of them had some demons to chase out last night. And chase them out they had - they'd drunk, danced and partied till she couldn't walk in a straight line and had to get help in order to get back home.

Astrid turned and tried to get out of the bed, but stepped on something soft beneath her.

"Fuck," the floor said.

Except it wasn't the floor, it was Caius and as soon as she stepped on him she tripped and fell on top of the man. She realised two things: she was naked, and Caius was sleeping on her floor.

"What are you doing here?"

Caius pulled them both to sit up, and headache aside, Astrid took immediate notice of their position and couldn't stop the tight anticipation of her body in close proximity to his.

"I am making the following recommendation to you: never drink again." Caius said, pushing hair off his face. Was he always this cute when he woke up?

"Trust me, my brain is already telling me that," Astrid managed to reply. Caius' annoyance seemed to subside, and she could see him focusing on her breasts. Clearly he did not mind her body, even if he didn't like her as a person. And well, Astrid was going to take what she could get.

Astrid could feel the engorged bulge of Caius against her naked groin and wished he was naked too. She had a vague memory that they got off together last night and Astrid couldn't stop the little feeling of joy shoot through her.

Caius wrapped a hand around the back of her neck and pulled her to him for a kiss. Astrid couldn't stop herself, grinding her mound against the front of his jeans and gasped, delighted by the little zing charging straight through her. She kept rubbing herself against the rough fabric, not caring if it was going to chaff her, because the sensations were too good, too much, too glorious. Caius responded, she could feel him growing against her, the hard heat of his cock pressing urgently through the fabric. Astrid brought her arms to wrap around Caius' neck, using his shoulders to support her thrusting. She felt his warm hands, trailing from her breasts, down her waists and moving to cup her ass, pressing her harder against him. Astrid couldn't stop a moan from leaving her throat.

Caius was bucking up against her, rubbing his hard bulge against her sensitive flesh, using his hands to thrust her against him. His mouth disappeared into her neck, his lips working against the column of throat, leaving trails of kisses along her flesh.

Astrid felt her skin burn in flames. Maybe this was her chance, she could finally, finally, have him inside of her. She trailed a hand to the button of his pants, deftly undoing them, reaching down to touch scorching male flesh. As soon as she touched him, he reared back.

"Fuck, Astrid. No, we should stop," Caius pulled away from her, moving back like she was infected, "We can't keep doing this."

She lay on the floor, leaning against the bed and wanted to rip her hair out and scream at the sudden change.

"Why not?"

Caius sighed, "What's going on with us, Astrid?"

"I like sex and I like you, it would be good to combine those two things."

"Is that what you were planning last night when you seduced Jack McGibb?" The anger anger practically tore out from his throat.

She paused for a moment and thought long and hard about whatever she could remember from last night. She had the vague memory that at some point she'd pissed off Caius. But then, she always seemed to piss him off. She vaguely remembered inviting the maintenance guy back to her room, and then she'd run into Caius and…and then he had seen Jack…and Caius had been furious. Oh shit.

"Ohhh. That's why you were so pissed."

"I don't have any idea what this is," he said gesturing between them, "But, If you think I'm going to put up with you fucking others, you are wrong."

Fucking others? Was he serious? She wasn't the one fucking others. Here he was telling her off for contemplating sleeping with another guy, and he was actively fucking - or trying to fuck - Vanessa. The thought filled her with bile and rage.

"You have no right to tell me who I can sleep with." Astrid hissed, pushing herself off the floor and getting up.

Caius looked up at her, anger radiating throughout his whole body, his muscles bunched up and tensed like he was ready to attack her, and it reminded her vaguely of the evening before. One moment she was walking to the dressing table and the next she was being held face down on the bed, arms roughly held above her head. She could feel every hard inch of Caius' body pressing into her. Astrid couldn't stop the body shiver tracing through her and she hated herself for it. She felt him rustling behind her, his body coming back down to rest on hers and she realised he'd taken his cock out and now it was pressing firmly against her ass cheeks.

She yelped, "Get off me."

"Shut up," he growled. Astrid couldn't stop the tremors of delight from wracking her body. A little moan escaped her mouth and she wished he didn't have such strong control over her desires.

"You will listen to me, Do you understand?" he growled, he delved a hand between her legs, fingers penetrating her. No foreplay, not tender touches, he just savagely thrust his fingers inside of her. She couldn't stop herself from yelping. She could feel the large hardness of his cock rubbing between her ass cheeks, occasionally bumping against her tight hole. Teasing, but never entering.

He thrust a third finger inside of her, stretching her, pumping her quickly and roughly, "Failure to do as you're told will result in punishment."

That last part caught her breath and made her pussy clench in anticipation. He pulled out of her slick entrance suddenly. Astrid grunted in shock, she had been so close!

"Why did you stop?" she turned to look back at him accusingly, straining her neck to look at him.

"Bad witches don't get orgasms," he said matter of factly, with one hand still holding her wrists, his other hand came to tug along the long length of his prick, hand sliding up and down hard male flesh. He was groaning, determined to relieve himself, and before long Astrid felt hot jets of liquid release shooting over her ass and back. She could feel the liquid seeping down between her thighs and her pussy clenched in need.

She couldn't stop her mouth from opening in outrage, couldn't quite believe he'd just masturbated himself on top of her like a sex doll. She struggled against his hand, trying to get him to release her arms, "I am not your toy and I am not your little pet. Get off me."

"I own you, Astrid," he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "You belong to me and no one else."

It was an echo of something familiar. Something he'd said last night.

Something was obviously wrong with her, because instead of feeling angry and horrified, she had felt aroused and pleased by the statement. But then she should probably also been angry at the fact he'd just sprayed her with cum, which was evidently the werewolf equivalent of pissing on a tree. But all that did was make her wetter than monsoon season.

"That's all very well and good, but you're forgetting you can't have me," Astrid managed, exhausted from trying to fight him, "I'm not your mate, Vanessa is."

Caius pulled away, allowing Astrid to turn around. She pulled her arms down, rubbing the sore skin where he had held her too tightly. She sat against the headboard and pulled her knees against her chest, trying to ignore the sticky sensation of Caius' cum on her back and ass.

"It doesn't change the fact I own you." Caius shrugged, "I've marked you, and there isn't anything you can do about it."

Astrid looked down at the bruises covering her breasts and thighs, remembering the previous night. That's right, he'd been furious with her, and she'd watched in horror as his fangs descended and he'd starting biting her. The horror has soon turned to erotic pleasure, because, quite incredibly his bites seemed to elicit the most intense orgasms in her body.

"What if I don't want to be yours."

"You do," Caius smiled arrogantly, "If you didn't the marks wouldn't have taken. Every single inch of you wants me." He trailed a hand up her leg and squeezed her ass tightly, smearing his fluid around the skin, before giving her flesh a little smack.

"And what's Vanessa or the other wolves going to say when they see this?" she nodded towards the bruising.

"They won't unless you want us both dead." He grabbed her chin and placed a harsh kiss on her lips, "See you later, Astrid. I'll come for you when I need you."

She knew exactly why those last words sounded so familiar to her. She'd uttered something like them at him the other day when she'd kicked him out of his room; 'I'll call you when I need you'. Evidently he was still pissed about that.

And why did her name have to sound so dirty coming from his mouth? Caius gave her one more look over, heated gaze focused on her breasts, and then turned to leave.

Just when she'd thought she'd had everything under control he had to go and change it all up.


If Caius thought he was going to get back into her room and in her bed after what he'd just done, he had another thing coming. Astrid looked towards the alter at the corner of the room. She would sort him out as soon as she could go up to the coven shop and get supplies.