Sand between my chilled feet bites,

rubbing raw the small spaces between my toes.

I clutch onto my wool sweater like its the last thing I have,

as I watch the sky turn;

Indigo, rose, apricot...

The sky settles back into the blue reflected in the roaring waves in front of me.

I gaze around, reminders of the past present themselves to me;

in the burned remains of a saltwater log and empty cans left from forgettable nights;

in the small peaks of half built castles and a wayward shoe;

the wind freshens, beckoning me toward the waves

The harsh brine burns my nostrils as I admire the sea

and all of its destructive beauty;

the remainder of crashed waves reaching to my feet

and beg to hold me in its frightful grip.

Beneath the ocean's disruptive surface lies thousands of lives and thousands more souls,

living amongst the corals and the weeds inhabiting the shipwrecks,

their rusty anchors keeping crumbling ships aground.

What is one more soul to this insatiable sea?