Trust me

It's impossible to save everyone

It's hard to care so much about others

When not everyone can be saved.

I wish it was possible

To see more people happy

Less bitterness

Less low self esteem.

But let me tell you

Not everyone wants to be saved

As they rather be swallowed by darkness

Since they are far too gone

To have any light reach them.

It's depressing to see

Even a pity sometimes

When you see potential in someone

That could be better

But they would rather not be a better person.

People can easily become lost cause

That can drag you with them just like that

If you aren't careful enough

To watch what's happening to yourself.

You need to be sure

That you are capable of saving yourself

So you don't bring anyone else down

Or anyone can bring you down with them either,

You just need to be strong

Even while others are down.

It's so hard watching so many others

Just give in to the hatred of this world

Since corruption runs so deep

That people get brainwash in own despair

To the point of no return

That's it's impossible

To save all of them….

But you can at least

Save some of them from own despair

Even with the smallest smiles

By just being there

With a kind word or two

Since hope still runs deep down

In some who don't want to give up.