The Aging Game / Grandparent's Wisdom

All the flavor of life will become meaningless
When you realize you're the only one left.
So forget enemies, keep your friends close
And your lover even closer.

To keep that zest alive, you'll have to prove
That you're a man of legend
Even if the ways aren't cloaked in armor
To meet the needs of your drove is now your honor.

They'll bring you joy, some say. Laughter and smiles.
They forget the sleepless nights, crying for hours
And the paperwork of bills and artwork that stays in piles
The tantrums, the manipulation, the power struggles
The smallest task will become mountainous

But if you wish to be invisible, feel empowered
Because the main critic here is yourself
They'll learn they're lesson if you learn yours
That the world does not revolve around you anymore.

Your comfort with uncertainty grows
As you cultivate fearlessness and compassion
Keeping alert of traitors and scumbags, yes!
But you must finally trust your own sense of judgement
Because when an arm or leg is bending like it shouldn't
Keep your alarmed brokenness to yourself

Everything will be alright, you insist

Through gritted teeth and an upset stomach.