Chrissie-Girl was still doing as she was told as she continued to step on some of the creatures that ventured too close to her. She never liked doing such an action as it went against her gentle nature. One thing that she did take comfort in was the fact that what she was stepping on wasn't truly a living creature. It was an abomination that needed to be destroyed quickly.

Like before it seemed that no matter how many of them, she destroyed more and more seemed to be appearing. The only one in the group who wasn't actually battling them was Remy who had no weapons and he merely knew that he would get in the way if he tried to defend himself. Instead he had already tried to flee but when he turned around, he saw one of the creatures there.

This would have likely been the end for the butler if not for the quick actions of the heroic Remy Jr.-Pup who had flung himself at the creature and knocked it down. The force was enough for it to burst into green goo. This seemed one of the few times that Remy was thankful to see the puppy but their troubles were not over. There were still a countless number of these creatures that needed to be stopped.

There was the continual sound of loud thuds as the giant women continued to destroy all the creatures that they could. But all this stomping was beginning to tire them out a little, especially for Chrissie-Girl who had been close to going to before the night was done. Her foot was also beginning to hurt her from the stomping. The inevitable slow down began to happen.

"Keep going," stated Claire who had noticed what had happened to her younger sister. Normally she would be more than willing to allow her to go and get some rest. But tonight, was not the case, if they were to slow down then they would likely not see the following morning. "Please, you can't stop."

"But I'm getting tired Claire and my foot hurts," replied Chrissie-Girl. She wanted to keep going more than anything but was finding it more and more difficult to do so. "And they're scary."

"I know Sweetie, but we have to keep going." She then gave a small cry of pain as one of the creatures had been able to get close enough to her in order to bite the bottom of her leg. She quickly picked it up and crushed it within her hand. Like her sister she didn't like harming a living creature but this was another case entirely.

"Claire, are you alright?" There was some panic in her voice as she had seen what had happened.

"I'm fine Sweetie, it's going to take much more than that to take me down for the count." She smiled over at her, the truth was that the bite had hurt her more than she was letting on. Instead she was simply putting on a brave face for her sister so that the situation didn't seem any worse than it already was.

Unbeknownst to them Mean-Man and Mean-Girl were still battling the creatures as well. Their tech was far superior to what the others had but even then, it was struggling to keep up with all the creatures that were being destroyed. At least with the giant women they only had to worry about the army coming from one direction. For the diabolical pair they had to worry about being surrounded by them.

Although it was mostly their laser-based weapons that they were using to destroy the creatures on occasion the towering Mean-Girl would use some kind of wrestling throw against them. Like Chrissie-Girl before them they were beginning to get tired as there was no end to these creatures in sight.

Unlike the others though, they knew that they had to take out the prime creature in order to destroy the rest of them. This was a task much easier said than done as they had no idea which one the prime creature was. They could take down hundreds, if not thousands of these creatures and not take out the one that they needed. This only made things worse for everyone as their energy could only last so long.

Eventually fatigue would begin to step in and the movements of all of them would slow down. Then the creatures would be able to take advantage and put an end to all of them. This was something that would likely happen if the battle carried on for too much longer and the city would be doomed.

For Mean-Man and Mean-Girl they saw their best chance of survival by trying to rendezvous with the giant sisters and putting up a decent stand from there. It did involve them having to make their way through the horde of creatures that were in front of them. They continuously fired their weapons in order to try and make a path for themselves. Progress was slower than they expected but they were able to move forward and slowly but surely, they did reach the front door of the house.

On a couple of occasions, they had almost been bitten by the creatures but a quick shot from one of them prevented this from taking place. But as they arrived, they did see Claire but they were also surprised to see that Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup were fighting the battle as well.

They didn't know that Chrissie-Girl and the younger Looper sister were one in the same but for the time being this was of no importance. Instead merely surviving would be considered a victory for them. At least for now they weren't being surrounded again and had their best chance of victory.

"Mean-Man, Mean-Girl?" asked Chrissie-Girl with some confusion. There was a hint of fear in her voice. She wasn't afraid of them but more of the situation that they had all found themselves in. "What are you doing here?"

"Trying to save our own skins as well as yours," replied Mean-Man. He quickly fired his ray gun at a nearby creature which destroyed it immediately. "There's a way out of it but it won't be easy."

"How?" asked Claire just as she stomped down onto another of the creatures. It was still not something that she enjoyed but she was willing to do it in order to survive. "There's no end to them?"

"But there is. You see, all these things are clones. They have a connection to the original and thus if we destroy the original the rest will also be destroyed."

"But which one is the original?" This was an easy question to ask since all the creatures looked identical to one another.

"That's what I'm unsure of, we were hoping that you had some means of finding this out for us."

"How are we supposed to know that? Aren't you the genius?" There was a hint of annoyance in Claire's voice as she began to lose hope.

"Yes, and I could have cooked something up to find out. But of course, there's no time for that." There was then a bark as Remy Jr.-Pup took down another creature. He stood there for a moment and jumped a few times before barking again. "Actually, I might have an idea that could save us all."

"What is it?" Everyone was eager to hear this as it meant that this nightmare would all be over.

"That dog could pick up the scent of the original monster. It's sure to have a unique scent and then we can track it..." He had to stop for a moment as he shot another of the creatures that came very close to him. "Then destroy it."

"It's our best shot. But in all this chaos will he be able to pick up the scent?"

"If he doesn't then we're all doomed." He then looked up at the superheroine who was his archnemesis but now was his best chance of leaving this place alive. "Chrissie-Girl, can you get Remy Jr.-Pup to track the scent of the original monsters?" There was some harshness in his words as things looked quite dire.

"I think so, he's a very clever boy." Even in all the chaos this was still heard by the puppy who gave a couple of barks in appreciation.

"Right now, that's good enough for me. Have Remy Jr.-Pup sniff out the original monster so that we can destroy it and end this nightmare."

"O-Ok." With that she bent down and picked up her beloved puppy. This happened just before he could be struck by one on the creatures. He was lifted up to relative safety and he seemed to be happy by this. "Remy Jr.-Pup, can you smell the first monster?" This was responded by a quick bark and although the battle was still raging on the puppy did what he was asked. He began to sniff the air and he picked up the scent of all the creatures that were currently attacking the house. But there was one that smelled slightly different to all the others, the puppy was able to pick it up and he began to bark loudly. "I think he's got a scent."

"He has? That's great, at least one thing is going for us. Which way is it?" Chrissie-Girl looked down at her hand and saw the direction that Remy Jr.-Pup was pointing to with his nose. She in turn pointed in that direction as well.

"It's over there somewhere."

"That's good enough for me." He then began to rapidly fire his weapon in the direction of where Chrissie-Girl was pointing. This took down several creatures and began to make a path for them. "You point the way and I'll make a path."

"Chrissie-Girl," said Claire as she knew what was going to happen. This would normally be something that she wouldn't allow but given the circumstances it seemed that she didn't have a choice in the matter. "Be careful."

"I will Claire, don't worry." She smiled over to her sister but soon had to turn herself around again as she knew what she needed to do.

There was a lot of chaos that was happening around them but Remy Jr.-Pup still sniffed out the prime creature. He continued to point his nose in the right direction and the struggle began. It seemed like the other creatures began to realise what they were trying to do and reinforced their numbers in front of where the prime creature was located. It meant mowing them down had become much harder.

Chrissie-Girl did her best as well as she stomped on as many creatures as she could. This was still something that she found difficult but in order to ensure the survival of herself and her older sister she was willing to go through with it. If they failed then it was likely that the rest of the city would be doomed as well.

Each step that was taken forward seemed to be harder than the previous. They received more and more resistance as they got closer to the prime creature and some support would have helped them greatly. Unfortunately, neither Claire nor Mean-Girl could help them out in this situation. They were pinned down in their positions thanks to the sheer amount of plant creatures heading towards them.

Worse still for Mean-Girl was that her weapons were beginning to run out of ammo. It was becoming more and more difficult to sustain such an offence with their dwindling resources. Claire was still putting up a good fight but she fatigue was setting in worse than ever. Remy couldn't do much in the situation as he had neither the size nor the weaponry to take on these things. All he could do was stay back and try not to get in the way. He had picked up a first aid kit in case any of them needed medical assistance.

The truth was that he wasn't a doctor or a surgeon. But he did know first aid and it was one thing that he needed for the job of looking after Chrissie. If she hurt herself, he needed to ensure that he could help treat her quickly. Word of any real injury would have likely gotten back to Claire and she would be none too pleased to hear that her little sister had gotten herself hurt.

Remy Jr.-Pup continued to lead Chrissie-Girl and Mean-Man in the right direction towards the prime creature. The search was becoming more and more difficult with each passing moment. There wasn't much that could be done except to fight but unfortunately this was something else that was proving to be difficult. Just as he went to take another shot, he noticed that the weapon that he was carrying had not fired.

Much to his horror he realised that his weapon had run out of ammo and was now as useful as a club. He still grabbed the nozzle of it and began to swing it at any creature that came close by, even if the attack was somewhat ineffective. There was still the secret weapon that he kept in his pocket. It was a small round ball that he had hoped that he would never have to use. But now it seemed like he had no choice.

"Chrissie-Girl," stated Mean-Man just before he struck a creature with his weapon. "I'm going to use something that might destroy us all. Given the situation I have little choice in the matter."

"Will we be alright?" replied Chrissie-Girl with some hesitation in her voice. She didn't particular want to be destroyed much like anyone else.

"I hope so but I can't promise it."

Just then he took the doomsday weapon from his pocket and threw it relatively high and long. It landed amongst several of the creatures and Mean-Man expected the destruction to take place at any moment. Instead he was surprised to hear what sounded like old disco music and there were lights from where the device had been thrown.

This surprised both Chrissie-Girl and Mean-Man as they had expected some kind of wave of complete destruction. Instead the device seemed to be playing loud disco music with an accompanying light show to go along with it. That was when Mean-Man realised that the device that he had thrown was not the doomsday weapon that he had been expecting. Instead he had gotten it switched around with something else that he had created some time ago. Worse still was the fact that the other one had been sent off to another supervillain in order to try and impress his in laws at a party.

"Is that disco?" asked Chrissie-Girl with some confusion. Like him he had expected something terrible to happen but this actually sounded pleasant.

"Darn it," replied Mean-Man with annoyance. "I must have sent off the wrong one!" He then gave a sigh as he felt hopeless about the situation. "We're done for, that was our last shot. We're completely done for."

As he said this, he looked over to one of the creatures that was just in front of him. He expected it to attack him but instead it was still. It was looking over to the disco show and already it was beginning to move its feet. However, it wasn't in the style of walking but as if it was beginning to dance.

It wasn't the only one as all the others seemed to be dancing as well. The music was loud enough for them all to be heard so they all reacted in the same way. This confused the superheroine and supervillain but it seemed that the creatures liked disco music. They had not reacted this way when they invaded the party a short time earlier but that time it had been playing electrical dance music where this was purely disco.

Even though it was something that seemed to be completely insane none of them were going to throw this opportunity away. Although Remy Jr.-Pup was affected somewhat by the music he could still clearly smell the prime creature. He continued to point his nose in the right direction for the both of them.

Chrissie-Girl followed the direction that was being pointed out to her and Mean-Man followed although now he was practically unarmed. Now that the creatures were completely distracted it was very easy for them to step through them and make their way towards their destination.

A few of them were even accidentally stepped on by the sweet giantess but the others around them didn't seem to notice. They were still too distracted to take notice of them and simply allowed them to walk by. It seemed quite strange for both Chrissie-Girl and Mean-Man since a few moments ago these creatures were tried everything that they could to stop them. Now they were too busy to do anything to them except just walking by them.

Remy Jr.-Pup continued to sniff in the direction of the prime creature but eventually he stopped and began to bark loudly. This was a clear indication to both superhero and supervillain that they had reached their destination. For his trouble to puppy got a pat on the head and the promise of some treats the next day.

"We're here," said Chrissie-Girl. However, from what she could see there was still a dozen creatures around them. "But which one is it?"

"Who cares?" replied Mean-Man as he just wanted this nightmare to end as soon as possible. "Destroy them all and we'll be done."

"R-Right." Chrissie-Girl was a little more hesitant to step on the creatures now that they were distracted. Before they had presented some kind of threat to her. Now they were more or less harmless.

This caused a problem with her morality but one thing that she did notice was that the bright lights and disco music was beginning to fade. This was noticed too by the creatures who looked over to the trio and began to realise what was happening. They roared at them and in her panic Chrissie-Girl did step on one of them,

However, this one wasn't the prime creature and the others went to attack. She gave a small scream as she lifted her foot up again and stomped down. Mean-Man for the moment was safe but he did notice one particular creature. Rather than trying to attack them it seemed to be backing away, thanks to his intelligence he was able to put two and two together and he quickly pointed towards it.

Without missing a moment, he commanded Chrissie-Girl take it out as it was the prime creature that been looking for. She stepped forward and loomed her foot above it, the creature tried to escape but with some force the foot came down onto it. The creature was crushed immediately and reduced to nothing more than green paste.

No sooner had this happened the rest of creatures also began to turn into green paste and it took place instantly. Within moments there had been an army of thousands but now there was nothing left as the wind began to blow them away as if there was nothing there. Everyone involved gave a sigh of relief as they could see that the nightmare was finally over.

Mere moments later everyone regrouped just outside of the Looper household. Tonight, have been truly terrifying but they had gotten through it and were glad that it was all over. Claire checked the health of her sister and puppy and they seemed to be alright. No one was seriously hurt although they would never forget this night.

"Wait a moment," said Remy as he stepped forward. Although he had not been able to help much tonight everyone was still thankful to see that he was alright. "Those things weren't your creations, right?" He pointed towards Mean-Man and there was a slight hint of anger in his voice.

"No of course not," replied Mean-Man. "I wouldn't create something that I couldn't control... again. But I believe I know who did create those things."

"Who was it?"

Several minutes the Old Woman in the large house looked out of her window and she couldn't see any of the creatures that she had created. She knew that they would have increased in number significantly by then so she knew that her plan had been a failure much to her annoyance. She was sure that she would win next time but before she could do anything else, she began to hear some loud thuds.

Quickly she looked towards the door that she had been able to put back up after it had been knocked down. Suddenly it burst down again with Mean-Man stepping through with Remy Jr.-Pup and Mean-Girl behind him. Chrissie-Girl was there too but like before she had was too big to fit in the building so remained outside.

The Old Woman glared at these intruders but her main focus was on Mean-Man who she looked upon in disgust. Her anger began to flare up as she pointed towards him and ignored the puppy and super tall woman inside of her home.

"You dare come into my home!" stated the Old Woman in an angry tone.

"And you dare try to take over the city Aunt Karina," replied Mean-Man. "I told you years ago that was what I was trying to do."

"You're doing a terrible job of it. I give you advice but no, you don't listen to me. You think that you're so clever!"

"That's because your advice is nothing more than poppycock. My plans won't fail if I have a haircut!"

"And you never visit, in the last year you've only come here once!"

"Which as far as I'm concerned is one time too many!"

The argument between aunt and nephew seemed to continue with no end. The superheroes and Mean-Girl had no idea exactly what to do in this situation. In the end they decided that it was best to back away as there wasn't anything that they could do in this situation. There wasn't much that they could do and they all just felt awkward. The important thing was that they were all safe now, even though Mean-Man's relationship with his aunt might have taken a nosedive.