I'm a volunteer on a mission
Origins unknown
This dystopic land's my station
Only once complete can I go back home.

Every day's a struggle
To come up with a new plan
This disorder and destruction's unimaginable
I cannot stand the sight
Of the lay businessman trudging along
Without purpose or a soul
I think this system needs to be modified

Money's not a motivation
For this self-righteous bitch
I know what's really priceless
What you got in your fridge

What the hell are you fighting for
Here, give me your gun
I'll throw it over there with the rest
In the incinerator, revised pawn shop
The only weapon you need is your
Liberation, your voice is champion
Because life ain't shit if we ain't in this

Let's do something productive now
Something real and simple and true
Now I didn't say it's easy
And if I look closely, I can get a good

I can see all the hard work put in
It's practically humanity's testimony
To drive down these asphalt streets
Shining lights, sidewalk signs,
Friendly neighborhood eats.

So privileged we all are
To lie in such a freakin' peaceful society.
Digital, wireless, bluetooth
Such amazing technology

The progress here is tireless
Hot water on tap, clean as can be
Hotel butler at your service
Only $79.99
Big comfortable beds. Clothes are cheap and cozy.

Thank you, sweatshops, thank you miners
Thank you history with a dose of industry
Scrounging for pennies, breathing out of
What dangerous lives they lead
So that you and I can live
With all this capitalism and greed.

I hope soon we'll be willing to give up
All these unnecessary luxuries
For something bigger, grander government
Then my brothers and sisters all
Can experience this freedom and bounty

I'm not talking American man
Start thinking globally
We have enough for everyone, everyone!
People, don't you see
There's no need to hoard your riches
The moment is dire, the temp keeps getting higher
It's a matter of efficiency

Stop counting dollars and crunching numbers
For the man, he's been over them thrice
His head is stuck in the hamster wheel
To make a real difference, we must
Act and speak out against this
Bureaucratic conspiracy

Our work is not complete until ya'll realize
And get with the program of loving simply
There'll be no theft, crime, and selfishness
Once we all get our basic needs
Met not as communists or socialists, fuck that noise
But as a democracy

All of our votes must be counted and heard
For us to truly be
Land of the new, home of the brave
And each of you has a piece of the key.