The Real Ragnarok

For Sadako-San, A-Bomb Victim hit at the age of 2 years

The ancient Vikings predicted a time

When the catastrophic destruction of the universe

Would take out the gods and everything else

Just because the raids have stopped

Doesn't mean we don't have rebel yells


True terror comes in the form of machine

Not the helpful ones like what washes dishes

And in the pockets of you and me

I mean nuclear war efforts

From the most insane, corrupt regimes


An evil authority with such magnitude

Where there is no referee

Reality is that's what happens

When you let all consequence go free


In the name of fear, narcissism, and control

Your whole nation is gone for good

What his tiny brain doesn't understand

Is that it will wipe out him, too


If we allow this to happen, it's truly the end for us all

Since one war just equals another

We have weapons of mass destruction

Just at the push of the buzzer


Some international peace efforts

Need to be enforced

And they need to have as much gusto

We need to speak out, we need to protect all

Against this deep dark chaotic force.


Can we prevent this? Is it inevitable?

A warning or a wish

That's all prophecy is

Fighting against ill-willed destiny is honorable

At least, that's my gist.