Some think that being a vampire means having the cure for all diseases. After all, you're immortal and can't die, except by staking or beheading, so doesn't that make you cured? That used to be the case but since vampires and other supernatural creatures became mainstream it simply isn't so. There now are supernatural diseases. The B virus, Dog fever, Lichen ferns for the underwater dwellers. The government created them to keep us in check. It targets the very thing that makes us creatures, our magic. They don't like to admit they're the ones that screwed up by denying magic existed in the first place so having these illnesses makes them feel better.

Alright, government. We've been around long before you existed and we'll be here long after. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Humans have always been afraid of death. They run from it. What they don't understand is it's the way of life. You are born, you live, procreate and die. That's how it is. Even vampires do this. They are born into vampirism and live that way, making more vampires. Not in the traditional sense of procreation, but you make more of your kind so that is having children. Then you die when someone else kills you or you decide you want to end, but you do end. That is inevitable.

Oh, I'm not a vampire. I'm not something nearly so simple as that. I'm a shifter hybrid. I haven't decided on a name for myself as I'm the first of my kind. If I might be the cure for illness, supernatural and natural I need a badass name don't you think? Do you have any suggestions? I'm seriously open. That's why I know so much about vampires, werewolves, mermaids, unicorns, dragons, leprechauns, Valkyrie, demons and every other corporeal supernatural being on the planet. There's a little bit of all of them in me. The very best parts. My creator spliced and diced DNA together from everything she could get her hands on, humans included. A female Frankenstein. That's what she says anyway. I wish I could help her out, but as I've barely begun, I still have some growing and learning to do. She's handed the responsibility of me to her own daughter in the hopes that I'll be able to mature enough to save her one day. After everything I've learned in my five years on the planet, I don't think it's possible.

From everything I've absorbed on medicine, the supernatural, human nature. It's impossible to cure everything. There is always biological warfare. Have it target something that everyone has. We are all made of proteins, cells, electrical impulses. There's no way around it. That's how we were designed. So, unless we change the way we are made you will always have disease. It's a sobering thought. There is no way to rid the world of infection. It's simply not possible. No matter how smart we get, no matter what technological advances are made. There will always be sickness. You can only make so many copies of a copy before there's a mutation. That right there could be interpreted as a contagion.

Even if we no longer have physical bodies and are made of only data. Data can be corrupted. Corruption is an illness. It's the way the universe was designed and its perfect the way it is. I see that now. If not for disease everyone would survive and planet earth is not big enough for everything to survive on it. We're already maxing out with roughly 7 billion people and 9 million other species of creature on the planet. There's only so much room for all of that. Death and disease are needed to cull it to manageable levels. I'm sorry if you don't like what you're hearing, but it's the truth and what do they say? The truth hurts. That's all I have to say on the matter.