With the blood moon was overhead, a young maiden run with the hem of her dress pulled up through the woods. Branches slapped against her body which her dress buffered. Her breaths increased with each step. Leaning against a tree to rest, it ended quickly when her ears detected snarling.

The beast was near. She needed to make it to the safety of the cave that man of the woods lived in. Catching her breath, few steps… Wham. Blur of an object knocked her to the forest floor.

Snarling of the human beast snapped her out of her haze, her arms blocked its advancement towards her neck. Her struggles didn't stop it from the puncturing of her neck. The blood from her neck gave the creature a high.

Slowly fatigue swept through her body with each drink of her blood from her neck by the creature.

Rearing its head, she saw the face of the village's young and handsome new priest.

Arrows pierced the creature's skin. A horse pulled him off the maiden. Stopping allowed a man needing a shave and bath to drive a stake through its chest. Beheading the creature, the man poured kerosene then applied flame. Burning away into ash, he checked on the girl. Pressing his hand against her wound, he poured holy water to clean the wound. Applying a bandage, he whistled for his horse. Lifting her up, he secured her to his horse. They headed to his cave.