Months pasted since that night. She paroled the built out town and the surrounding area for signs of surviving rats.

Sitting on the rooftop of her family house, Jessica stared at the burnt remains of her home town. It seemed those rats were killed or drove off.

The sun tanned her bare skin. The wind brushed her red hair and bare skin. Sighing, it was time for her to hunt for bigger rats. Standing up, she climbed into her room. Getting dressed, she stared at the photo of her dead family. Gathering her backpack and other bags for her trip, she walked through the empty house towards the front door. Exiting, she locked the doors. Placing the bags inside the Barracuda, she slid behind the steering wheel. Turning the ignition key, it roared to life. Shifting into reverse, she turned it the direction she was traveling. Shifting into drive, she was on her way.

She didn't notice, "Now leaving Rosewood, Ohio. Come back any time," sign she drove passed. (fin)