Waking up, Mary sat up. Rubbing her tongue inside her dry mouth, she stretched out her back. Looking around, her mistress's clothes decorated the bedroom floor. Must've been an important errand. Getting out of bed, she gathered her mistress's clothes then shoved them the laundry chute. Showering, Mary put on her cleaning the house dress. Tying a red bandanna around her head and an apron around her waist, she searched through the CDs. Pushing the play, "I know you wanna leave me, but I refuse to let you go," blared through the house.

Reaching the laundry section of the basement, she separated the laundry by color. Pushing the start button on the washing machine she returned upstairs.

Let's see vacuum the second floor first since that's where the vacuum cleaner is.

Hearing the doorbell, she opened the door.

"Hello," she greeted.

"Hello. Mary, isn't it."

"Yes, and…you're…Randy?"

Smiling, "Can I come in?"

"Yes," letting him in, "Like something to drink?"

"Not right now," studying the hallway, "Is Jessica here?"

"No, she's properly training with her grandfather."

"So I got here, first," he thought.

"She wanted to show me her workout room."

"Which one?"

"She has more than one?"

"There's the deer camp and the basement."

"The basement."

"This way," leading him through the kitchen.

Following the steps down, Mary stopped then jumped on the steps. Shrugging her shoulders, she stopped couple steps down.

Jumping on the steps again, "Odd the creaks are not louder then normal."

Reaching the bottom, she witnessed Randy studying the room.

"A lot of room," he said staring into her eyes, "Now exactly what is your association with Jessica?"

"I'm her rose bride," pressing her hand against her forehead, "Seems it's getting warm in here."

Catching her, "Let's make you comfortable," finding the zipper of her dress.

Pulling the zipper down, her dress fell towards her ankles. Admiring her body which was on the verge of womanhood, he licked her neck causing her body to convulse. Biting into her neck caused her fingers to dig into his arms. Moaning as he drank her rich blood, her eyes rolled back. Slowly he lowered her to the floor. Her heart stopped.

Pulling back, "Virgins back to back," staring at the lifeless Mary, "Sorry for killing you, " licking her blood from the two puncture wounds, "Virgin blood is so rich," standing up, "If I wasn't homophobic," dialing the sheriff department, "I would try nerds."

Waking up, Jessica rubbed her temples. Sitting up, she stared at her naked body. Looking around, she realized she was at the deer camp. Her legs hung over the edge of the bed. Sliding out of bed, she headed towards a metal basin. Gripping the edge of the basin, couple breaths later she picked the milk jug. Pouring water from the milk jug into the basin, she smacked her lips. Drinking the water from jug to remove the dryness in her mouth, she noticed her image in the mirror.

Staring at the white batch over her left eye, her fingers brushed the batch. Sighing, she splashed cold water against her face. Soaking a washcloth in the water, she rubbed a bar of soap against the cloth. Rubbing the cloth against her bare skin, she washed away the grime of last night including the blood between her legs. Drying off, she stared at the batch over her left eye then focused on the flannel shirt and sweats on a chair. Guess, she's going commando.

Putting on sweats then buttoning up her flannel shirt, her nose detected coffee.

Opening the door, she saw her grandfather drinking coffee.

Seeing her, "Get a cup," motioning towards the stove, "Sit down. We need to talk."

Pouring herself a cup, she sat down.

"Alright Jessie, you were attacked by a vampire. You're conversion to a vamp was slowed because of your blood."

"My blood?"

"Many generations back, a young woman was attack by a vampire. A Van Delk was hunting the creature. To save her, he used a cleansing ritual involving holy water. She was cast out believing she became a bride of Satan."

"I've got a deadbeat husband."

"She lived with the Van Delks in Vasaria, Austria. Her blood was passed through generations of Van Delks remaining pure blood."

"Great, I'm from a family of aristocrats."

"You have that blood and you just went through the same cleansing ritual."

"Did everyone have to be attack by vampires?"

"It stayed strong among three families of Vasaria until Hitler forces wiped out the village. Remaining survivors went after the vampire forces. Renee sponsored my passage to America."

"Great, I'm the by product inbreeding of three families."

Slapping the right side of Jessica's head, "Girl, you are an enemy to vampires."

"How about we round up the family? Then we can take of the quote, unquote vampire."

"Better get your head out of your ass. You're a Van Delk."

"And here I thought you were going to tell me that on your side of the family, we're related to royalty and going back to the mother country to reclaim the throne."

"Don't make me slap you again, girl. Get serious. A vampire attacked you."

"It was a rapist, grandpa. That has a thing for biting necks."

"Did you drink its blood?"

"No, why?"

"Vampires can breed when let their mate drink their blood. They create minions only by biting."

"What about Mary?"

"She'll be alright," getting up, "I've got check on something."

Exiting the cabin, Jessica caught the Barracuda roaring to life.

Listening the Barracuda drive off, "You did teach me how to high wire vehicles," she mumbled heading the shed the four wheeler was stored in.