"I went on a trip this weekend too"

No pause, a continued conversation

One girl looks, one sympathetic glance.

Chatter about nails, about boys, about fashion

Talk goes over her head.

She doesn't know those boys, those brands,

And she puts her hands behind her back

To hide the dirt and bitten nails.

Her eyes dart from pretty face to pretty face

She may be on the same team, but she is not their friend.

Immediately labeled as stranger, outcast, unaccepted

For what, she doesn't know.

She is not hated, feared, or even particularly disliked.

She is just another wallflower

Another bench-warmer

Another ear to whisper gossip into

And then be forgotten.

She always stands on the edge of the circle

Trying to push her way in

But nobody moves.

They'll say hi

And feel like they've done their duty

Their job of being a "good person."

Befriending the outcast

Yet secretly mocking her,

Inviting her to parties

Where she's unwittingly the joke.

She tries;

She studies the magazines,

Befriends random boys on Instagram,

Does her best to follow the gossip.

By the time she's learned it all

They've moved on.

Finally she makes a friend

Then finds out the girl

Was using her to get to her brother.

Thrown aside

No longer a wallflower

But sitting in the gutters.

Bottom rung of the social ladder

Lowest spot in the social hierarchy

The pecking order and chaos

That is high school.

One day she'll graduate

She'll leave and move on

Go to college, get a job, get married

Putting it out of her mind

But never truly forgetting.

On the dark, lonely nights

It'll all come back to her

And she'll be that scared,

Unaccepted, lonely outcast

And a freshman again.