My dreams can really make me not feel well at all about myself or everyone as a whole. I know it's a dream, but that doesn't mean it has no affect on me at all. Anyways, I was basically dreaming of one of my besties and me hanging out (which is probably since I'm seeing her tomorrow, considering we plan to go downtown together)

The dream itself actually started out with me talking to a few of my coworkers that I get along well with, which honestly all I remember was that I mention something about my best friend, but had to correct one of them that I had two best friends. Well not like this related much to the plot, nor anything bad happen to this point either, it was just a pretty normal conversation.

So next scene I was with bestie where we did plan to go downtown together, but while we were on the bus I notice the clock actually read like 4:11, and we decided that it was way too far to bother, since neither of us would like being downtown when it's dark anyways. So somehow, we ended up getting off at a mall, that by directions from downtown (which I thought we were going in the direction of downtown in the first place) was nowhere near downtown in reality,but somehow we got to it on one bus we were taking.

We decided to eat at Olive Garden too, since it was close to the mall, but really couldn't remember at all eating anything. I just remember that we got off the bus, and walked in to Olive Garden, but didn't order anything. We actually ended up in the mall, where surprise, the dream actually takes some weird turn. It's kind of hazy on what exactly happened in the dream at this point, but I can tell you that I must have broken something in the mall or my bestie did something wrong or….whatever you can do in a mall to piss someone off about it and the people inside it. The mall was packed with tons of people by the way too,even people I actually knew in real life.

So basically what happened was there were people getting punished and immediately out casted for doing something wrong in the mall, no matter how small or pointless of a mistake it was. Anyways, the first thing I realized was my bestie was gone,like she literally left me alone by myself to deal with the consequences. (Definitely not like her real self, since she obviously would have stayed with me and we would help each other) So I literally ended up getting punished for whatever I did, or we did more likely, all by myself.

This is where the dream just gets weirder since the punishment you get is that you aren't allowed to leave the mall until you collected a certain amount of coins I think from various games and activities. Plus they had like 5 of them, that you also had to do on top of collecting the right amount of coins (Wasn't like Mario, where you can hit blocks and like turtles to get stuff,sadly that might of been easier to do though, but I wouldn't want to harm any turtles anyways) Like apparently a lot of people have been stuck in the mall for days trying to get out, but it wasn't easy at all to do.

This one activity I remembered pretty good was that you were in some kind of section that had red carpet on the floor that had square pattern. The red was different shades too for each square, and there was gray enclosure around it, not very tall, more like a small fence level. And there was some white and red sliding puzzles on the left side, while the right side had some stairs that led to the exit. But the catch was, you had to help an old person with a cane to the exit, and want to say get extra for trying to attempt puzzles while doing it.

I know I completed one activity of game before I did this one,but the whole problem with this one is that the old person would take forever sometimes, which made you lose coins that you were gaining at first or they would rush through the whole thing, giving you no chance to try out the puzzles. The lady in charge was laughing at me before I started to attempt this game, since she said it will take me days to get through this one in the right way. I just ignored her, and started by grabbing the arm of the old person, who literally walked in every square to the exit, leaving me no chance to try for puzzle. So I went back to the entrance of it to try again, and this time I got someone that rushed through it, which gave me some coins, but again, not a chance to get extra coins from trying the puzzles nor was I even sure I completed the activity.

They didn't even give you the coins for that matter, the coins were situated in some yellow claw game machine that had a small opening to fit your hand in it, to grab the coins you earned. There was also rocks along with the coins, that you can take if you earned them too. So I grabbed a few coins and two rocks,that we purple and blue, and placed them in my pocket. Someone said something like good job to me behind me, and I turned around to see a chick with blue hair, glasses, pierced lip,and black t-shirt (no idea who this was, I mean from my real life, so probably just made her up). We started to talk a bit, but her friend was nearby, waiting for her to finish with me.

I asked if she wanted to hangout sometime , but her friend just laughed at me and said no way. She walked away from me and went to her friend, then they left me. And I just practically said fine, I can understand why you wouldn't want to hang out with some random stranger whose stuck playing this stupid punishment thing alone in this mall with other people. I walked away from the machine in a bad mood, since I thought I had someone that could help me out and vice versa. I went up the stairs, and got to a food place that had a small stand with black walls and glass counter, where a lady and guy were holding food at. The lady had some sort of banana cream pie in her hand, that when I walked by her, she dropped. I'm not sure if it legit dropped out of her hands or she did it on purpose, but then sees started screaming that it was me that knocked it out of her hands.

At this point, I was saying I didn't do anything to her or her pie,but the guy I didn't notice behind the counter, took her side and the guy she was with that was legit right in front of her, said I did it. Everyone around me agreed, even though many people saw that I didn't do anything. I started screaming how horrible people are as security guards came, and were trying to get me to calm down. The last thing I remember was some big lady was laughing at me in front of me while they were trying to take the coins away I earned from me, and screaming how everyone turned on me even more. And then I woke up...