Starbucks Server

It's Brunhyildee you stupid girl


Annabelle, everyone's always loved you

And thought you were so sweet

Why don't you work at Starbucks

There's three of 'em just down the street


Apparently no knows how to make

Their own coffee wisely

And everybody needs employees

Especially when they build and spend blindly


So many café's but this company's great

Because it's named after a Greek mermaid

But good luck looking that up

Because now we got a monopoly

And those beauties are our slave trade


Oh Annabelle you're so smart

You even got a degree in art

Lacking inspiration? No problem

Come put on this bib and start


People are starting to complain

About more than just their brew

Speak higher, do kinder to

Remember their names right please?


I'm going to have to write you up

Because the service around here is


Starbucks must always have stars in his/her eyes

Show up to work looking adorable


I know you don't want to throw shade*

On all those nasty customers

With all those skills you could be

A good bartending hustler


They really shouldn't complain

Your brew's so delicious and agile

But there's not enough space in their brain

To just accept their caffeine shot

With equal parts of a smile




* Just make sure its shade and not Shit. Use your own judgement,

Beautiful Princess