I wish I could say that my wedding without a hitch—but it didn't!

Chief Kirschenbaum looked so handsome in his tuxedo. And everyone said I looked beautiful in my wedding gown. And yes, I was barefooted!

The ceremony itself was fine. It was held at the Grace Episcopal Church. Afterwards, we went to a nearby hotel for the reception. This was held outdoors, around their swimming pool.

It was while we were having our meal that I was confronted by a man. I recognized him.

"Jim Walker," I said.

He suddenly pulled out a gun! People screamed. Carl made a move, but I stopped him.

"I can handle this."


I face Jim. "I thought you were in the State Asylum."

"I got out, a few days ago."

"What you're doing now will put you right back into it."

"Yep! Get up."

I got up. He led me to the side of the pool.

"Get in the water!"

I jumped in.

"Will you divorce this guy and marry me, instead?"


He pointed his gun at me!

Unbeknownst to him, Carl quietly walked behind him—and pushed him into the pool! He and I struggled, but I was able to subdue him and get his gun.

Hi began crying. "You belong to me!"

"You belong in a mental hospital!"

We got out of the water. Carl and a couple men held him until the cops came.

15 years earlier, he stalked me. He tried to attack me and was arrested and placed in the asylum. In fact, it was Carl who helped bust him.

He's back there again, thank God!

The rest of the reception went off well, if not a little damp for me!