Story: Element Warriors, Chapter 1

Summary: Sklyer has always went with the flow, rarely ever able to take a stand, even when her best friend decides to commit suicide. However, when she ends up accused of killing Dana by her favorite teacher, she runs off and comes into contact with a friendly Albino boy named Zephyrsus. Little does she know just how much of an impact this 'chance' encounter will have on her. But things start to change when he later introduces her to some of his other friends. Dark and Supernatural Themes. Trigger Warnings involved.

For as long as she could remember, Sklyer had always had trouble standing up for herself, no matter where she went.

It would often lead others to take advantage of her and she became an easy target for bullying. Even when it came to tragic events, like her father's death, she just accepted them as they came without any fuss at all.

Even now, when her best friend, Dana, was standing dangerously close to the edge of the roof of her school, preparing to jump, she didn't know how to react.

"Um…" She uttered barely above a whisper, as she averted her gaze. She wanted to say something - felt that it would only be right to. But before she could continue, Dana's voice cut her off.

"Don't bother trying to stop me, I've already made up my mind. Then again… " she mumbled in an emotionless voice, turning around to look at her. Light reflecting off of her glasses, obscuring her eyes. Her cheek was bruised and swollen. "You're not really the type that would do that..."

Skyler felt like her throat was constricting. Personally, she wanted to leave, she wanted to run away from this situation and never come back. Yet something was keeping her glued to her spot and she couldn't reach out to stop Dana either.

Why does it have to be me in this situation?

Why couldn't it have been somebody else?

Somebody else would surely be able to convince her to step down.

Doesn't anybody else see her?

These were the thoughts running through her head at the moment. Cowardly, she was aware. She'd always been that way. Now, it was no different. It was incredibly frustrating to say the least. After all, she, of all people, who'd considered suicide and partook in self-destructive behaviors on numerous occations before, was in no position to be lecturing somebody else on reasons to live and staying strong. Yet here she was, forced into the exact situation she never wanted to be in.

"If this is about those kids bullying you, then I'm sure we could-" Skyler started to speak, but was curtly cut off by Dana.

"It's not just that." the girl said. Skyler felt a wave of nausea rise in her stomach when she saw Dana begin peering out over the edge once more. After a short bit, Her friend started speaking again. "I just can't handle it anymore... People keep saying that things will get better, but my parents are never around when I need them to be, the teachers keep piling more work on me than I can keep up with, and the other kids… they never stop. Nobody cares. And I'm sick of it all. I just want everything… to go away. So this is this is what I chose."

But I do, Skyler wanted to say. We've been friends for years now. I may have not always known what to say or how to respond and I suck at giving advice, but I've seen your scars, and I've let you cry over my shoulder so many times before. Does none of that matter?

Of course it wouldn't… I'm autistic. I haven't a clue how to truly socialize and fit in with other people. I'm terrible at advocating for myself and even worse at understanding how to make people feel better. More often than not, I just make everything worse. I am, by all means, probably the worst and least supportive 'friend' a person could ever have.

She didn't want Dana to die, but she knew she didn't have a right to stop her at this point, and she probably couldn't even if she tried. She couldn't promise to make things better for her. And she had no cureall that would make all of her pain go away. After all, This wasn't a movie where everybody would be promised their 'happily ever after' ending, this was reality.

"Hey, Sky…"

At hearing her nickname, Skyler turned her gaze back to her Dana.

"What is it...?" she asked, her voice weaker than ever.

"None of this is your fault, so don't go blaming yourself, okay...? No matter what anybody says, You were always really great friend to me, and it always made me kind of happy that you had such similar taste in anime to me..." Dana said, and for the first time in awhile, Skyler was able to see her eyes clearly. A tear fell down her cheek and her voice choked up. "I just want you to know that I love you… "

In that moment, Skyler felt as though her heart had stopped.

She wanted to reach out and hug Dana, to beg her to come back and reconsider, to go back to being the chill and dorky friend she had always known, to just talk about anime and manga with her again like they always did, to tell her just how much better she thought that would be than this... but her entire body had froze up. She couldn't speak, she couldn't move, she could hardly even breath or think. And in the end, she couldn't even stop her from stepping off of the ledge.

And when she saw the body and the blood on the pavement below. She barely processed her knees buckling and her legs collapsing beneath her.

Her best friend was gone.

Dana was dead.

Dana had killed herself.

And it was all her fault.

She hadn't been able to do anything.

She hadn't been able to save her.

If only she had stood up to the people that had bullied Dana in the first place, if she had done better at being there for her, then maybe this wouldn't have happened.

But could she honestly have done? She had no knowledge in combat or martial arts, she wasn't as witty as a lot of people out there, and she was just a weak girl with no redeeming qualities other than her highly praised artistic and creative abilities.

Above all else, she was a coward. She had settled as a bystander, afraid of getting involved; afraid of becoming a further target for bullying herself. Because of her subservience and meekness that had been a source of frustration for the majority of her life, her friend was dead.

After what felt like an eternity, she heard voices of voice people approaching her. "Ma'am, we'll have to ask you to get away from there. We need to ask you a few questions."

She assumed without even looking at them that it was probably teachers or somebody else.

She and Dana weren't even supposed to be up here, but they were never really the type to obey such small rules like those. After all, this was their safe haven. During their lunch break, they would often come up here to get away from people, read manga and watch anime on her laptop and stuff (even after school sometimes).

But after this, Skler knew they would probably be putting higher precautions up so nobody could come back up here except for facilty members.

"Ma'am?" The same man as before repeated is call out, but she ignored him.

In that moment, a part of her wanted more than anything to jump off of the ledge and follow her friend to her death - that would show them. This was partially their fault in the first place for not only not having a fense to stop this from happening, but also for putting so much pressure on Dana to do better when she was wasn't able to keep up with it all. And she herself was sick of it.

But, in the end, she knew she was too cowardly to go through with what Dana did. So she could only remain sitting slumped down paying no mind to her surroundings.

"Hey, Sky."

She knew that voice. It was the voice of her favorite teacher, yet ironically the one she had had the most falling outs with. Even then, Skyler never responded.

"What were you doing up here?"

What does it look like?

She had surely seen the body on the ground, so she must of been asking that rhetorically.

"Isn't it obvious…?" Skyler muttered.

"Maybe, but I want to hear it from you." Natanya's voice probed for an explanation.

Skyler didn't respond at this point.

"Well, you wanna know what I think? I think you pushed her off…" Natanya suddenly accused, sending a cold chill down her spine. Sklyer's breath caught in her throat.

All sense of reasoning was gone in that moment and she snapped.

"You think I pushed her off? What the hell?! I don't even half enough guts to stand up for myself against bullies half the time. Can't you see? I'm nothing but a weak coward! That's why I couldn't even stop my best friend from committing suicide... So think about that before you decide to jump to your dumbass accusations next time, you bitch...!"

Skyler rarely lost her temper, but when she did, she didn't hold back.

Even so, there wasn't much more she could say at this point, and more importantly, there wasn't anything else she wanted to say.

So she ran.

Ran back into the school.

Ran down the halls.

Ran downstairs.

Ran outside.

And even when she saw the bloodied body on the ground, bringing bile to her throat, she forced herself to just continue running as fast as her feet would carry her. She felt like crying, but the tears wouldn't come.

And even after she had started gasping for air, which wasn't very long since she wasn't much into exercise to begin with, she still continued to run, even after the voices of people calling after her had long since vanished.

However, suddenly she felt herself trip over something, falling and skinning her leg on the ground.

What the hell was that?

Looking back, entirely out of breath and yet hissing in pain at the same time, she saw somebody laying on the ground behind her. It was a boy, and at closer glance she discovered it was an albino, with stark white hair and palish skin. She had heard of albinos before, but had never seen one up close or in person, so it was definitely an interesting sight.

With practically a jolt, he shot up startled, before looking at her, his redish pink eyes meeting her sky blue ones. He was obviously about the same age as her.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" Skyler cried out apologetically. "I didn't see you there."

"Hey, hey, I should be the one apologizing, since I was laying out on the sidewalk." He waved his hands dismissively. His voice and smile was soft and reassuring, much like the look in his eyes. "Are you okay? That looks pretty painful."

Skyler was silent for a moment, still trying to catch her breath.

"Well, it kind of hurts a little, but I should be fine after a bit. It's not- shit." she cursed, when she moved her leg in a way that her wound didn't agree with.

"I have some bandages if you need some." He said, reaching into a bag that was by his side.

"Oh, well, if you don't mind. Thanks." Skyler said rolling up her pants leg to access the damage. Sure enough it was bleeding. And her pants leg was kind ripped now.

"It's really no problem, so what'chu running from?" The boy asked her after a moment.

"I…" For a brief moment, she almost wanted to open up, but she chose against it in the end. "It's a long story…"

"It's personal, huh? I get it. Well, feel free to stay here as long as you want, alright?" The albino smiled lightheartedly.

"Thanks…" Skyler said, but couldn't bring herself to smile back. She just didn't feel like it. For that matter, she felt naseated, the memories of seeing Dana's bloodied body on the ground flooding back to her.

"Oh, by the way, my name is Zephyrsus, but you can call me Zeph. What's yours?" The boy finally introduced himself.

Her first thought was that it was an incredibly odd name, but she couldn't bring herself to think too much about it.

"...It's Skyler." Skyler said after a moment.

"Cool, I'll just call you Sky, if that's okay with you." Zephyrsus said.

"Yeah, that's fine..." Skyler mumbled, not saying anything beyond that. She rubbed at her sleeves, trying to ease her nerves if only for a bit. Zephyrsus didn't say anything for a while after that. Maybe he could tell that there was something bothering her and didn't want to intrude, or maybe he felt it was none of his business since they had only just met. More than likely, he probably just didn't care. Either way, she was honestly grateful for his silence after that.

She continued sitting there for a good fifteen minutes or so until she began to hear police sirens.

Immediately, she jumped up, panic setting in.

"Sorry, I've spent too much time here. I should get going." She started to dismiss herself, however, before she could run off, Zephyrsus spoke, stopping her in her tracks:

"Need a place to hide?"

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