In the dark of the forest many things happen. Under the thick leafless branches of the damp, rotting woods. Light never shines upon dirt beneath. grassless, soft and mushy. Occasionally moss or fungus grow on the black bark and branches of the trees.

Deep in these woods sleeps a village, full of decrepit houses. Build from the dark wood of the forest. At first glance it seems empty, but once in while a light moves across the darkness or flickers in the window. Branches grow out of the logs of the houses. Chopped down, cut and polished, still they continue to grow. Branches tangle and connect with eachtoher, forming bridges between the houses. The woods are ever-growing. Even the lifeless rotting trees never stop. Once a tree is cut down, the very next day the stump will have a sprout- leafless, dark. Within a wee there will a small tree and within a year a full grown tree. And so the woods grow, never blooming, always bare, without leaves , never giving fruit, smelling of rot and decay but never stopping .

In the dark of the forest the trees are not the only thing that grow. Glowing, pulsing mushrooms grow on trees. They glow like eyes in the darkness. Spreading thought the woods with clouds of glowing spores. They grow on the bark and the branches, on the houses and the people. The deer walk with black, branch like horns, crowned with the pulsing red lights. The animals are thin, eyes hollow with a small glowing orb glowing in the dark.

In the darkness of the forest walk many creatures stranger than deer. A ball of black fur ruches across the darkness. Two lights – two eyes in the mass of black. But the black fur hides beneath a mouth full of sharp teeth. It gives a sound, something like a growl and vanishes in the dark. Howls echo in the forest, but they are different from sounds of dogs or wolves, the pith is not quite right and there is something else in it that unsettles. Furless, with sharp, bony pines along the back, skin stretched out over the bones. Some have mushrooms growing along the back. The eyes are hollow and the pupils are just orbs of light. Or perhaps something else entirely.

Wet slapping sound can be heard from the distance. A large and scaly creature moves between the trees. Skin always wet and dripping, the size of a bear, a coat of moss and mushrooms cover it's back. The eyes are hollow like every other creature that inhabits these woods. It buries itself in the soft muddy ground.. A dog approaches, unsuspecting and a giant gaping mouth opens to swallow it whole. As strange as these creatures are the are thing even stranger .

In the dark of the forest the living bury their dead. Eerie crosses with branches sprouting to all directions, some have grown into trees. One recently dug grave slowly bubbles. The dirt is wet from endless drop of water that keep falling form the trees. Over the days and nights the bubbles increase and the dirt parts ever so slightly- a puff of glowing smokes comes out. The smoke doesn't fade, it floats, it glows and sometimes it whispers or screams. Mowing without wind, many lights float through the woods. Changing from white to red, to grey, to blue as they float across the woods. In the dark of the forest many things happen. ..