Wirklich Nicht Egal

You kicked me out after the last night

I knew it would end this way. I had thought

it would be easy, meet someone.

Go on dates with them.

Leave them.


On paper it looks so neat.

I never expected to care so much.

When I pushed my things hurriedly into my bag

Muttered something about these

Past few weeks being nice.


A short kiss

I felt something on the tip of my tongue.

But I pulled away.

You were kicking me out.

And that was fine.

Everything was fine


As I walked into fast food place

Asking for boxes to move.

Still with bed head, the smell of you

Still on my skin. And a skirt I had put on in the stairway

Covering the bruses on my thighs.


I want to text you but I shouldn't.