Memory of you

I wish that first time I hadn't turned away.

I wish I had offered to jack you off.

I'm sorry, I was just so tired and honestly

It just all happened so quickly.

I forgot when the cider wore off, but I

Was past English, and I love making out when

I'm past English. But then you were asking me

And I didn't hear you right, and then

You were out of the bed, looking at me

With those lustful eyes and half open lips

And suddenly I was out of bed as well,

Pants joining yours on the ground


And then you were on top of me again.


It's less now, but I still get bouts of being rather attracted to you. And turned on by you.

Like now, in the park waiting for my next class, trapped without wifi.

And only the memory of you to keep me occupied


Everytime you text me I've almost gotten over you.

And then you have to go and

drop my heart down the stairs.

Or post another dirty selfie in a college bathroom that you visit

Crowded around a bathroom mirror with a bunch of your frat brothers.