Runs around the world

Even runs the world's too

Since most people are afraid to be themselves.

Rather be someone they are not

To get people they don't like much

Or that don't care for them

So they can fit in.

It's just the empty laughter

That someone gives out

When you make a joke

That they don't care for

But try to get along with

For the sake of keeping peace.

The empty smile

That's holds nothingness

Just an upturn mouth

That has no happiness

But doesn't want to show true emotions.

It's a facade

An escape to not let anyone in

To be like everyone else

So can be seen as better from everyone

Nor targeted for being different.

The kindness that's more for their sake

To get others to always like them…

But your happiness slips away

For being someone you aren't

To get others who only like you

For being what they wanted you to be.

Fake isn't what you should be

Even with most people not liking you

Or against you

At least you can be yourself

With the people who actually truly care

That actually see you for you.

It gets tiring dealing with fakes

Just a shadow of who they really are

But fakes have cracks

And sometimes you can help them break them out of it.