All songs based on a next-gen fanfic I have on FFN.

Song 1: Lost And Found

Who was I?

A little while ago, I was a girl, with a smile that outshone the sun, feet that were made to dance, and a personality sweeter than a pie, never telling a single lie,

And look at me now, I'm nervous, upset, afraid, and scared, why did I challenge myself to this dare?

I feel like a punching bag, beaten up, bruised, destroyed, no longer who I used to be,

I was kind, generous, I never insulted a person, but now, I'm judgmental, jumping to conclusions, and loudmouthed,

I feel afraid, I feel alone, there's nothing I can do, where is my home?

Is it okay not to feel okay?

I am gone, missing myself, feeling drowned,

I am lost, but I can soon be found.

That girl is long gone, she was me,

I no longer know what to be,

Feeling distressed, horrified, non-confident, I am lost in a sea of self-lying, only breaking myself,

I laughed, smiled, put on a fake face,

But deep down inside, I feel like a disgrace,

Can I find a happy place?

It's frustrating, unfair, I feel isolated,

There's something wrong, I knew I should've waited,

I am lost, but soon, I'll soon be found.

I will cry sometimes, lose my head sometimes,

I get lost, but get found,

I can push past this,

It may not be the fastest,

But all that matters, is...

I get the old me back.

She was never afraid, she was always happy, she was welcoming to new people, she was outgoing and fun-loving, she was friendly, brave, and joyful,

She is lost... but soon enough, she will soon be found, and be unafraid of the other side of her, who will step in and save the day, have her friends and her family all safe and okay, growing stronger and braver day by day,

But finally, she will fight for what is right, bringing back her flames from within, that are lost and found,

And let her feet touch the ground.

She will make friends out of enemies, she will courageously walk across a stormy sea,

She will always be kind and never ever lie, she will be brave, strong, confident, and fearless,

Loyal and reliable,

Living up to her mother and father's legacy,

Cooking herself a recipe for a brand-new destiny, and that's a guarantee,

She'll be mentally okay, stand beautiful with grace,

Taking on her life, one step at a time,

With her best friends besides her, all fighting for, eventually, a happily ever after,

Fighting off the enemy, manifesting ecstasy,

She'll be walking steadily, carefully, with some company, and doing it with an intensity, that can't be taken away,

Yes, one day, she will be,


Sincerity and serenity are what makes up a person, showing who you are deep down,

Potentially, she isn't weak, she'll prove things wrong to society,

She will come out successfully, and face reality,


She is brave and strong inside, but will occasionally cry, she will get lost, but become found,

She will always have help, her inner darkness will only last temporarily,

She will stand independently, have integrity, destroying her anxiety,

She will face her fears, stand up to her peers,

Because, deep down, she is a beautiful person, inside and out,

Her yesterday was history, her tomorrow is a mystery,

Her today is a gift, and that's why it's called the Present,

She accidentally lost track, but no longer, she knows how to represent that by the percent,

She is everything to the ones who love her, she is a friend, a daughter, a sister, a grand and godchild, and she tries to be perfect,

But that isn't who she is, because, inside, she's really an imperfect legend.

I know who I am, now it's all clear,

I just had to listen, in through my ears,

I was confused, and about to drown,

But that is all behind me,

I was lost,

But now, I am found.