Author's Note: Trash I wrote in 2012. Nothing technically correct about it. Raw scribbles found inside a notebook. I remember exactly what this was about. Funny how you can be taken back reading things like this.

Everyone puts their trust or respect into the wrong people once or twice in their life. We know better.

Truth is we're just gamblers;
We don't want to cash in our chips.
We take the risk that we'll win,
Convinced that everyone at the table is our friend.
When the cards drop you're always stunned,
Beaten by the guy across from you
Who looks terrified right before the cards fall.

He's taken you for a chump.

You've got nothing left
Except the shirt on your back,
So you take it off, throw it in and say,
"One more round."
There's one person telling you
To just go, get out before you lose it all.
You ignore them, "Don't worry - "

"It's all under control."

Truth is you're just a rookie.
You think you know what the pitcher will throw,
But you're swinging with your eyes closed.
Eventually you get frustrated with your failure.
You try to turn it around,
"The pitcher is cheating, the sun was
In my eyes, my arm is sore."

It's all in your mind.
It's fake, fictionalized.
Get it right,
They're not the cause
Of anything in your life.
It's all on YOU.

Before you know it you're down to your socks.
You've got nothing left, not even an ounce of luck.
What's worse is that you're worried about where YOU are.
You never even once think
Of the person who tried to save your ass.
Nah, they just got in the way of your gamble
So you ignored their warnings.

Yeah, you really lost it all back there.