Eighteen-year-old Tiberius Marcellus laid in a pool of cold water. His golden-haired head red on the lap of his dark-haired Etruscan slave Nyx.

Nyx, who was seven years older than his Dominus, turned his master shoulder his hand finding their way down to his chest every so often.

Tiberius sea-blue eyes open to look up at the young man as he smiled: "I missed you as well."he said pulling the slave into his lap as he began to kiss him.

Tiberius was too lost in the moment to notice his mother had come in she cleared his throat making both men jump. The 45-year-old Patrician lady decked in gold and emerald jewels and wearing a red Stola with fine leather sandals.

Tiberius looked up and smiled. "Mother, it is so good to see you!" he said standing as his slave wrapped a red silk robe around him

Tiberius nearly uttered "Jupiter's cock!" having been embarrassed his mother's presence.

"It is good to see you too my son- though I had wished for you to visit me as soon as you arrived..." she said looking to the handsome Etruscan slave behind her son.

"Forgive me mother but I wish to be both before I was in your presence," he said his mother nodded slowly. He snapped his fingers for Nyx to help dress him quickly as they conversed.

"That is of no matter, I have a gift for you come.." she said taking her son by his left arm as she lead him outside of the bath house.

The two claimed onto the opulent litter the team of slaves carried the litter through the bustling Forum grounds and stop at a new compound Tiberius had seen before yet rarely frequented. He cast a curious look to his mother who smiled.

"I thought it high time you have your own home, which means your own personal household slaves, come inside..."she took her son's hand leading him inside she did not acknowledge the portly balding Greek trader as they entered.

inside the bed room a black-haired honey-skinned young boy waited his arms and legs bound. Tiberius recognized the African boy as the son of the rebel leader his father's legion had to kill, his mother smiled.

"It seems only fitting this boy would serve you... I will leave you so that you may allow the Carthaginian to settle in..."she smiled as she left.

The Carthaginian youth, Mago, laid sprawled forth on the bed, his ebony skin oiled and perfumed earlier for the pleasure of his new Dominus while he was relieved the stench of the slave market had been cleansed away.

He remained silent as the golden-haired youth proceeded forward, stopping a short distance from the foot of the bed.

Truly Adonis saw fit to bless his form he thought while continuing to feign disinterest.

Tiberius smiled down at his new slave and looked him over. "Are you a virgin boy?" he asked.

Mago nodded "Yes". Being on campaign so long, he barely had time to experience and enjoy the warmth of a woman let alone another man.

He longed for it though not as a pampered prisoner to satisfy a Roman's appetite.

His manhood lightly stirred on the thought of Tiberius naked in the manner of the divine statues that dominated the Forum of the city.

Tibersius smiled "That is a pity, mother knows I hate breaking virgin in... Nyx come here!" tall slave walked over and bowed to his master.

"Can you break this save in for me Nyx?" the blonde lord asked not directing his gaze off the African youth.

Mago eyed Nyx, he assumed he was either a Celt or Greek. Certainly pleasing to the eyes.

His apprehension melted but not entirely yet the head slave's fingers gliding over his right leg further stoked the embers of Mago's senses.

He winced at the dark-haired beauty's touch, the fight he would have vented on him now subdued.

He could only pray to his native god Ba'al that his first time would not be a feast of humiliating pain.

Nyx was a quite man he step forward removing what little clothes he had one he walked to the bed.

Mago's knuckles cracked as he opened and closed his hands again on instinct.

The perfume on Nyx's body heavy in his nose as the blonde neared him and calmly mounted above the bound Carthaginian. Their members touched.

Mago's eyes darting between his bulge and the man about to pluck the fruit that was his virginity.

Nyx looks to his master who nods he lift the boy legs and plugs his manhood into the boy's hole pushed it in slowly inch by inch until he was all the way in he wanted until Tiberius walked up behind Nyx and pushed his cock into Nyx Nyx mo and as he thrust.

Mago's face cringed at the power of Nyx entrance as his virginity was now being plucked.

The warmth of the blonde's torso on his own skin made the sharp pain subside. The sight of his Dominus taking Nyx fanned the flames more.

He wanted to touch his cock but could not find the desire to do so.

The force of the Etruscan's large arrow splitting between his legs, drove Mago to cup Nyx's cheeks and met him for a fervid kiss, his tongue rapidly going in and out of the Greek's mouth, which tasted like Corinthian wine.

The Greek did not kiss the boy back he leaned close and whispered

"You belong to our Dominus do not forget that..."

Mago nodded back at Nyx. Still, the Greek was flawless in form and the alluring draw that emanated from him futile to resist.

Tiberius is his new master, a fact he never veiled in mind. Their moans rising all at the same time.

While Mago questioned as to when Tiberius would get a taste of him, he praised Venus his first time is more than he could have dreamed it to be as Nyx's fingers traced over his chest, neck and face.

He felt assured their Dominus reveled in the moment more than a gladiatorial match.

As soon as Nyx felt his master release his seed in him he removed his cock from the boy stepping back as his master pushed his still hard cock into the boys ass, Nyx was soon on his knees behind him Tiberius was, a kind lover as he kissed the boy deeply running his fingers over every inch of his body.

Mago welcomed his Dominus cock without protest. With credit given to Nyx, he slid in well, his lips and tongue covering the Carthaginian's-drowning out what he attempted to mutter.

"AAAAAAAAARGH Gods!" Mago moaned as Tiberius neared to emit his seed in his new beloved.

Nyx watch his Dominus and the new slave boy but he did not dare make a move until his masher had empty his seed into the boy. Tiberius got up leaving the boy there as Nyx put this robe around him.

Mago remained motionless as he saw Tiberius rise off the bed and leave, most likely to bathe before attending to important business.

Spent of energy, Mago forced himself to remain awake unsure if he should accompany his Dominus or wait until he sent for him.

Nyx left the room with Tiberius for a moment. In three minutes Nyx soon return to the chamber with a white tunic in hand he threw it on the bed.

"Can you stand?" he asked his voice was surprisingly not harsh.