Mago giggled at Nyx jest.

"Toy not with me and let our thighs meet more closer than heaven and Earth." He overtook the blonde's mouth again.

He pushed into the boy and moaned as he feels him around his cock he began to thrust.

Mago raised his legs higher, his heels pushing up against Nyx's bottom, pushing with all his strength to urge him into plowing him further.

He only prayed to Fortuna they would not be interrupted before they reached sweet heights.

Nyx growled and moans as he thrust faster and faster all he wants to was to get the boy to cum.

Mago draws a hand to his needy cock, begging for attention.

He pumps it in a sweaty fervor as his toes curl from Nyx's ceaseless and moan inducing pounding.

Nyx took the boys hand away and begin to rubs his cock as he kisses his neck.

Mago throws his head back and moans at Nyx's touch and the small bites he made on his neck.

Nyx soon lost all control and began to thrust wildly. "Yes, yes...oh Venus tit keep going!" Mago hissed.

Nyx kisses him deeply and moaned "You must be quiet if anyone hears us!"

"Dominus will likely wonder where we are after yesterday...hopefully having put that bitch wife of his in a proper place," Mago replied with a snicker.

He laughs. "He may still be angry to see me putting my cock in you..."

"He charged you to teach me how to perform my duties and induct me well, did he not?" Mago chided Nyx while running a finger along his defined abs.

"Teach me then..." he returned the kiss adding a small bite on his lower lip.

He laughs heartily and kisses him while biting Mago's upper lip. "Our master cock will never be enough for you when I am done. Every time he takes me, you will wish it was me."

"Is he not satisfactory when his passions are in flame or can he not get it up at all?" Mago asked suddenly raising an eyebrow, his face in a scowl as though he drank sour wine.

Lest their Dominus be a beast, surely he could not have been impotent in bed.

"He is not as long as I and will not feel for you as much as I do."

Mago was not sure whether to laugh or regard Nyx's words to the full, yet he still found joy with Nyx beside him.

"Gratitude for the warning," he muttered planting a kiss upon his forehead.

The Etruscan kisses him deeply and came inside the Carthaginian boy as he moaned loudly.

Falling back upon the bed in a smoldering pleased fervor, Mago pulled Nyx down on top of him.

"Wise with words, a god in bed-I favor it..." he twisted Nyx right nipple.

Nyx gasp as his back arched he felt himself thrust into the boy.

Wiping sweat from his forehead, Mago licked his lips. The warm pleasure Nyx gave him while satisfying left his throat parched.

"Have we any wine remaining?" he asked Nyx.

Nyx nodded and lifted the amphorae to refill Mago's crystal glass.

Mago accepted the glass and downed the wine in one swallow. "Praise Bacchus, that will quench a man's thirst quick!" he exclaimed.

He laughs and nods. "Yes it does!" Nyx kisses his friend's lips.

Chuckling into the kiss, Mago rose up and stretched his arms out.

He did not want to wonder how long or when their Dominus would require them in preference to remain locked in Nyx's arms for a moment more.

With the smell of him still lingering, he was now in the mood for a bath.

He smiles and lays down on his stomach as two hours passed until the healer came back into the room. Following the Medicus was young Pietros.

The dark haired youth came and bowed looking to Mago. "Our Dominus requests you to come to his bed chambers now."

Mago sighed knowing the moment was bound to come. Turning back to face Nyx as he arose from the bed.

"Rest well, Apollo willing you will be strong and on your legs again within two weeks." He donned his tunic and sandals.

Nyx nodded not wishing to let go of the Carthaginian's hand. But when Pietros looked at him, he let Mago's hand fall away.

Mago took a deep breath to steel his nerves and looked at Pietros.

He was ready for whatever the day would bring while not knowing what exactly to expect.