She had heard of the curse, but she thought it was an urban legend. Something young girls told around a campfire or on a sleepover to scare each other. She never thought it was actually real until it happened to her. The curse of the babysitter.

Things all started at Church. There were too many babies disturbing the service so the pastor started a baby watching club. Parents could drop off their kiddos in a safe space while they went and enjoyed the service. She started working there in an attempt to decide if she wanted to be a mother someday. She never knew if it was the right move for her, although all her classmates knew they wanted to be mothers. She just wasn't sure. She thought, if I surround myself with babies then I'll know. No one else in her small family had young ones she could practice with, get to know. This was the next best thing.

She had to go to church anyway. It was a requirement of living in the safe city of Lake. There were dozens of small cities nestled in the mountains, hidden from the great open spaces of the plains. If you lived in one of the plain cities you had to be rich. It was expensive to protect those cities from the hordes of creatures that now roamed the planet. So, if you lived there, you had to pay for it. She was in the top tier of families located in Lake. Meaning they were quite well off. They could have lived in Buffalo if they wanted to, but her parents had always loved the mountains and she didn't have a say in it. The smaller the city, the more rules they seemed to make to keep their little corner of the world safe, the best way they knew how. Some towns didn't last, the rules were too severe and a breakdown of trust in them resulted in the creatures getting in and making those people slaves. If any survived, they were welcomed to the nearest place nearby that could afford to take on the burden.

Lake was usually one of those cities. If you could make your way up here, that was the hardest part. If you could get up here it was a guarantee you'd be safe. The creatures didn't like the cold and Lake was high in the mountains of the west. It was located near a body of water that no one could remember the name of but was large enough to provide sustenance all year round if the population didn't get bigger to large.

Back to the curse though. That's what this missive is about. A warning. To never become a babysitter if you even think you'd want to be a mother. Because then you are setting yourself up for failure. Becoming a babysitter means you can never bear children and then what are you really good for? According to this new world anyway. The sole purpose of the female in society today is to bear children to keep the human race alive in a brutal world with humans in the middle of the food chain. These creatures and the others they brought with them are smarter, faster, and better on most levels so they rule the planet now. The use us as slaves to do the things they have a hard time doing themselves. It was a hard blow for us. Not being on top anymore, but we humans are sturdy things. We have tenacity and managed to find a way to continue our existence even though the creatures want the planet all to themselves.

The most common of activities they used us for was caring for their children. Even being smarter, faster, and better than us they still managed to have a hard time keeping their young. Not that they weren't sturdy either. It was some flaw in their design. One female could birth up to 100 of them at a time. I think that was the problem. Too many babies at once to properly care for them all. However, they now had human slaves to see to it that all of their young were cared for.

The curse of the babysitter is that. A curse that you dry up and you are unable to pass on your genes to a world that desperately needs every last drop of them. It's been confirmed. The curse runs so deep now that even if you only babysit other humans the curse still finds its way to you. It doesn't just extend to females although we are most susceptible. I think because we are often sought after more than a male babysitter. It really doesn't matter. Becoming a babysitter means you are no longer good, genetically speaking. Humans don't kill our own kind; not anymore. However, you will be secluded to special colonies, unable to interact with your siblings and parents ever again. You are no good to them anymore so what's the point? It's a sad state to be in so I send this to a warning for any humans in the galaxy who are even thinking about coming to planet earth. It's not better here than anywhere out there, so I'm told. However, if you still wish to come, welcome, but beware of the curse of the babysitter!