16-year-old Edward Persley, of Memphis, is having some romance problems.

"Priscilla and I had an argument—just a little spat. I wanted to apologize, so I though of calling her. But then, I decided that sending a letter would be better. So, I wrote it and put it in the mailbox on Monday before going to school. A couple days later, I got my letter back!"

"Priscilla" is Priscilla Mae Walker, also 16, his "steady." He shows the letter; written on the envelope is "Return to sender. Address not known. No such number. No such phone."

"What does her phone number have to do with her address?"

What next?

"I'll re-mail the letter in a new envelope. If she sends it back again, I guess we're through!"

Miss Walker's father Thomas has released this statement: "My daughter is very upset with the argument she had with Mr. Persley, and needs a few days to think things over."