Currently working as a Research Analyst at an executive recruitment firm, Jonathan Rubeck was born and raised in Connecticut. He moved to Colorado along with his family in the year 2011 and has been living here with his parents since then.

Jonathan Rubeck has completed his graduation in Accounting with a minor in Sociology from the Metropolitan State University of Denver with an overall GPA of 3.99/4.0. He is well-versed with all the concepts of intermediate accounting, cost accounting, federal income tax, legal environment business, economic, business management, managerial finance, business communication, and marketing.

Jonathan has also been honored and recognized by several prestigious societies including Golden Key and National Honor Society. He is a long-time philanthropist who always contributes to the Red Cross in times of disasters anywhere across the globe. He also supports a number of charities including The Salvation Army. He works part-time as a chef in an Italian restaurant and loves to make pasta dishes and pizza.

He likes to spend his free time playing chess, skiing, and enjoying other such activities.

About Jonathan Rubeck

Jonathan Rubeck is a well-educated individual, who has been working for D&R Associates, Inc, as a recruiter. He has been associated with this company for almost 9 years and has handled a variety of responsibilities, including that of a research analyst, recruiter, computer input operator, and computer technician. Jonathan mostly works with individuals in the tax and accounting fields and helps recruit people to get them better jobs with more compensation and upward mobility.

Jonathan is soon going to receive his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting (with a Minor in Sociology) from the Metropolitan State University of Denver.