Author's note: This is one of the stories that I wrote as a little kid. I think I was seven or eight years old at the time. I found the notebook containing this story while cleaning my room not long ago, and I thought it would be a good idea to post it here. This story has been typed mostly verbatim, but I did fix a few grammatical errors that I made at the time. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - The Family

George Muffin, who lived with his family in a huge mansion, was a very powerful boy and superhero. Every morning, he put on his suit and cape before going out to fight crime. George's interests were robots, computers, roller coasters, water slides, and geography. Why geography? I'll tell you. His bedroom is full of articles about wildlife, hundreds of maps of the world, and even a gigantic globe in the center with LED lights that lit up the capital cities of each country!

The houseā€”er, mansion, I mean, was about half as big as the West Edmonton Mall! That's at least two million square feet! The house was like a skyscraper. It had forty-five floors, three hundred rooms, eight hundred windows, eighty-five stairwells, fifty-two elevators, one million pictures and Knick-knacks, two fish tanks, five mechanical rooms, one crime-fighting lab (in George's room), one-thousand charging stations for robotic house cleaners, ten living rooms, twenty bedrooms, a water park, an indoor amusement park, a skating rink, and miles of plumbing, electrical wiring, and heating ducts.

George went to his bedroom. It was very dark, since the lights were off. He began feeling around the walls until his finger touched a button. He pressed it, and a sizzling type of noise was heard as the walls slid upwards. And more. And more. And still more! Then, the sizzling noise stopped, and a whirring noise took its place. A high-speed wind (which was blowing at eighty miles per hour) blew straight at George. Soon, the wind was blowing at two-hundred miles per hour, and then three-hundred miles per hour. Before long, a sonic boom was heard because the wind was blowing faster than the speed of sound! A deafening rumble was heard, and a blast of white light flashed into the room, lighting up everything. Then, there was a puff of stinky black smoke, and George walked into his Crime Fighting Room.

Wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE! I forgot to tell you about George, like who he really is. Well, he is ten years old, and he's a very nice, handsome boy, and very popular with the girls. His long hair was a mixture of brown and black. He had yellow eyes, a really cool pair of high-tech spy glasses, beautiful white teeth, and a watch on his right wrist. He lived with his mom and dad.

Right now, his mom was wearing a luxurious brown robe and pink slippers. She was thirty-four years old. She had a very pretty, soft voice, and her teeth sparkled whenever she opened her mouth. She also had a mixture of brown and black hair, and it was long, like George's hair. Her eyes were a reddish-grey.

His dad wore a black leather jacket, black jeans, and a black tie underneath. He had grey hair and blue eyes. He was thirty-seven years old. He spoke with a deep, gruff voice.

George loved his parents. Sometimes, when it got cold, he sat down beside his mother and she would wrap her robe around him. That made him toasty warm. He also loved listening to music on his CD Walkman, as well as playing games on his Game Boy Advance.

Now, as George entered his Crime Fighting Room, which was filled with computers and buttons and switches and giant screens, his lovely mother walked in.

"Hello, George," she said. "How are you doing?"

"Good, Mom," George said. His mom began to look around his Crime Fighting Room. There were pictures, articles, drawings, video games, and a whole lot of other stuff like that.

"This is so cool!" his mother said, jumping up and down and beginning to get excited. George reached down to the floor, and picked up a dusty piece of metal. Underneath it was some kind of plastic message sender with a laser extractor on the bottom. First, it went BEEP! and then a laser beam shot out of the extractor as it scanned the room. A computerized voice started a countdown for the message:

"Message downloading in three seconds."

"Message downloading in two seconds."

"Message downloading in one second."

"Now downloading." Two seconds later, it said, "Download complete. Begin message."

"Hello, George," a voice said from the machine. "This is your friend, Brendan. I want you to come over to my house today at 2:00 pm." George checked his watch. It was 1:00 pm.

"Only one hour to go," George said.

"We can get together and play video games," Brendan said.

"Wow, that's great!" George yelled.

"Bye!" Brendan said, and the sender turned off. "This message will self-destruct," the sender said, and it began to go beep! Beep! Beep!

"RUN!" George yelled, grabbing his mother's hand and bolting out of the room. Two seconds later, a loud boom was heard, and the fire alarms went off, causing the sprinklers in the ceiling to turn on. They ran this way and that way, somersaulted down staircases, raced through the first living room, through the laundry room, the kitchen, his mom's bedroom, his dad's bedroom, a narrow hallway, the skating rink, down three steps, up two steps, through the amusement park, down ten steps, turned right, down ten more steps, through a mechanical room, down seventeen steps, through a bathroom, through the main computer room, into an elevator, down a spiral staircase, and then he was finally in the main foyer just as the sprinklers turned off.

"I'll dry the whole house later, Mom," George told his mother, whose hair was dripping wet. He went outside and got into his Lamborghini, and started it. He was ten years old, and you have to be sixteen to drive a car, so as he drove down the road, he heard the sound of sirens. Sixty police cars were catching up to George's car, and their sirens got louder. WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO!

The officer in the front shouted, "STOP!" George slammed on the brakes, and the officer got out of his car. George rolled down his window. "Well, well, well...what have we got here? A ten-year-old kid who broke all driving rules because he's not sixteen and doesn't have a driver's license. You're in big trouble, kid. You'll get a fine for this." The officer gave George a one-million dollar fine.

"Uh oh," George said.

The officer sighed, turned around, and read his newspaper. While his face was buried in the paper as he was reading it, George's car screeched away.