May 3rd, 2021

Homeland's walls stand decrepit, columns of fire and smoke erupting from within. The automated defense systems are not functioning. Soldiers are pouring in, but they aren't the soldiers of the HDD. No. They wore crude kevlar armor, with little to no advanced technology. To arm themselves, most had the trusty ballistics of Heckler & Koch, all chambered in 5.56, and the standard issue 9mm Beretta M9. These soldiers were human. It was a holiday today, and everyone was at the arena to celebrate, as it was the Day of the Queen's Ascension. Defenses were minimal, barely anyone was properly was the perfect time to attack. Amongst these soldiers, was Sergeant Ulrich Sullivan, of the 21st Advanced Infantry Regiment, 5th Battalion, 3rd Company, Alpha Squad. They had a special mission. Classified. Only told to breach with the General. He was a young man, in his thirties. Caucasian, about 5'8. His face was jovial for sure, but with some marks of wear and tear, like a scar running down his right cheek. His eyes were blue like the clear sky, and his short hair was blonde, however this was all hidden by a black balaclava.

The dust would rise, and the stench of corpses would flood noses, coupled by the sounds of screams…


A voice came over the radio:

-"Alpha Lead, this is Echo 5, you're clear to breach, over"

Upon receiving the radio, I took a hold of my own, before pressing the button to turn on the speaker.

-"Echo 5, this is Alpha Lead, we read you. Relaying to the General"

All our troops were against the wall of the arena, cheering echoing from within. The cheering was met with a moment of silence and the air became so still, we could hear ourselves breathing. Over the radios came a heavily synthetic voice, booming and imposing

-"All units, breach. Kill them all"

And with that order, explosives went off, creating holes in the walls. Stands collapsed, people screamed, as the smoke rose. Further away, in the borders, explosions also echoed, tearing down large chunks of the massive walls, and soldiers began to pour in. I went with them. I led the squad, entering the hole in the wall, and facing the chaos within. There wasn't a military base there, nor savages, like we were told. There was a man in robes in the middle of the arena, surrounded by a group of people in an archaic looking armor, wielding blades of old, a few soldiers, clad in their power armor and with their laser rifles, women and children trying to run away... I didn't have time to take it all in, as it wouldn't take long for bullets to begin flying. They came east…west...north...and south. From everywhere...and they didn't discriminate. Saw women, pierced by the 5.56 rounds as much as soldiers, the priest looking guy being ripped apart by strength of bullets hitting him and falling to the ground, dead. The knights tried to protect him, but being caught off guard they too perished, taking a squad and a half with them. Whatever they were, they were formidable. The initial shock had worn off, but most enemy soldiers there were already dead. It was then that we saw him. The General, clad in his personal brand of power armor, walking amidst the arena. He ignored everyone, walking towards the center, where the last of the knights stood, protecting...someone. This someone seemed to have a female frame, but she was a beast man like the rest. White, with scales covering her body, with an elegant figure. Her guard was a mountain of a beast, standing at 6'5, with a sword half as big as his body. He defended her with ferocity unmatched by the ones that had been slain before. The general raised his pistol, and simply pulled the trigger, the .50 Caliber round exiting the barrel and punching into the Knight's head, blowing it into bits. The woman seemed terrified, walking back until she was up against the was then that I saw the general. He drew his sword. It was an elegant blade, with a faint glow to it. He plunged it into her neck, through her spine. She died on the spot...and as soon as the body hit the ground, an ear piercing roar echoed across the skies. The radio buzzed again, as the general spoke.

-"Mission accomplished. Good work. Time to extract"

After that, I heard the radio, full of "Copy That" and "Yes, Sir"...I didn't answer. I didn't even pull the trigger. I expected a battle, not a massacre. I didn't have time to process it all. Everything was silent to me, until one of the men under my command gripped my shoulder.

-"Sir! SIR!?"-he screamed out, snapping me back to reality. "Enemy reinforcements are incoming. We need to go, now!"

I looked up at the dark skies, but not with the night or with the clouds, but with the smoke. It was hard to breathe, so I removed my helmet, and despite the corpses being fresh, it was as if I felt their scent after they had been rotting for a week...what had we done...did we do the right thing? What was I going to do? Defect? No. I did my duty. I did what I had to do. Maybe I'm thinking about it, but my thoughts are all wrong. They are beasts after all. And beasts kill men. I looked to the soldier that spoke, and nodded. I could hear the laser fire in the distance drawing ever closer. The General was already gone, so I didn't wait for any more orders. We started backing up through the hole, just as the soldiers started pushing into the arena. One of their laser shots nearly got me, but instead got the private next to me. Straight through the chest. There was nothing but a hole in his chest. That thing ate through armor like it was paper. I didn't even bother checking his vitals, and just walked. I returned fire, hoping they would stay back, but they kept on coming. I heard the thundering of artillery...the Wall's guns were active again…but maybe, just maybe we could get to a transport.

We fought through the city, Taking casualty after casualty, with the beastmen hot on our trail. It would be about 20 minutes before we had the evac point in sight, troops gathering there, hopping into trucks, some full, already leaving, many already gone. That's when we heard it again. Thump...thump...thump...thump...thump...thump... thump. And in the blink of an eye, they were all gone. Artillery shells hit the evac point. We never thought they'd do that. They shelled themselves to keep them from escaping. We didn't have any instructions in case this happened. I picked up my radio and spoke into it

-"This is Alpha Leader, main evac point has been compromised, requesting another extraction, over"

I look to the men under me, 5 of them left, and tell them to take up positions by the rubble. A minute passed and I got no answered

-"Command, this is Alpha Leader, do you read?"- I asked again, and after having no answer, I screamed out. "COMMAND, THIS IS ALPHA LEADER, DO YOU FUCKING READ!? THE EXTRACTION POINT IS FUCKING COMPROMISED!"

I had no answer, and looked to the ground and just chuckled. My men had heard me, and all looked to me.

-"Sir?"- A Lance Corporal asked. Jimmy. Nice kid. "Do we have an LZ?"

I looked at him, considering what to answer. It was as if the world had stopped around me, until I snapped back. I looked at him, and the incoming wave. There were at least 20 of them…

-"Put down your weapons, and get down on your knees"- I told my men. Maybe they wouldn't kill us…They looked at me in confusion.

-"But S…"- the Lance Corporal began, before being interrupted by me.

-"Just do it, Son. We're not gonna fight to die"

The soldiers look at each other but didn't say anything, instead letting out a collective sigh before putting their weapons down and getting on their knees. The beastmen were arriving now, with their weapons facing us. I remember being hit by one of them...but not much more beyond that…

May 5th, 2021

I opened my eyes, and they were suddenly assaulted by blinding light. How long was I out…? I hear a voice. Male. Deep. Strong…

-"Your leaders call this attack a success…I guess that means war"

My eyes adjust to the light, and I find myself in a sort of seems familiar...but it's closed. There's nobody in the stands, only cameras. I look to my side and see 4 other humans on their knees...they're my men. I look forward and I see a figure. Humanoid. It was black, with draconic features. Another beastman. One of his eyes was red, whilst the other one was black, with a red dot in the center. Looking at him, I could feel all he had was unbridled rage boiling within. I go to speak, but before I can, he looks at me and then the cameras, before saying

-"You have been charged with 1189 counts of first degree murder. How do you plead?"

I look at him, before speaking up, obviously concussed

-"W-what? Murder? What murder?"-I ask, before looking around. "Not guilty? What's going o…"

-"Homeland finds the defendants guilty of 1189 counts of first degree murder."- He said, pausing, before continuing. "by the power invested in me by Homeland and her people, I sentence you to die. May the Allfather have mercy on your souls."- He says, as I see 10 soldiers walk up to him. He looked at me and said. "And may you and every single one of you skinned fucks rot in Oblivion"

He walks away, and the men that were with him aimed their rifles at us. I get up to try and run, but as soon as I take a step, they open fire, and riddle us with holes. I find it hard to breathe. Getting tired...sleepy...everything hurts... everything...hurts…


-"So war it is then. Good. Good…"