July 1st, 2021

It's been two months since the humans attacked. Repairs have been made, the walls are back up, and stronger than ever. But that's not all. After the execution by firing squad about a week after the attack, the HDD military have begun mass recruitment. Entire regiments have been formed as the Lord General called upon Homeland's people, saying that it was no longer time for defense, but for attack and revenge. That Her enemies would always be at our gates until we fought back. The death of the Queen seems to have affected him just as much as it did everyone else. She was always a kind soul.

Hunter Travis De Lafontaine. A specialist. Sniper. Recon. He was an operator for the GIGN before the mutagen broke out when Janus did. When he turned, he was put into quarantine, until the government gave the go clear that the mutagen wasn't infectious. From then on he was met with prejudice, scientists wanting to study him. What was once a man with a decent stature and body build, especially at the age of 38. He used to stand at 5'8, with a fairly dark skin complexity. His eyes were brown, and his face had the shadows of facial hair cast upon them in a darker coloration then his skin, which matched his clean cut hair. Upon being exposed to the mutagen, his dark skin would begin to peel off his body. It was...painful to say the least. As the skin peeled off, scales grew in their place. His eyelids would split into two separate sets, one vertical and one horizontal, and his eyes would turn golden, with a black slit for a pupil, instead of a normal round dot. A long tail erupted as new vertebrae began to form, and his bones grew in both density and size. Whilst this happened, his muscles also experienced a sizeable growth, causing the turning human extreme heat and discomfort. For him, after what seemed like an eternity was actually just 20 minutes. When it was finished, his skin had been replaced by dark scales which shifted in color, with golden reptilian eyes. His hair was gone, and he was now about 6'6, but due to his increase in height, his body build didn't seem to change much. His feet were now in a more animalistic structure, and claws had erupted from his feet and hands.

He heard about Homeland shortly after being discharged, and immediately headed there. With little else to do, he joined the military, and became a specialist. A Hunter. Years later, he's given a mission. Parameters are sketchy at best. Recon enemy position. Map it. Await further instructions…

July 4th, 2021, 21:58:36, half a mile from the US Army Reserve in New Mexico…

-"Bird's Nest, this is Sparrow, do you copy?"-I asked, as I looked down the scope of my Mk.10. The Americans seemed to be preparing a party. Looking at them, it wouldn't even seem we were at war.

-"Sparrow, we copy, what's your status? Over"- I hear. It's a female voice

-"Enemy forces are gathering in one location of the base. Civilians are gathering as well near the town hall. Looks like a party"- I answered them, looking around with the aid of the scope. "I count...about 100 tangoes. Pinging enemy AA batteries"

-"Copy that, Sparrow"

I aim at one of the AA batteries, and as soon as it's centered in my sight, I press a button on the side of the scope rail, and soon after, I hear my radio buzzing and pick it up.

-"Solid ping, Sparrow. We got it on the map, keep going"

Confirmation. I continue to shift my aim back and forth, left and right, up and down, marking any AA positions, artillery guns or enemy emplacements. This felt...odd. It was nothing like back at the GIGN...then again that wasn't war. Radio activity started kicking up, as I heard more and more callsigns entering the fold. Merde. What the fuck is going on. Bird's Nest spoke on the radio again.

-"Attention all units, hold position. Sparrow, Eagle, Hawk and Owl, check your data slates, you should be receiving new targets now"

Indeed my helmet's display would show I had received new data. I took my eyes off the scope, before looking at my wrist, where data slate was and pressed my finger on the button by the device, which directed me to my mission's parameters. New objective: Assassination. Radars detected a helicopter approaching our position, and scouts report it's a transport helicopter, likely coming to extract the HVTs. I need to take my target before he gets in the helo

-"Mission Parameters confirmed. Sparrow taking charge"-I say, before turning shutting the screen off again and looking down the scope once more. I could hear it in the distance, the sound of the helicopter's rotors, thundering as it came closer. It landed in the enemy base. It was a fairly run of the mill complex. Walls, fences, an outer perimeter, watch towers, barracks, a motor pool, landing pad, obstacle course, firing range and a few other buildings that you'd normally see. The helo landed and I kept my gaze on it, as my radio began to buzz with the sound of the other Hunters speaking.

-"Eagle checking in, I have a visual on my mark"

-"Owl here, reporting the same"

-"Hawk, reporting in. Still a negative on my end"

-"This is Sparrow, Roger. Still no visual on my target"-I said after I picked up my radio to respond. "wait for them to be as close as possible to each other. Minimize the killzone. Keep your targets in sight and wait for my shot"

A good five minutes would pass before the conditions were favorable enough to take the shot, but when they were, I took a few deep breaths, feeling my fingers pressing gently against the trigger. I then fire, the las shot exiting my barrel, hitting my target in the chest. A man, with a decent looking age. I'd guess around early to mid 40s and an officer's attire. The shot impaled itself into the man's chest, vaporizing a large hole. The other 3 that were close to him would fall soon enough as well, as they suffered similar wounds. The base's alarms would start kicking up, as I got up and spoke into the radio.

-"Bird's Nest, this is Sparrow, target down"

The other 3 callsigns would give similar answers to my own. I heard command speaking as I started to run back to the rendezvous point

-"Roger that, good job, mission accomplished. Head to the evac point, the rest of the boys will take care of it now. Over and out"

It'd be about 10 minutes of running before we met. I couldn't really make out their features behind the Hunter Armor, but from the voice they all seemed male. I was the squad leader so I looked at them and spoke.

-"Evac point is about 20 minutes out, so let's double it"-I said, just as I heard thundering roars echoing across the sky, followed by whistles and explosions "Come on, let's-. Putain! Qu'est-ce que c'était!?"

Artillery shells began to rain down, as well as some...odd explosives. They burrowed into the ground, making large craters and paths, not unlike that of trenches. I look at the field and see troops rushing in, as smoke began to pop. AA Guns... artillery... emplacements...all down. We did this...


-"Sir, the attack has begun. The trenches gun worked. We have paths leading all the way up to the enemy base"

A beastmen stood outside, wearing a black outfit, with a long coat as part of it. The rear of the outfit seemed to move on it's own, as if it were alive

-"Good. Give 'em the 4th of July they deserve"- He answered

-"There's a civilian population nearby. What do we do?"

-"Contain and Secure. The civies will be hostages for now."-he answered, walking away towards a dropship. Its engines roared to life, as it took off, leaving towards the battlefield...